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The ref called for the bell and retrieved the TV title, Seb groggily got to his feet and snatched it away from the ref.

Seb stared at the title, a mixture of emotions running through him, he had almost won it but that effort wasn't good enough on this night. Now, Seb had to work his way back up from the bottom.

After Madison retrieves a microphone from the ring announcer, Dennis lifted the second rope and lowered the third so she could enter the ring. He then turns to look at Sebastian with the title in hand.

My title, please.

Seb turned and looked at Dennis, both men heaved with exhaustion. Seb weighed his options and went with the best one.

He placed the belt around Dennis's waist and lifted his arm in victory, much to the shock of the audience

Seb then rolled out of the ring as the crowd roared it's approval at the outcome of the match, he slowly walked up the ramp.

Madison pats Dennis on the backside before lifting the mic.

Yeah! Keep on walking, git! This is our time! Men like you -

Dennis places a hand over the mic, cutting her off. She sighed loudly as he shook his head. He then gently pulls the mic away from her before using it.

Men like you make this title worth holding onto... just a little bit longer.

The crowd cheers once more as Dennis leans forward against the ropes. He then removes the soaked strands of hair from his eyes. Seb stops to turn and face the ring once he reaches the top of the ramp.

I’m not really sure what the immediate future holds for me. I think you broke a few of my ribs with that table and I've got to come out here for a third time tonight...so, thanks for that.

Seb and Dennis both grin.

Anyway, it's no secret that Madison and I have been...frustrated with Turmoil. Beyond frustrated, actually. I won't go into details, but it’s been brewing since Wrestlution. Greener pastures have had us feeling a certain kind of way...

And who knows, by the end of the night I might have a reason to go out in style. I'm told absence makes the heart grow fonder and It's nice to have options, or even leverage...and after tonight, we’ll start weighing ours depending on how that third match goes. But before you and I go our separate ways and do our own thing, I need to get something off of my chest.

Dennis: We’ve had our differences. My friend here shaved your face. Your homeless friend took a poo in our bags and you've attacked me tons. In spite of all that, I respect the hell out of you. Because I think you understand what I want this belt to become before my reign ends.

I know you've wanted this title since March. We’ve had many run ins, but couldn't find the time to make this happen until now.

Dennis: I also know that look on your face. It's the same one I had earlier tonight with Parker. That feeling of dejection. Believing you were so close, only to miss a maneuver and have a match slip away. In truth...

Dennis starts to pace around the ring.

I think I could have slept well eliminating Parker and losing the rest of my matches.

Back to us, I want this title to become ‘the’ title for the wrestlers in the Turmoil locker room. The real ones. The ones that want to come out here and fight for it. Earn it.

Dennis: The work horses. No politics, no hand outs. Sure, Turmoil may have a wall built around it one day.

Dennis: But I want to build a certain culture around this title. I think my defenses against Big Ed, Trance, and now you have helped start that.

Dennis: Tonight, you have given not only myself and Madison the contender that this belt deserves.

He pats the title around his waist while Madison looks more annoyed by the minute.

You’ve given these fans a title match that was close until the very end. And for that, we thank you, Abbot. Win or lose, people like you ‘are’ Turmoil. Never forget that.

Dennis places the mic on the mat and starts clapping for his opponent. Shortly after, Madison along with most of the audience join in and start clapping as well. A chant of ‘Thank you, Seb!’ Echoes throughout the arena as the scene fades to black, leading into a Summercide commercial.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

How very poetic!

He stinks and I don't like him!



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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Crystal Ever Clear Cut!

You can count to 100!


Scene opens to a dimly lit room, only illuminated by a square shaped dancing light on the wall. The view begins to pan from right to left, showing that the illluminated silouhette is radiating from a window-shaped cutout in a crudely constructed fort. Light singing can be heard from inside...

...: ...show me the way to go home. I'm tired and I want to go home...oh dear...

Suddenly, the door creeks open and you see the hardcore title shimmer in the flicker of the light. It suddenly disappears and is replaced with the all too familiar mask of the Hardcore Champion Crossbones. His eyes hardly visible, but wide as can be.

Crossbones: Who goes there?! Ye can't be just walkin onboard without permission!

Footsteps get closer to the fort.

Crossbones: Ye come here for me gold! Let me know who ye are so I can put a name with the proper whooping if ye come a step closer!

