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As Cactus walks in the back after a brutal beat down at the hands of B-17, Stacy Clark ask for a quick interview. Cactus doesn't stop limping towards the locker room and just speaks as he walks.

Stacy: Cactus, what happened out there with B-17?

Cactus: Motivation and Inspiration isn't enough. I've been working hard but it clearly isn't even close. B-17 put a wall around Spine City. ::Cactus chuckles:: I think he burned that place down.

Cactus: I am not sure what's next. I am disappointed in myself, I am disappointed in my showing on a big stage tonight. But, I can't help but stay positive. Friday will be a new chance for me to be back out there entertaining the fans. I've got more work to do.

Cactus stops for a second and finally looks at Stacy.

Cactus: Stacy, tonight was eye opening. I am going back to work, I am not going to stop and I will find my inner push to be one of the best this company has seen.

Cactus beings to limp off before pausing and turning back around.

Cactus: Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. I am going back to work.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Reassess and rebuild!

Rome wasn't built in a day!




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The Camera pans to the announce team!

In all my years!

Good Lord!

The camera fades open in a hotel room somewhere near the arena, the room has been trashed, there's clothes slung around, a boot hanging from the ceiling fan, one ontop of the t.v, a long black flag half draped over the curtain rail infront of the window.

Connie: Wake up [she gives the sleeping Crossbones a swift nudge with her boot]

Crossbones: Uuugh..whaddaya..[his eyes slowly begin to focus]...TETS??

Connie: No idiot, no 'tets'.

Crossbones: Then why d'ya wake me?

She drops a bag down next to him.

Connie: Because it's time for a change 'Bones...You've not been the same Drago took the Mask of Bones, and enough is enough, at some point the laughter needs to stop, and it's time to get serious.

Crossbones: I'll admit I don't sleep good no more, but what laughter? People are laughing at me?

Connie: You really have no idea do you, all this time I thought the crazy thing was just an act?

Crossbones: Crazy? Who's crazy? Crazy is fallin' into a barrel of tets and coming out sucking your thumb!! That's crazy!

Connie shakes her head.

Connie: As I was saying, the legend no longer continues...but it must live on....

She reaches out and grabs the bandanna off his face and yanks it up off his head.

Crossbones: What ye doin' woman?

Connie: No longer will you hide behind this rag...People used to fear the Mask of Bones, nobody fears a man with half a tshirt wrapped round his face with eye holes badly cut into them.

Crossbones: But...but the legend.....

Connie: The legend of the thisrt is dead..but the legend of 'Bones lives on!!

She empties the bag of it's contents out next to him.

Connie: It's time for the legend to grow...can you think of anything that strikes more fear into a man's heart than a being that covers itself in death? That paint's its face in man's mortality before going into battle?

Connie: Many a battle is won before the soldier's even step foot onto the battlefield...How many prizes gave themselves up to Blackbeard simply at the mention of his name?

Connie: Or abandoned ship at the site of him on deck of the approaching ship, beard a blaze, smoke filling the air around him.

Crossbones: What are ye suggesting?

Connie: Less Disney..more....

Connie: Savage.

She put's on a dramatic, story telling voice.

Connie: 'Have you ever heard the legend, of the man who fought off 2 great white sharks armed with only a chicken bone and a turtle shell...the man who once went 13 days without blinking....who once ate part of his own foot to get out of a bar debt...As a grown man, he once sat down to pee..through his own choice..the man who cover's his face in death before going into battle...who some say are cursed to hunt the seas until the water flows red...'

Crossbones: No, but it sounds like someone I don't want to cross paths with.

Connie: It's you ya idiot....but all this 'tets' nonesense isn't helping anybody.

Crossbones: Tets? TETS?? Where?

He jumps up and looks around the room.

Connie: My point exactly.

Connie: You really think a man is going to hand over his silver and gold to a man wit ha t-shirt on his head?

Crossbones: Doesn't have te be gold...TETS!

Connie: Really? You'd be happy with a man showing you his chest instead of giving you gold?

Crossbones: What? Uh...what? No..no man chest...TETS!!...TETS or gold!!

Connie: Out of the ring, you can have all the 'tets' you can get your hands on, inside the ring....

She picks up some items from the ground around him.

Connie: The legend lives on.....

The scene fades out as he sits down and Connie begins to cover his face with some kind of paint.

The Camera pans to the announce team!


Oh Settledown!