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Stacy Clark was waiting for the camera to start rolling when she realized that the red light was blinking and that she was being motioned to start talking.

Ladies and Gentleman, I hope that you are enjoying the show, we apologize for the interruption however we have breaking news out of Tokyo where a leaked audio tape seems to reveal OCW’s B-17 while in the midst of filming The Transporter 8 having a break down and shouting at another actor. Here we go.

B-17: Do you see me walking around opening my f**king mouth in the middle of your scenes? Then why the FLUFF are you walking through? Humming a damn show toon, dressed like a damn drag queen la-da-da-dah in the background. Look at me dammit, this movie is starring B f**king 17 not...what the hell is your name?

Actor Extra: Shane.

B-17: Shane, don’t you think it would be f**king distracting for me to walk up behind Shane in the middle of a scene? Give me a f**king answer!

Shane: I didn’t know you were rolling.

B-17: How the f**k didn’t you know. See that f**king Korean kid holding the f**king camera. F**king Mugen hired him to film and guess what? He’s doing his f**king job. I know he is doing his f**king job because the f**king director shouted “Action.” Do you know what the damn word means?

Shane: I...I just wanted to see the lighting.

B-17: Oh. How f**king great for you. You want to see the f**king lights. Right there! I can see the lights right there. Know where else I can see them? Any f**king place on set. I thought you slight ass people were supposed to be stealthy ninjas?

Shane: That’s racist.

B-17: Racist! I’m racist? I f**king love these people. They don’t f**king touch me. They bring me hot chocolate whenever I want it and until today they never ruined my f**king scene because they ain’t amateurs.

Shane: OK.

B-17: Jin So Wong, you got anything to say to this dookieshoe head?

So Wong: No, B-17-san.

B-17: Is someone gonna get this window blind out of here. He doesn’t give a f**k about what is going on around here because he doesn’t know what the fuck is going on around here. Don’t you have a damn infomercial to work on?

Shane: ….My first gig….

So Wong: OK. Let’s take a minute.

B-17: Let’s not take a f**king minute, let’s go again!

Shane: I'm sorry.

B-17: Shut the hell up, let’s go again. Keep this f**k out of my scene. The person the people pay to f**king see is acting and you are gonna go sit the hell down somewhere. Someone open their damn eyes and watch him.

The audio tape fizzled to an end.

Stacy Clark looked back at the camera: As you can tell, a very hostile situation. We will keep you up to date as more information becomes known to us.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Do you see what happens when Hairpiece becomes Prez?




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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Holy Moly!

Making a statement!


Misery loves company, unless that company was named Ginger. Madison took a sip of wine as replays of the triple threat concluded on one of the many backstage monitors. The winner had their hand raised as the scene faded to black. There was a new number one contender for the Television Title.

Well that's interesting...

She took another sip and completely ignored the presence of Ginger who had just approached her.

You're looking well! How was your vacation?

Madison: Ugh...you're about as annoying as all the new people signed to Turmoil. Not in the mood, Stephen. I did not miss the smell of sweat and disappointment that only an OCW hallway can create.

Ginger looked to the wine glass and back to the blonde.

I see you've upgraded from Dunkin Donuts to wine! Stressed about the Cup finals? You know, most rookies improve in year two. And the rookies with great first years tend to fall off in year two. I can only imagine how stressed you must me.

Madison downed the rest of her glass and handed It to the intern before addressing him. Indeed, she was stressed.

Dunkin Donuts is for poor people. My coffee comes from Starbucks. Knowing the difference can save your life. Second? Do not compare the man that I advocate for to other rookies. It's disrespectful and insulting to the excellence we strive for. Third? You're a ginger, and probably shouldn't even be allowed to be near me.

Ginger: Wow…

Madison: Now run along, Dennis is here. I'd hate for him to kick you in the face for assuming you were bothering me. On second thought…

She smirked.


Ginger spotted Dennis approaching and ran off. He was pretty fast for a Ginger. Dennis stopped when he reached Madison. The audience cheers at the X-Tron once Dennis appears on screen. He motioned in the direction Stephen ran off in.

Well he seemed like he was in a rush.

He went to congratulate the new number one contender for the T.V. Title. And to find black men for Tank.

Dennis: Who?

The crowd laughs.

Madison: Doesn't matter. Anyway, how are you feeling about tonight? As much as winning the S cup is huge for us, I'm a wreck. I don't want to be here. It's not too late for us to leave.

Dennis: We can't leave. Our place is here, for now anyway. I can't let them get away with what they did to you. They stole our titles.

Madison: You told me you lost a piece of yourself and your love for this place every time you've fought Malu? He's a monster, a brute, and you barely walked away from Summercide. September to Remember was worse.

Madison: Is the cup really worth it?

Dennis: You're right. I'm not in love with this place anymore. It isn't what I thought it would be. A place of competition in its purest form. But there is nothing pure about this place. The people that run this place are corrupt, and the ones with all the success have adapted to it. So I need to adapt.

Dennis: Potentially walking away with the cup is more so for you than me. You deserve your royal Chalice. We both know that. I’m just here to fight. Say what you will about Malu. In the end, yhe Samoan and I are the same; blood thirsting, carrion birds. Hellbent on preventing the other from walking away from this match unscathed. I intend to take a pound of flesh from the Skwad, starting tonight.

Madison sighed as Dennis walked by her.

: We’re staying.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

The Champ is ready for another legendary bout!

He is gonna die tonight! Finally!



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The Camera pans to the announce team!

That's going to be a problem!

Oh jeeze!