Suddenly, outside of the window cutout, Crossbones sees a bottle of rum swaying back and forth.

Crossbones: Aye, speak up then.

The bottle of rum is now replaced with Versus' face, smoke exiting his nose.

Versus: Heya Bonesy.

Crossbones: Aye, Versuse. What ye be wantin with that rum? Don't ye just smoke the grass medicine?

Versus: Ahhh Bonesy, variety is the spice of life my friend. And speaking of spice...this hear is Captain Bligh's special reserve rum. Why don't you come out of your club house and take a shot with me?

Crossbones: Aye, ye seem honest enough, come aboard.

As Versus takes one step inside the fort, Crossbones snatches up his title and holds it close to his chest.

Crossbones: Halt! Ye ain't come for me gold, have ye?

Versus: Nah, not really. I actually wanted to chat about that.

Crossbones face looks a bit perplexed as Versus takes a seat on the opposite side of what looks to be a large, 3-wick Yankee Candle with the lable torn off.

Versus: Smells like oatmeal cookies and dirty laundry in here...annnnnywho...

Versus takes two shot glasses and begins to prep the shots for him and Crossbones as he begins to speak.

Versus: I know you're into the pirate life, and I'm into the island life...so I think we have a bit of a kinship there don't ya think?

Crossbones: Aye, a little...carry on.

Versus: Earlier tonight, I had Mugen on my Tiki Hut and things didn't go well. See, I'm sure you know he kidnapped Our Hero...and apparently, he's holding him in some sort of Magneto meets Silence of the Lambs plastic cube thing.

Crossbones: Mugenta...Magenta...quiet sheep? I don't see where ye goin, or where ye been. Ye need to take a break from ye grass medicines.

Versus realizing that Crossbones probably doesn't own a tv, or leave his fort much besides to fight, notes that he needs to change his approach.

Versus: Bonesy, I'm gonna cut to the chase (gives Crossbones a full shot glass) Mugen, the head honcho here, burned down my tiki hut, kidnapped our boss, and told me that I had to face you for ye...um...your title tonight.

Crossbones: I knew ye was comin for me gold. Ye want to dine with the captain...t'was a matter of time.

Versus: That's the thing man, I don't. I don't want your title, I hate hardcore matches, I hate using weapons and most of all, I HATE having weapons used on me. Really, it never ends well and my memories already shot, so the last thing I need is another shot to the head.

Both Crossbones and Versus cheers each other and take the shot. Versus takes the glasses and begins to refill them.

Versus: So, here's my proposal to you. I'll give you the rest of this rum, and a few more bottles may just end up in your clubhouses that you build in the arenas, if you agree to just have a regular match with me, and it doesn't even need to be for the title. Let's just put on a show for the people.

Crossbones raises one eyebrow, and looks at his title. He notices the remnants of a few drops of blood from his previous matches and he begins to think. At this time Versus hands him his shot glass again. Crossbones puts his title on his lap and looks at Versus.

Crossbones: Nay. If we go to battle, we go to battle swords drawn. I earned me gold, and I'm a fightin champ. Me gold is me legacy, and aye, the fans will cheer...but they be cheerin for ye blood mate. If Mugen says we batter each other for me gold, so be it.

Versus: Bonesy, I respect that, but I'm not interested in your gold.

Crossbones: It's not good enough for ye? Ye think it's below ye? I'll tell ye something ol' Red Eyes, I'm puttin this title on the map, and keepin it on me shoulder, and ye, ye just have to go down with ye ship this time.

Versus: Dammit Bonesy, I can't say I like the way this night's headed...I definitely like your style.

Versus holds out his glass. Crossbones holds up his.

Versus: A toast before the fight.

Crossbones: Aye.

They clink glasses, Versus takes a pull from his V-Vaporizer (copyright Versus 2016), then both drink their shot as the scene fades.

The Camera pans to the announce team!


Settle down stupid. Oh somethings going on in the ring!

Kassidy slides out of the ring and grabs a microphone before getting back into the ring, Kassidy stands over Xander, drops to do a knee and lifts Xander's head slight off the mat by his hair.

Kassidy: I told you that you were a pathetic piece of DOO KEY SHOES!!. I told you that you were nothing compare to me in this ring and I just proved it.

Kassidy slams Xander's head down on the mat, the crowd chants for Xander but Kassidy is just getting motivated to start a assault on Xander............