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Malu stands with Jim Black as he prepares to face Jackson Montgomery later tonight.

Jim: Malu what is your mindset going into your match tonight?

Malu: My mindset? My mindset is BEASTMODE Jim. You know what that is right?

Jim: No I’m not really familiar…

Malu: Jim it’s a very simple concept you see. It’s from foot and It’s when you put your head down and you get the ball and you run into the other team as hard as you can.

Malu: Then you go back and the next play you do it again. Then you do it again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Then you know what you do after that? You do it again!

You know what no one likes like Jim. Know one likes beging hit in the mouth. I know I don’t. So imagine someone coming and hitting you their hardest over and over again.

Malu: That’s what I’m bring tonight Jim. That mindset, what I should have been doing the moment I stepped through these doors.

Malu: I’m doing to hit Jackson as many times as I can as hard as I can. I’m going to hit him so much so hard that he’s not going to want to go on. It’s Beatmode!

Jim: What will it mean to you if you win tonight and what if you lose?

Malu: I’ll answer that last part first. I’m not losing Jim. I told you I’m going to hit him over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.

Malu: He’s not going to be able to take it Jim and I’m going to win. You heard Jackson last week he said he’s a champion regardless of the belt. I say that is a lie.

Malu: We have that belt because it signifies that the guy that holds it is the man to beat as long as he holds it.

Malu: They don’t call Dupree or Parker Champ anymore even though they are two of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots.

Malu: They don’t even call the “G.O.A.T.” champ do they? Answer is no. They call the man holding the strap champ and I’m gonna take it.

Malu: It will be full circle for me Jim, I get to be the champion that I was for CCW. That I could have been as OCW champion if I didn’t let it slip away.

Malu: It means everything to me Jim and when I walk out champion tonight I’m going to throw it in everyone’s face.

Malu: Because regardless of what everyone has to say there are only two men who can leave this arena as the Turmoil Champion and Jim you’re looking at the guy who’s taking the gold him.

Malu walks away before Jim can even ask another question. The scene fades as Jim throws his hands up and shakes his head.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

The Challenger sets his sights on Jackson Tonight!

It's goint to be an all out war.

Alright his next contest is a bit of a mouthful. Sophia has agreed to put her Turmoil Womens Championship on the line against Casey Paine. In addition if Sophia surpasses the legend she has to face Willow!

Who also holds an honorary womens championship. This is a high stakes game. Sophia is about to be put to the test!



The Past vs The Present vs The Future
3 Legacies One Championship!
Womens Championship

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

OH CMON!!!!!

Thats how you put someone on notice!!!


Xtron Flickers On!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

He's ready for war!!!

It's gonna be MURDER!!!!

It has been a long night for Tiberius Octavian Dupree. He poured every ounce of his being out there tonight and all he wants right now is a moment of peace. Yet a shadow suddenly looms over Tibby dimming his lighting. He doesn't look up or move from the bench in the locker room, he just says...

I felt you breathing on my neck from halfway across the arena during my match, you also smell like bacon grease. Which you could only mean....

Formally Number 2 of Purge's Security who worked exclusively for Dimsmore and Lacy Love stands over him.

You're that stupid security guard from the Purge, what do you want?

Number 2: I want...I was wondering if...if...

Dupree: If you can get a job.

Number 2: Yes yes if I can have a job. Eyes....eyes got got kids to feed mister.

Tibby looks up for a second after being called "mister". A flashback plays of all the times Roofus Ruckingston Tha THOID his old security guard/manager used to call him "mister".

Now here stands an overweight security guard looking for a job calling him "mister". Dupree takes a deep breath and replies.

No. Now make yourself useful and disappear.

Number 2 puts his head down, his double Mohawk bowing in defeat. A tear runs down his chubby painted cheek. Dupree doesn't care, neither does the cameraman so we fade to black.




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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Baw Gawd