OCWFED.com Presents Riot


Stacy: Live from Madison Square Garden, I'm standing outside of the dressing room of Dennis Black and Madison Cox. We were scheduled to hear from OCW’s least favorite couple at the start of the show.

The camera pans over to the door briefly before focusing on Stacy.

This would have been our first glimpse of the two after the biggest upset of the season that took place only days ago on Turmoil.

The Xtron Flickers On!

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The audience cheers at the X-Tron footage until Madison exits the dressing room. She stares a hole through Stacy.

Madison, we were hoping to get a word from the Turmoil Champion. The two of you have been scarce since encountering Bill Ding only days ago. How ‘are’ things with the two of you after…well...the loss to Bill Ding?

Stacy: It is said that bad things happen in threes. Was Summercide just one, or two? Is Bill Ding the third? If Bill was the second...is one more heart breaker coming Dennis’s way before the season draws to a close?

Madison narrows her eyes, looking right passed Stacy. The camera pans to the side, revealing Tiffany Sensation - Ortiz.


Madison: Ortiz.

Tiffany: Had a bit of trouble finding you after Turmoil went off the air. Just wanted to check in-

Madison: Do you expect me to believe you care about his health?! He's running himself into the ground!

Tiffany: Welcome to my world. Been there. Done that. I watched Nate walk through that curtain many times, in good health and bad. The only difference is, he was humble, and I actually cared for him. He wasn't a meal ticket…

Tiffany: I ‘almost’ pity Dennis.

Madison: Why you!

Stacy does her best to keep separation between Madison and Tiffany by standing between them. Tiffany remained calm while Madison’s face turned red.

As for why I wanted to check in on Friday night. I wanted to inform you that you'll be competing tonight against Holly Hunter... tonight.

Madison: Wait!

Tiffany: Next. Good luck.

Tiffany walks away as the crowd cheers loudly. Madison huffs and retreats back into her dressing room, slamming the door behind her.

The camera pans back to Stacy.

Madison Cox. Holly Hunter. Next!

It's a Match!
Madison Cox vs Holly Hunter

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The camera pans to the announce team.

What a manuver!


We turn to the backstage hallways, where we see a figure in a gray suit and a red dress shirt underneath walk around and greet several members of staff.

After shaking some hands and giving some hugs, the figure continues to walk down the hallways when he is stopped by the King of Kindness himself, Mugen.

Oh hai Drago! How is your champion life???

Drago: I'm guess you could say is....

The camera pans over to reveal Drago's face, his hair slicked back and his light goatee shown in full form.


Mugen: Yeeessss.....My PREMONEETION came true! Dennis Black was DELETED at Summercide! ...And most importantly, he's not a member of the Beat Drago Cesar Club!

Drago: You very proud of that, aren't you?

Mugen: Oh absolutely! You know how hard it was to get those jackets made? Those things are designer quality, made to perfection! But anyways, things aren't going to be quite the same without you around. I'll have to continue your tradition of spreading POSITIVE ENERGY to the masses.

Drago: Is good to hear that rehab help you.

Drago stands still for a moment before attempting to hug Mugen.

Mugen (nervously laughing):
What are you doing?

Drago wraps his arms around Mugen which causes him to yelp and implement his self-defense mechanism; he grabs Drago and tries to suplex him, but Drago blocks the attempt by blocking it with his leg. Drago pats Mugen on the back.

Is ok, relax, relax.....

The camera pans around to Mugen's thousand yard wide-eyed stare as we fade to black.

The camera pans to the announce team.