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Vincent barges the security out of the way and boots Versus hard in the face. knocking him dazed, almost unconscious, he then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a shiny silver ring with a sharp point on it, which he slides onto his middle finger of his right hand, he kneels down and grabs the back of versus head in a vice like grip with his left hand, and proceeds to slowly and painfully drag the spike of the ring down Versus forehead, carving a cross into his forehead, the blood begins to flow down Versus' face, slowly pouring from the wound.

Crowe snatches a mic off the ring announcer and begins to talk as the boos in the arena begin to increase in volume.

Crowe: ENOUGH Vincent.....he's had enough...for now....We don't want to peak too early now do we.

Vincent stops his assault, looking down at Versus who is laying in a heap of his own blood on the ramp, he places his boot down on his chest, pinning him there and leaning down on his knee, making sure Versus can't go anywhere.

Crowe: Look at you now Versus...LOOK AT YOU NOW!!

Crowe: You weren't kidding were you, you really are oblivious aren't you? Either oblivious, or a really, really good liar...Walking around here, dressing like you do.....thinking you're some kind of god to these...sheep...

He waves his arm towards the crowd as the boos get louder.

Crowe: If you genuinely have no idea who I am, if you genuinely have no idea what you did, almost ruining my career....my LIFE....then you're in for a shock....a very fast, and painful lesson, we will 'enlighten' you.

He steps out of the ring and begins to slowly walk up towards Winters and the fallen 'idol'.

Crowe: But if some small place in that drug hazed brain of yours does have an idea of who Crowe is, then you are a fool, a 'false prophet'..a useless shepard to this pathetic flock....

Crowe: This match was NEVER going to happen...not here...and not yet.....I like my meat bloody, tenderised.....You see, things like this can't be rushed.....there was no way I was going to rush a meal so succulent....revenge is a dish best served in small bites.

He kneels down next to Verus and grabs a handful of his hair in his left hand.

Crowe: Look at him now sheep...look at your god now!

Crowe spits in Versus face, filled with anger he slaps him hard across the cheek, sending the blood flowing from Versus forehead splashing onto the barricade, a small splash hitting some of the audience leaning on the barricade, he slaps him a second time, a third time, he raises up to slap him a fourth time, before he brings his hand down, he looks at his open palm, covered in the blood of his foe, running down his palm, over his wrist and onto his forearm.

He begins to laugh out loud as he watches it trickle down to the tip of his elbow and drop to the ground, he motions to Winters to remove his boot from Versus chest, he drags Versus by the hair over on to his fron, so he's laying face down, Versus lets out a short spluttering cough as Crowe leans in right next to his ear.

Crowe: Do you know what a 'god' is to a non believer Versus?

He lets go of his hair and Versus head hits the ramp with a thud, Crowe begins to scribble something using the blood on his hand onto Versus' back.

Crowe: Just another lost little lamb to the slaughter.

He stands up and steps over the unconscious Versus, the camera zooms in to see the word 'sanctuary' sprawled in Versus' own blood across his back.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

What a bunch of son of a bitches! CMON thats 2 on 1 that's not fair!

How dare you sir!


Xtron Flickers On!

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The scene opens with Dennis Black, watching himself in the mirror. His reflection stared back at him with the same amount of frustration and uncertainty. A pair of slender hands spider walk across both sides of his abdomen until they meet at his belly button. Madison’s voice could be heard as her hands interlock, but her short stature kept her hidden due to Dennis’s height. He looks over his shoulder at her as she speaks.

You need to shake off whatever you are feeling about the steel cage match with Bray. He and Ace are behind us now. Your night…

Madison takes a deep breath.

No, our night, is far from over.

Dennis: I am woefully aware.

Dennis peels Madison’s hands off of him before turning to face her.

I'm told Nate has informed the refs to let things fly tonight. We can pretty much do whatever to each other. It's going to be a war. Doesn’t change the fact that I can’t have you out there tonight. It's terrible. I feel...suffocated.

Madison: And that’s why I am here now. Me not being out there shouldn’t be an excuse.

Dennis: I’m not making any -

Madison puts a finger to his lips, interrupting him.

After my match with Tiffany. I’m going to come back here and take you somewhere. I need you to follow without question.

Dennis frowned, hesitated, then nodded slowly.

I want to introduce you to someone. They aren’t a friend, nor are they an enemy. But I believe they can help. All i ask in return is that you have an open mind about what is said. Can you do that for me?

Dennis: Do I have a choice?

Madison: You always have a choice, Dennis. You’re a King. But a King that ignores the help of his wise Queen isn’t a very good King. Are you a good King, Dennis?

Dennis: ...The best.

Dennis leans in to Kiss Madison, who quickly leans away from the attempt.

Madison: Save that for later. Go shower, you smell southern. Nothing good comes from the south and I can't come with you smelling like it.


The Camera pans to the announce team!






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Previously recorded:

The scene opens the Saturday afternoon prior to September 2 Remember, inside a busy airport filled with bustling travelers making their way to their gates. Amongst the crowd is Bill Ding as he comes into focus, carrying his luggage and referencing his gifted boarding pass a la Madison Cox to find the correct gate number.

Hmm E4, E4…. aha there it is! ‘Scuse me, pardon me.

Ding steps up to the gate attendant, who reads over his pass before looking back at the gate security. She gives a nod in their direction to signal where Ding should go.

Why thank ya ma'am, you have a nice evenin’.

Ding is lead out to the tarmac to what appears to be a ‘very’ small private plane. Not even one of those quaint and fancy jets, but crappier… more like a crop duster.

Oh…. ha. Shoulda figured. Lil ‘ miss “spared no expense”. Welp, still ain't gonna turn down a free ride… figures that no ‘kind gesture’ from Madison Cox is without some kinda catch! Ima make the best of it.

Ding climbs and hops into the small plane, puts down his bag and finds his seatbelt. He notices the pilot in the cockpit, who is wearing a pair of black aviator glasses similar to Ding.

Heyyyy daddeh! Nice shades. Got me a pair just like that, see?

Ding points to his own glasses and smiles. The pilot just looks back at him in he rear view mirror before looking back to his control panel.

Hmm…. alrighty then. Hey, how long is this flight? Might try to get in some shut eye so I can hit the town and get in on some of that Saturday night Atlanta nightlife, ya dig??

Once again, the pilot just glares back at him in the mirror before ignoring him and returning to his duties.

Wooof, tough crowd daddeh… not much of a talkah, are we! Aight aight. Well ima quit mah ramblin’s and let you get to it.

Ding notices some complimentary beverages in a mini fridge next to his seat, and decides to himself to quench his thirst. After a few satisfying gulps of sweet tea, he sits back and attempts to make himself comfortable. He begins to drift off, a little sooner than expected, just as the plane takes off for his destination.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Sleep well big man!