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The camera goes backstage at September 2 Remember and you see CJ O’Donnell walking backstage. CJ passes by some backstage personal and wanting to take it all in he is looking all around. Caleb is not paying attention where he is going and bumps into someone. Immediately he begins to apologize.

CJ O’Donnell:
I am so sorry. Here let me help you up.

CJ extends his hand to help up Madison Cox.


After the gentlemanly gesture, Cox wipes her hand off on the wayward man’s shirt.

Anyway, yea, I don't think you're supposed to be back here. The Dennis Black Meet and Greet is on the ‘other’ side. And make sure not to drop the tables this time, I want them to be set up in PRISTINE CONDITION. We can't have OCW’s brightest star making any contact with any of these germs in… what is this place called again? Oh yea, Atlanta.

Madison waves an assistant over to bring over a fresh bottle of hand sanitizer. CJ looks at Madison who is completely of ignoring him as a person.

Actually, I am the newest signed talent to the OCW. I mean it would be an honor to meet and take a picture with Dennis Black or even maybe an autograph but I am here to compete. My name is …

Madison: ‘Newest signed talent’? Dear that means nothing to someone like me who has seen people last only long enough to earn a cup of coffee. Like ‘Anthony Scaramucci’ short, but more urban.

Madison peers at the new hire’s reddish hair with uncertainty.

But you're in luck! There's quite a few others of… ‘your people’ around as well to help you out.

Madison turns and searches: Ginger?? GINGER! Ugh he's fucked off again.

CJ looks down the hall and then back at Madison shaking his head.

‘My people’ sorry but that is bit uncalled for don't you think. You do not even know the first thing about me and you are already judging me just because I have red hair and an accent. And here I thought a beautiful women like yourself would actually be more welcoming.

O’Donnell takes a moment to pause as he knows he needs to pick his words wisely with Madison.

I am sorry we got off on the wrong foot. I can be a little clumsy at times but my name is Caleb James O’Donnell. My friends call me CJ and I am sorry for knocking you on your arse.

Madison: Well you've gotten one thing on point… the fact that you indeed appreciate how much of an honor it is to be seen near Dennis Black, nevertheless be captured in the same picture frame as him. Perhaps you've got ‘some sense’.

Caleb nods his head as it seems Madison just gave him some sort of compliment or maybe she thinks he is a little slow.

Anyway Jerry, it ‘is’ Jerry O’Donnell right? Like the fat kid in ‘Stand By Me’? I gotta go get a fresh latte. This one sucks. Atlanta can't even get coffee right!!

Madison waves CJ off as she leaves him behind, again yelling for an assistant. She tosses her coffee behind her.


CJ goes to answer Madison but realizes she is too far down to even answer her question. CJ turns around and nearly bumps into a sound guy.

Sorry … I need to be more careful these people show up in the blink of an eye.

O’Donnell walks the opposite direction of Cox but does look over his shoulder. What was he looking at only time will tell …


The Camera pans to the announce team!




Xtron Flickers On!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

I got goosebumps ontop of goosebumps!

Can't wait!


The scene opens to the private locker room of Nate Ortiz and wife, Tiffany Sensation-Ortiz. The two are already dressed in ring gear and both look focused on their upcoming matches.

You got this hun, kick her in the face one more time and be done with her.

Tiffany: That’s the plan, but things don’t always go as such. I just want to be done with her, and you with Dennis so we can just get away. I thought we were done with the full time thing, but these last two years…

Nate sighs as if he’s had this conversation many times.

So did I. But you know this business, there’s always loose ends to cut off. Even after tonight there’s that roided up fool who called me out at Summercide. So no matter what happens tonight I have a date in April.

Nate: And I just don’t have it in my to let Dennis skate by to become OCW Champion. He’s cut through almost everyone and he deserves the opportunity. But I’m the only one left to stand across from him at this moment. If Tiberius had beaten me last month I’d say he should be the guy. But this is my burden like it has been for the past 12 years.

Nate: What’s that saying I hear the guys whispering in the back. “You either die a hero or live long enough to become Nate Ortiz. The thing I take from that is that despite the era I’m still the bar that everyone tries to measure up to. When we BOTH walk out with our hands raised high we can take the kid and take a break.

Nate: Tonight we end the season like we started it. With an Ortiz putting someone back in their place.

The scene fades as Nate places his hand on Tiffany's shoulder.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

I can't wait!

Word up!



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The Camera pans to the announce team!

He got him!

On mistake is all it took!


