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Scene opens up backstage with Stacy Clark as she grabs Bill Ding for a quick word.

Stacy Clark:
Ding! Any thoughts on your big match tonight? What do you want to tell your fans?

Ding turns to the camera and responds with his drawl, animated as always.

Bill Ding:
Well lemme tell ya somethinnnn, the Hardcore Ding is readay to make his mark in his first main event of the HOTTEST event on this cold January night.

Bill Ding: The Ding, puttin that SIZZLE in yo’ colas, daddehhh. Quenchin that thirst, that HUNGAH, that DESIYAH, to show ya what this Ding is about.

Bill Ding: Dennissss….bleachin’ ya hair.. donning that cinnamon FROCK ain't gonna change your luck for ya, daddehhh. You and that broke downnnn baby doll Madison of yours wheelin and dealin your way through the rostaaa.

Bill Ding: Speakin of which.. I saw lil Madison backstage… I bumped into her and boy did she look me up and down like some sort of diseaseee..

Bill Ding: She looked at me and she said, “Dontcha even botha layin’ a hand on our King… And by the way, dontcha know to tip your hat to a lady when you see one?”

Bill Ding: Well I looked baby girl in the eyes an’ I said “TIP THEY HAT TO A LADY?! IF I SEE A LADY I’LL TIP MAH HAT!!

Bill Ding: Don't be comin’ out here tellin’ me TIP MY HAT to you, if you put yo hand on this glossy hard hat lid, I'll slap them lips offa Dennis Blek’s face!!

Bill Ding: Babeh, you're not gonna stop me from nothin’!

Bill Ding: Not tonight, daddeh. The Ding remembahhhs. The Ding knows that one year ago, you and I met. I had you… The Ding almost done it.. You an I knowww…. and that broke down babydoll messed it up for the Ding.

Bill Ding: So here we arrrre, ONE MORE AGAIN!! This time it's a triple.



Bill Ding: And yours trulyyyy…. The one and only true daddeh who built this city for all his loyal residents. Let's let em know, sweets!

Scene ends.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Ding is ready!

But is he able?




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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Right on the button!



Loud bangs can be overheard as the show continues, we join Stacy Clark near a fire door, seemingly in position as she waits on someone going by.

Jacob Trance walks into camera shot, pausing, the woman in his way.

Stacy Clark:
Jacob, Jacob, can you explain what happened out there?

Trance says nothing.

Stacy Clark:
Can you explain why you did what you did?

Trance once again says nothing, now pushing Clark out of the way and leaving the arena.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

That told us nothing!

What a strange and hatefulman!