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Hand in hand, Dennis follows Madison without question to the deepest and darkest parts of the Philips arena. She was sporting a limp from her match with Tiffany. A clash that neither lady would soon forget.

They had found themselves in a hall that seemed untouched by security or staff of any kind. Madison’s grip on Dennis’s hand tightened as their only light source in the hallway was her cell phone. Naturally, he wanted to ask if she was lost. Buuuuut he did promise to follow without question…

After several minutes, the pair found themselves at a door guarded by two robed individuals. Dennis quickly stepped in front of Madison to shield her. The two robed figures simply stepped aside and let the duo enter.

Dennis and Madison arrived to a dimly lit room filled with several cloaked men and women. She squeezed his hand and nodded to him before they approached the crowd. The chatter in the room fell to silence as Dennis and Madison approached them.


???: I thought he would be taller. More...intimidating. Is this truly the vessel that has sewn havoc throughout your beloved wrestling world, Madison?

Madison nods several times.

Though small in stature, he leaves footprints that rival that of giants in his wake. Though soft spoken, his words...his message reaches far and wide. His energy and appetite are boundless...and without equal.

Madison looks to Dennis.

This vessel houses a god among men.

Dennis looks around the room, doing his best to follow and decipher the whispers. The seated man in the red robe snaps his finger to get Dennis’s attention. Dennis raises a brow at the man.

Your partner tells me that Dennis Black cannot best Nate Ortiz. That he requires a bit of help. That he needs to tap deeper within his core to find the solution to his Ortiz dilemma. If that is true, we can help you...but this kind of help does not come without a price.

Dennis looks to Madison: You don’t think I can beat him?

Ever since the fluke of Summercide, you haven’t been yourself. You lost to Ding. Then you struggled with Bray, the likes that I had never seen you struggle with Bray...until tonight in your cage match. Then you barely skated by that rookie, Sheperd.

Dennis looks away from Madison.

: …

Madison: Even the man you claim to be your inspiration, adore, and look up to had to channel… a different side of himself from time to time. He needed to tap into that dark place to beat Majin. I believe...with so much on the line, we cannot allow any mistakes.

Madison: The night of Wrestlution, you inherited a gift from the devil himself. A gift you don’t even know how to call upon.

Madison: These people can help…


Dennis looks to the seated man.

This gift. What is it like?

???: An out of body experience. It is you, but not you.

Dennis: Say that I believe you. Say that I believe any of this. How do I stop it?

???: That is not for me to share, but for you to experience yourself.

Dennis: May I...speak to my lady a moment in private?

Dennis asks, but didn’t wait for an answer. He quickly pulls Madison out of the robed man’s hearing distance and whispers.

Where did you find these people?

Madison: Forums, chat rooms...craigslist?

Dennis: Which is it!

Madison: Literally all three.

Dennis: How is that...ugh. Nevermind.

Dennis looks back to the group.

...Fine. I did agree to come with an open mind.

Madison: Alright! With that settled, shall we get this show on the road?

The robed man rose from his seat and approached the two. He placed a hand on Dennis’s shoulder and gave Madison an ornate case. She opened it, revealing a ceremonial dagger. Dennis and Madison look to each other, then back to the robed man.

Now then, remove your shackles.

Dennis: Erm...

Dennis whipering: I think he means our clothing…he definitely means our clothes. You know, i’ve let you talk me into some crazy things…..but this? I draw the line here! Let’s go.

The onlookers began their ritualistic chant. Madison turns to face Dennis, reaching out for his hand. She shakily places the sharp steel against Dennis’s open palm, still looking to the robed man.

Madison is tasked with relieving you of your blood, anxiety, and stress...among other things.

She then looks back to Dennis.

: I read all about it! Don’t you worry.

Dennis: Read about it?

Madison: On their wiki, duh.

Dennis: A wiki?! Jesus christ, Madi.

I’m going to cut you. I’m going to exhaust you..in front of all these people. Then you will arise as the OCW Champion.

Dennis: You make it sound so easy…

Madison: It is, just...lay down. I'll do everything else.

Madison and Dennis both wince as she quickly slides the steel across Dennis’s open palm. The camera men are immediately shuffled out of the room, roughly, preventing them from witnessing the rest of the ceremony beneath the arena.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What in the.



Xtron Flickers On!

