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The scene opens up backstage in the offices of the D.A.M. Skybox with the Lord of the Lariat, the Suplex Savior, the Superkick Saint, the Emperor of the Enzuguri, the Overlord of OCW sitting in a comfortable position, eyes closed, meditating prior to his title rematch tonight with Nate Ortiz.

His eyes open for a moment as he reaches over for a glass of honey citron soda. He stretches his neck around knowing that he will need to stay loose in order to deliver numerous, and I mean numerous, terrifying maneuvers tonight like the Imugenation, the Time to Die, the Imugenizer, I mean hell, as the narrator, I could go on forever right now but that’s not the point.

We see Molly in the corner of the room minding her own business as she is looking at her cell phone. Without warning, the door to the room bursts open and we see Mugen and Molly’s “son” Anthony Baker burst through the room full of joy and an ice cream cone.

DAD! Look what I g…..

Before he can finish his sentence, Molly pops up from her seat and puts her hand on Baker’s mouth.

Molly: Your father is concentrating for his match tonight.

With his mouth still covered he is trying to say something but it just comes out as mumbles. Molly glares at him.

Molly: Do you know when to shut up kid?

Molly moves her hand away finally as it seems like Baker has calmed down.

Molly: Now, can you be calm?

Baker nods but instantly starts running towards Mugen.


Molly tries to grab Baker but Mugen puts a hand out. Mugen calmly stands up and puts his hand on Baker’s shoulder.

Mugen: Son………

Mugen points at the door.

Mugen: Leave now…..

Baker: BUT DAD!

Mugen’s grip on Baker’s shoulder suddenly becomes really tight as he is still pointing at the door.


Alarmed, Baker hustles towards the door where Molly has the door open for him. As the camera’s follow Baker outside we see a paintless Kassidy walking down the hallway. Baker runs up and says jimmy whilst tapping Kass on the balls with the back of his hand

Kassidy: UGH

Trying to collect himself, Kassidy shoves the ice cream in Baker’s Face,

Kassidy: Why would you do that?

Baker: You taught me that bro.

Kassidy: You aren’t my Bro, and I didn’t teach you anything, just keep your distance from me Baker.

Kass shoves Baker back and walks past him.

Baker: That Dingleberry is acting like he doesn’t Know ME!

We can see Molly as she is walking from the D.A.M Skybox towards the commotion in the hallway.

Molly: HEY! Don’t you dummies have somewhere better to be right now? Your Overlord is preparing for his match tonight and he doesn’t need to be bothered by you two idiots. Keep on walking both of you!

The scene fades out as we see Molly walking back to the Skybox.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

I will say it to the end of time.

That boy ain't right!



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The Camera pans to the announce team!


Cheese n Crackers!


The scene begins at the main entrance of the prison, its halls dirtied and its cells destroyed and rusted.. the camera moves through the halls shakily.. voices can be heard from behind the camera.

I really don't think we should be here, Joe.. what if someone catches us in here??

Don't be a baby, Cory! this place has been abandoned for months now, no one cares about it.

Cory: I have a very bad feeling about this...

The scene cuts to inside one of the broken cells, Joe is seen sitting on one of the bottom bunks of one of the beds in there. He begins to speak again..

They say this is where the riots all started, they over ran everything..

Cory responds, clearly terrified..

This place has a really eerie feeling to it..

Oh stop it, nothing bad's gonna hap-

Joe's head turns and he points out a door, the camera gingerly turns to see it.

I wonder where that goes... lets check it out!


The scene cuts again and then shows them moving through a large flight of stairs going downward.. the only light they have is the one shining from the camera. They eventually find themselves in a very familiar hallway. Joe, now seemingly shaken a bit begins to speak again.

Its getting real hard to breath down here, we must be pretty far underground..and there's only one door..

Cory, who's very visibly shaken with fear, speaks again.

Still locked...

Who did they keep down here, what did he do..?

