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The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!



We are backstage with Alex Robinson and Madison Cox who are both sitting down watching the event. What a show so far. Alex looks around and whistles.

Alex Robinson:
Nice dressing room. You've done well for yourself. He's not useless after all. You've got him trained good, i'm impressed.

Madison looked over and grins.

Madison Cox:
"Be kind, he's a young man. Anyway, Have you seen your dad recently?"

Alex Robinson:
"Nope, I never want to see him again."

Madison Cox:
"I know right? What him and Sid Harrison did to me I will never forget."

Alex Robinson: "At least Dennis put him in his place for you."

Madison Cox:
"Yes, hopefully that is the end of Sid Harrison once and for all. I can still smell the love shack and I have had about 20 showers since then."

Alex Robinson:
"What a vile man. "

Madison Cox:
"Anyway we need to talk about the problem that is Sophia. I can't stand that woman."

Alex Robinson: "It's not only Sophia we have to deal with. We also have to deal with Willow and her stupid aunt."

Madison Cox:
"Aunt Casey better stay the F**K away!"

Alex Robinson: "She's got it in for me because of what Leon did to her eye."

Madison Cox: "I got your back Alex, Casey can't touch us."

Alex Robinson: "I hope she does come looking for us. Everyone thinks I am a joke. Even my own dad. But I am done being an afterthought to these people. We're taking over Madison. There isn't anything Casey, Willow, sweet little innocent Sophia or any other person can do about it."

Madison Cox:
"It annoys me that people really believe it was Sophia that redefined this women's division."

Alex Robinson:
"If it wasn't for us, there wouldn't be a women's division Madison."

Madison Cox: "I need to talk to you about something."

Madison starts whispering into Alex's ear as we go back to Charles Scaggs and Al Poling.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

I don't trust either of those young women!

And you shouldn't you are an old, creepy man!

Would you stop it already!

Speaking of someone who should stop! We take you backstage with Stacy Clark!

The Camera Pans To The Back!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

The Champ is rip roaring to go!

No easy feat against who he is facing!

A fued as old as time itself!

This is going to be a massacre, LETS GO!!!



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The Camera pans to the announce team!

I can't belive it!



The camera cuts to the scene of Tobin Frost and Omar Gibbs continuing their brawl from earlier in the night.

Tobin and Gibs are both sporting cuts on their faces as lefts and rights continue to be thrown. McGee and Murdoc are nowhere to be seen. Tobin punches Gibbs flush on the cheek.

Why don’t you stay down!

Tobin swings again but misses as Gibbs ducks under and rushes Tobin sending both crashing into the hallway wall. The two men don’t have the energy they started with, and it shows as they both sit in the fresh whole in the wall they made from the impact.

The same reason you haven’t!

As Gibbs says this he starts throwing shots at Tobin’s lower back trying to get him in the kidneys. Tobin throws an elbow that hits near Gibb’s tempol and pushes the big man off of him.

Gibbs falls on the back to the floor while Tobin collapses to his knees. He spits some blood on the floor and looks around seeing some of the OCW crew members near but keeping a safe distance. Seeing the two men in this postion the crew starts to get closer.

Don’t you try and get in the middle of this! We have gone far enough and it ends tonight one way or another. I will hit each and everyone of you to get to that man.

The crew stops advancing and just watches as Tobin and Gibbs both get to their feet. Gibbs using a nearby table for balance while Tobin uses a hand rail by some steps.

The two advance toward each other and Tobin gets pushed back as Gibbs knees him in the gut. Tobin staggers dangerously close to the stairs but regains his balance.

Gibbs noticing this advances again and swings at Tobin who on nothing but instinct ducks and grabs Gibbs in a belly to back position. Gibbs struggles but Tobin won’t let go.

The two move their feet trying to possess control, when suddenly Tobin uses what strength he has left and rears back German Suplexing Gibbs down the staircase.

The crew lets out a scream and rushes to Gibbs who lay motionless at the bottom of the staircase. Tobin on the other hand shrugs off the hands of people trying to help him up.

Tobin stands on his own spitting more blood out of his mouth. He looks down at Gibbs but he doesn’t advance down the steps knowing Gibbs is done. Tobin then pushes past the crew members down the hallway.

I have to find my brother…

The scene fades as Tobin limps slowly down the hallway.