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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to OCW Riot 482!!

We are just 2 weeks away from S2R!

Anything can happen tonight!

I got a feeling something big is coming!

Recorded Earlier

We find ourselves in a lavishly decorated conference style room located in the back of Sakuraba’s where we see a DELIGHTFUL salad bar next to a WONDERFUL cold bar next to an old Chinese man working the pasta station. A podium at the front and center of the room flashes the following wonderful logo:


The center door opens up as we see a hostess from Sakuraba’s welcome in Ligermask, and Tobin Frost. The two are shown to the private table but not before Ligermask grabs a piece of smoked salmon off the cold bar table.

Tobin nonchalantly takes his seat and looks around very unamused. Two waiters enter from the side to take their drink orders as we see Mugen walk to the podium.

We now see a bewildered Drago Cesar shown his seat next to the podium. He looks around and sees the logo on the podium. As he is about to get up and leave, Mugen jumps from his position at the podium and motions Drago back to his seat. Mugen runs back to the podium and fixes his tie.

Mugen: Well I think that is everybody today. Gentlemen, please let the waiters know how you would like your steak cooked and they will bring it out to you after our keynote speaker.

Mugen: Let me remind you that at today’s first annual luncheon we are serving A5 wagyu steak imported directly from Hokkaido.

Mugen: The salad bar is free for you to peruse as well as the cold bar. I see you have already taken part in the cold bar Liger.

Ligermask: (through a mouthful of smoked salmon and ham) Si.

We see as Liger has now not only grabbed smoked salmon but also a fistful of cured meats. Tobin looks at him with disgust.

Mugen: I have called on you gentlemen here today for a momentous occasion. As a part of my rehabilitation program to become a better, kinder person, I have decided to bring some of my closest friends to a luncheon, celebrating the one thing we have in common. Victories over………….

Mugen turns slightly and begins pointing at a wide-eyed Drago Cesar.

Mugen: Drago Cesar.

Drago Cesar: Um? Hi?

Ligermask waves enthusiastically from his seat from behind a heaping mound of salad and cured meats. Tobin Frost looks over to Ligermask and shakes his head, exasperated.

Mugen: Modest as always, give a warm welcome to our 1st Annual Keynote Speaker for he will be speaking up here in a moment.

Mugen: I just wanted to open up and say, it is not only a privilege, but an honor to be up here speaking about one of our career’s greatest accomplishments.

Mugen: Beating Drago Cesar. Now, before I bring him up here, let’s roll the footage.

Mugen snaps his fingers as the lights dim and a 70” TV screen is lowered from the ceiling showing the TOLMC logo. Mugen presses a button on a remote as a video package of the moments where Drago Cesar was defeated by Ligermask, Tobin Frost and Mugen roll, soundtracked by the delightful sounds of Luther Vandross’s 1981 hit, Never Too Much.

As the video finishes, the lights come back full force. Ligermask is now seen with a huge plate of pasta in front of him while Tobin Frost is sitting back casually with a drink in hand.

Now, without a further ado, let me introduce to you, the man of the hour, the hunter, the slayer, the man himself, my friend, excuse me OUR friend, Dragoooooooo Cesarrrrrrrr.

Mugen is clapping furiously with a big grin on his face as he welcomes a really confused Drago to the podium. Tobin is casually slinging his drink back as we see Ligermask stuffing his face with pasta.

Drago stands at the podium and looks back up at the TV screen, which is now displaying the BDC logo. He awkwardly turns back and faces the crowd, then looks at the podium to see a piece of paper on it. He picks it up and flips it over.

...You write speech for me?

Mugen feverishly nods and points at the paper. Drago then leans the paper on the podium and starts reading it.

Wow. What an occasion to be celebrate….ing. To speak in front of elite club that actually beat me. Tobin Frost. Beat me last season in what was match of the year candidate. What a victory it was for him beating me when I was unstoppable North American champion. When he hit that Frankensteiner on me, I felt that for a week. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Tobin stands and there is an odd silence. He lifts his glass and sits back down. With a sigh of relief Mugen claps and cheers as Tobin finishes his drink.

Drago looks at the crowd.

But you know, is not like I’m didn’t get him back. Few weeks ago on Riot…..And who could forget handicap match for NA Championship? You remember? Because I’m remember! And I clapped!

Drago starts obnoxiously clapping while Mugen looks at him and mouths the words “That wasn’t in the script”.

Drago picks the paper up and looks at it closely, then looks at Mugen.

You miss like half the people here. Where are people like Sherwood Jamison? Wheeler? Jacob Trance? Where they in this paper? And why they no here?

Mugen: Haha funny story Drago. I don't know who those people are unfortunately. The only people that matter are in this room here. Isn't that right friends?!

Mugen tries to illicit a reaction from the room but Ligermask is happily diving face first into his cocktail shrimp plate while Tobin is now on his second drink.

Tough crowd, anyways carry on Drago.

Drago: Ligermask! Everybody remember “The Roll Up Heard Around The World”, yes?

Ligermask lifts his head up and claps.

Ligermask: (with a mouthful of shrimp and pasta)
Yo se lo que es eso!!! Yo aplaudí!

Drago: What a historical upset that night at The Clash. He carry H20 to vi-

Ligermask: Agua no es ganador! Agua es PERRA!