Something really bad, bad enough for him to be held down here all alone.. whoever's on the other side of that door couldn't have survived all this ti-

A booming sound is heard through out the hall, the door begins to move violently.. the two begin to get frantic.

No way...

We need to go, NOW.

The sound gets louder and the door is moving even faster..


Lets get the hell out of here

The two begin to run and Cory drops the camera.. leaving it pointed up at the ceiling, the two's footsteps get farther and farther away, and eventually they can't be heard anymore, but the booming persists until..

One final loud crash is heard, this followed by an eerie silence, what can be heard next is the sound of heavy metal hitting the floor, and the creaking of a door opening. The chain is broken.. the scene ends there.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

I wonder what this is about!




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The Camera pans to the announce team!

That was out of nowhere!

I can't belive what I just saw!

Recorded Previously:

Lil Haiti, Connecticut. A home away from home for the people who found themselves wanting a bracing wind and winter snow instead of the serenity of the Caribbean. Flakes of individuality glisten as they fall from the sky, resting with their brethren on the ground - the cause of uncertainty under foot for our cameraman as he stumbles - momentarily losing focus of his subject.

As he gathers himself and regains his composure, the soft gaussian blur is replaced by the crystal clear vision of our OCW Lightheavyweight Champion. Covered in an oversized fur coat and a HausofHoot beanie, our subject is looking for someone. Just in front of the travelling crew, a neon sign flickers into life - "Gary's Cabana".

"Who is Gary?" our hero thought as he came upon the shanty like front door. Either side of the shack there were small outdoor tables - abandoned due to the harsh weather conditions - that is except for one table.

Sitting at the table, behind heavy shades and a classic half smile - the one they call Gary. As Ego approaches, Gary places the "Mi Daily Guy" onto the table - the newspaper of the locals.

The wind picks up again as The Scourge of OCW takes a seat across the table from the man. Ego had been told that Gary could provide the answers he sought. He would solve the mystery - he would bring balance to the force. He opens his mouth, ready to engage - but is cut off by a raise of Gary's hand.

Ego came to find a man of slight build, few teeth and even fewer customers. Gary was not a smart man, he was told - he arrived from Kingston in the early nineties and immediately bought a store front which he knocked down and replaced with a beach shack.

Gary saw this as a stroke of genius, "a home away from home" he would say - but he failed to account for the temperatures of the North Eastern winters. Nobody was sure how this audacious piece of business was funded, but rumours passed lips that Gary was the second cousin of the Trump family.

The story went that no self respecting racist could have a Jamaican cousin - so they paid him to vanish and vanish he did... into the cold realism of the concrete Connecticut jungle.

Ego is taken aback by Gary cutting him off, and rubs his beard for a moment. Gary grins his toothless grin as the snow mattes onto his whispy white dreadlocks. The toothless man slides a menu across the table towards Ego, still smiling and making furious eye contact...

The tattered sheet of legal pad contains only one word - "Rum". A maniacal laugh overcomes Gary as Ego nods. He places one hand into the leather winter fannypack that adorns his waist and removes a small polaroid sized photograph.

As the polaroid is placed upon the table, Gary's grin is replaced by a grave scowl. The Lightheavyweight Champion pulls out further polaroids and splays them across the rickety wooden table.

Immediately, Gary springs to his feet and begins to yell incoherently at Ego, who joins him on his feet - both men stand toe to toe. The cameraman steps back, eager to catch the apparent altercation that's about to go down. Gary takes a handful of the polaroids and throws them back into the chest of the bigger man.

You won't find him. You'll never find him.

Gary throws back his head and begins to cackle a heavy, guttural cackle as the blizzard picks up. Enraged by the disrespect, Ego takes Gary by the stack of dimes he calls a neck and shoves him up against the wooden "door" of the cabana.

Gary hurtles through the door as Pugh follows him inside. The cameraman remains outside in the harsh cold, but catches focus of the polaroids within the snow. He zooms in to see the boot prints left by the two men and as he gets in closer to the pieces of card, the face of the one Ego came for - the face of Jookie Marley.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh my!