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Ding is suddenly awakened from his deep slumber by a few hard bumps from beneath him. The plane appears to be landing, a rough one at that. Still quite groggy, he rubs his eyes and peers out the small window of the plane. Expecting to see a city scape of Atlanta or a runway, he instead finds a vast field of various crops and small villages. A few small black jeeps roam the dirt roads of the area.

What the- uh sir?? This don't look much like Atlanta! Are you sure-

The pilot merely glares at him in the mirror again through his pitch black aviators, still not saying a word.

DADDEH. Cat gotcha tongue or what?? Can't you see where you are landing? This ain't no airport!

The plane rolls to a stop. The pilot hops out quickly and steps over to the side door, opens it and pulls out groggy Ding. He makes a hard landing as he falls to the ground, and just barely gets his bearings when the pilot tosses his bag at him.

Adios señor, y buena suerte. Madison te desea lo mejor.

Ding: Say what now daddeh?? Why you droppin’ a daddeh like this??

The pilot hops back into the small plane and quickly takes off, leaving Ding in the dust. He staggers to his feet and dusts himself off, holding his thumping head which feels like a million pounds.

Hey!!!! HEEEYYYYY!!!! (Ding waves after the plane) Ugh what was in that drink? That hussy Madison!! Where the hell am I?

The hot sun beats down on Ding as he attempts to survey his surroundings. Just as he begins to get a look, one of the black jeeps speeds over and screeches to a halt. Two officials jump out with rifles pointed at Ding, shouting at him and motioning for his hands.

Official #1:
Manos arriba!!!! Manos arriba!!!

Official #2: Muéstranos tus papeles!!

Ding: Woah woah now, easy daddehs!

Ding slowly raises his hands above his head. One of the officials stands guard with his gun pointed at Ding as the other grabs Ding’s bag and brings it over to the Jeep. He plops it down in the hood and begins to search through it.

He stops as he appears to find something interesting, along with Ding’s passport. He signals to his partner who then approaches Ding with his rifle still aimed at him.

He grabs Ding roughly, forcing his hands behind his back and pushing him over to the Jeep where official #1 is with his things. He slams Ding against the Jeep where he feels the hot metal against his skin.

Official #1:
Señor Jack. Te hemos estado buscando.

The official holds the open passport in Ding’s face. Ding looks at it, seeing his own photo but instead of his own name, it reads “Gentleman Jack”.

Gentleman Jack?! That's not me, daddeh!!

The official then holds up what appears to be a bag of a packaged powdery substance that he also retrieved from Ding’s luggage.

Official #1:
En su caso, no me sorprende que hayamos encontrado esto en su bolsa.

Ding: Woah woah woah. Now daddeh, I can see how this looks reaaaaal bad but that is not mine. And I'm not Jack! Simple misunderstanding. I was framed!! That b*tch Madison did this!! She sent me away!!

Ding’s words fall on deaf ears as the officials zip tie his wrists behind his back and shove him in the back of the Jeep. Ding hollers obscenities as they slam the door and then speed off, kicking up dust and sand behind them.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh no!!!




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The Camera pans to the announce team!

He got all of it!


Okay we’re back to Trisha Waldrop and Tiberius Dupree who I think is finally finished his long list of accolades in his absence. Trisha doesn’t know what to make of this. Is she being trolled? Is the OCW Universe being trolled? Did he really do all these things? Who knows but S2R must carry on.

Dupree: Lastly I helped establish a colony in the realm of Neo New Luxuria as a 6 foot 5 African-American basketball player.

Absolutely impressed with himself Tibby looks at Trisha.

Trisha: Well it seems as if you were quite the busy man. Those are things you did, what are your plans moving forward as this season closes out and another starts?

Dupree: That’s an easy answer, I plan to do what I always do. I will give OCW class, I will give it the aura of superiority by my presence alone, I will saturate the annals of her underbelly with greatness, with Betterness Trish.

Dupree: As there have been many who came before, some of who are ancient, decrepit and passed their time. And there have been many who have came after, some who are so entitled and self righteous they may spontaneously combust at any given moment.

There's a visible glimmer in his eyes.

Dupree: But there is only one BETTERNESS, only one true World Champion Trish, and that being is I. A man who has given more to OCW than any man can give. It never changes, it will always be: Always and Forever....always.

Trisha: I want to thank you Tiberius, this was an interesting segment to say the least.

Dupree: Your welcome Trisha.

The camera fades with the two exchange final pleasantries and departing.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

He will never change!