Trisha Waldrop, OCW’s Oprah like Social Media Ambassador spends most of her time doing online correspondence with wrestlers and the OCW Universe so you may not be familiar with her work. Well tonight at September to Remember she will be doing an exclusive on air interview with the OCW Lightheavyweight Champion.

As the camera pans to show the Golden Kneeotype himself, Tiberius Octavian Dupree, Better known by none better as The Betterness- the room seems to give of an unmistakable glow from his presence. He fashions his trademark half smile for Trisha and those privy to be watching.

Trisha: Tiberius let’s just dive right in, if that’s alright with you?

He nods in approval.

Trisha: Everyone wants to know where have you been these last few weeks?

Thinking emoji time, he’s possibly figuring out how to word this for the optimum reaction.

Dupree: The same place as Riot.

The two just stare at each other blinking, then they blink some more before Tibby finally follows up.

Dupree: Actually did some filming for an upcoming movie….

Trisha: Interesting, I haven’t heard anythi…

Dupree: I also ran 6 triathlons in 5 days…

Trisha: That’s…that’s imposs…

Dupree: Climbed the Yosemite Triple Crown wearing only my socks and my naked Betteness…

Trisha: Wait…

Dupree: No you wait Trisha. It would only be kind if you let me continue.

Being the true professional that she is Trisha simply nods in reply.

Dupree: Saved 16 and a half orphans from alligators…

Dupree: Taught the indigenous people of Alaska how to make maple and fluff sandwiches….

It’s obvious he did a lot, it’s even more obvious this is going to take awhile. So pretend this a trailer for the live action remake of the renown anime Fate/Stay Night. Imagine Dupree is Gilgamesh, because who else would play the glorious part, we’ll get back to this later.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh for the love of!


The cloudy day in Mexico City has now turned into a thunderstorm. The rain is pouring and the storm is getting bigger by the minute. The camera pans down again to show King Tyga standing at a rooftop, waiting impatiently.

King Tyga:
Where is he? I don't have time for this.

The door leading to the rooftop swings open. The shadowy figure slowly walks toward Tyga.

King Tyga:
This had better be a good apology.

Tyga crosses his arms as the light shining from one end of the rooftop reveals that the figure walking toward him is Drago Cesar. The luchador looks frustrated.

King Tyga:
You son of a bitch.

Drago: That is no way to greet old friend!

King Tyga: What did you do to my men? They weren't supposed to let some gringo up here!

Drago: They decide that it was nap time. Might be the same for you.

Drago grabs his gray suit and tosses it to the side, leaving him shirtless.

You ran away from me, and you think that buying your way to respect would get you somewhere. But instead, you alienate your friend, your family, and those kids you were supposed to take care of in orphanage.

King Tyga: H-How do you know...

Drago smirks as the storm intensifies.

You can't run away from your fear, because no matter what it always catch up with you. I'm learn this lesson, and it looks like you're gonna learn the hard way.

Drago puts his fists up and motions for Tyga to bring it. This sets the luchador off, which then leads to him charging towards Drago. The hunter does the same and both of them punch each other in the face, causing them to reel back. Tyga runs at him again, this time taking Drago to the ground.

Drago blocks a few punches before throwing Tyga off him. Tyga goes for a right cross, but Drago ducks under and swiftly punches him in the torso, knocking the wind out of him. Tyga goes for another takedown, but Drago has him in a front choke. Tyga's face is starting to turn a shade of purple before he punches Drago in the groin, knocking him down to a knee.

Tyga seizes the opportunity by kicking Drago in the head, knocking him to the ground. Tyga laughs. Drago spits out some blood from his mouth before getting back up.

Tyga goes for a gut kick, but Drago catches his leg and spins him around, grabbing his arms and delivering a Drago Suplex onto the concrete. The impact causes the luchador to clutch his head in pain.

Drago stands back and catches a breath as a groggy Tyga struggles to stand up. On his last legs, Tyga yells and charges toward Drago one last time, jumping right into a Tiger Uppercut.

The force of the uppercut has Tyga land flat on his back, barely moving. Drago slowly walks toward him and hovers over the luchador.

Our fight is finish.

King Tyga (coughing): Bastard....

Drago: Promise me you will stop with this nonsense.

King Tyga: Go to hell.

Drago takes out a net from his pocket and drapes it over Tyga's face. Tyga starts squirming and screaming.

King Tyga:

Drago: I'm gonna let you think about what you done.

Drago walks away as Tyga is still screaming before he is put to sleep by the effects of The Net.

The Camera pans to the announce team!