Drago: You would say this agua is….Basura, correct?

Ligermask glares at Drago for a few seconds before he dives back into his dish as Drago tries to continue.

Right. Last but definitely not least is my best friend Mugen.

Mugen giggles with joy and claps again.

We have battle for years going back and forth starting from 10 Year Anniversary show. But most important are our matches at Summercide and September to Remember last season, where my friend won and defend OCW Championship! And to top it all off, had our other best friend Mr. Sensation toss me from top of cell and almost kill me!

Mugen keeps clapping and looks as if he’s just short of shedding a tear.

Drago looks up at the crowd.

Yeah. That was fun. It was fun being ghost. Being in hospital bed. Almost having someone from Purge inject serum into me. Good times.

Mugen: GREAT times brother!

Drago: Remember that one time at the Anniversary show when that gwailo beat you in like 8 minutes in S-Cup Finals? Or when Rev Inc. stop you from tearing us apart?

Mugen stops clapping and looks around nervously.

Uh….Yes! Amazing times!

Drago looks back at the paper.

So uh….Yeah, is about it yes?

We hear a loud thump come from the outside of the door leading to the conference room followed by some whining. Mugen starts walking toward the door.

An unexpected guest?

He swings open the door to reveal Dennis Black with his two championships around his shoulders having a fit.

What the hell are you doing here? You’re not invited.

Dennis: I PINNED Drago at Summercide! I am ENTITLED to a spot in the Club!

Mugen: But did you beat him?

Dennis: I-I pinn-

Mugen: But did you beat him?

Ligermask leans over towards Tobin, a chunk of steak hanging out of his mouth

Eesh, Que embarazoso.


Mugen: That’s what I thought. Now then. GET. OUT. As you are ruining our LOVELY gathering.

Mugen shows Dennis the way out as Dennis screams.


We see Ricky and Pauly Chan run up to the commotion and grab Dennis Black away from the door as he is still attempting to enter the room. Now kicking the security, he is relentless in his attempts.

I am your champion! OCW Champion!

Mugen: Um……..no. Sorry!

Mugen shuts the door and walks back to the front of the room motioning for Drago to continue.

So yeah. Is good speech yes? Thanks….I guess.

Mugen steps up to the podium while clapping and motions for Drago to take a seat.

Amazing speech by Drago right? RIGHT?! Anyways, let’s move onto the best part of the night, the part where we hand out a symbol of unity between all members of this club.

Mugen motions for somebody next to a door to do something. We see Molly wheel out a large box or something covered in a wonderful red velvet fabric.

Now before I unveil this, (While pointing at Liger) You (While pointing at Tobin) You and ME will be the sole bearers of these so called victory tokens. I’m gonna stop talking now, MOLLY! WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!

Molly sighs as she pulls the cloth off of what she’s covering to reveal a glass case holding 3 custom made leather jackets. Each jacket features the Beat Drago Club logo prominently displayed on the back. The name of each member and a number can be seen on the upper portion of the sleeves.

Mugen is nearly jumping up and down as he slides off one of the glass panels.

Gentlemen, please come up and collect your jackets. I’ve had a tailor custom make these for you with the finest leather sourced from Florence.

We see Ligermask damn near jump out of his seat at the sight of a free leather jacket. Tobin isn’t really fighting him for a jacket so it’s really a one man race here. With a grin, Mugen removes Liger’s jacket from the case first.

Mi amigo! Ligermask, as you may be able to tell, look at the fine stitchwork here, all done with 24 karat gold thread, your name has been outlined in crystals sourced from the caves of Iceland and each button, made of Gundanium alloy.

Mugen eagerly puts the jacket on an equally eager Ligermask.

Es perfecto!

Mugen: Duh! Only the finest for my friends. Now…..my old suplexing sibling Tobin…..

Mugen takes the jacket out of the case but before he can do much with it, Tobin snatches it from his hand and puts it on himself.

Not exactly how I envisioned that………..but LOOK PERFECT FIT.

Mugen takes his own jacket out and puts it on as well.

Look at the three of us. Winners.

Drago: Uh... Excuse me?

Mugen: OH! That’s right, how could I forget about our esteemed guest, you won’t be going home empty handed either.

Drago: I get jacket too?

Mugen: No unfortunately old sport, you don’t get to wear a beautiful jacket like this but…………

Mugen motions for Molly to come over as she brings an envelope to him.

This is for you Drago.

Mugen hands over the red envelope with the Sakuraba’s logo on it. Drago opens it to find out that it is a gift card.

I come here, make speech and all I get is gift card?

Mugen: All you get? ALL YOU GET?! Drago, that’s $500 on there. That is enough to feed an African village for a year. It can feed you and your sister and Bubba! Hell, why don’t you take out a nice lady friend for a treat here eh eh?

Mugen nudges Drago in the side who looks very uncomfortable.

I guess……

Mugen: That’s the spirit. Remember Drago, I am the King of Kindness now, today everybody benefits from my kindness! Photo op time! This is going on the Wall of Fame.

Mugen puts his arms around Drago and motions for Tobin and Ligermask to join in a very awkward looking group photo. The scene fades out.


The camera pans to the announce team.

How very strange.

You don't look a gift card in the mouth!