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It's a Match!
Kassidy Hayes vs Bill Ding

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The camera pans to the announce team.



The scene opens to a perfect smile. A row of pearly whites like a row of fresh daisies a garden. The camera zooms back and as you can see it's The Aerial Assassin in a pose pointing two thumbs towards himself.

He then relaxes and fixes his hooded jacket in preparation for tonight's Main Event against Tobin Frost.

Yes, OC-Dub. I'm back but this time as you're beloved, Aerial Assassin. Behind that beautiful smile you just witnessed history.

H2O: A full circle of history that made H2O deal with every human emotion imaginable. But the key to that very last statement was...history.

H2O: In front of that great smile is a bright future. That's why after tonight, H2O is going to do some schooling. Not the ones that involves pencils and pads or X’s and O’s.

H2O: This match with Tobin will tell me how much training he'll actually need for this next upcoming year. So while I'm gone, Kassidy Hayes can use my limelight to make a name for himself.

H2O pauses for a moment and looks towards the camera does two push ups with his eyebrows.

You may use it however you like Kassidy. But use it wisely. My limelight isn't dimly lit like you're used to having being a former Purge member and all.

H2O: Yeah yeah. You beat me twice. (Shrugs) But like I said it's history.

H2O: When I get back I'll be more focused than I was at Summercide. More focused than the last time you faced me. Ask Cort, I keep my my word.

H2O: Ahh, now if you'd excuse me. I'm back in the Main Event, Kassidy. Tobin and all of OC Dubs and it's fans awaits for

H2O puts his shades on and walks out of the camera shot. Then suddenly just his head pops back into the scene.


The crowd says it in unison with him. As quickly as his head popped back in; he leaves again heading towards the stage as the scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Locked and ready to rock!

But will it be enough?