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The X-Tron flickers on and we see Joe Zhivago sitting at an autograph booth set up outside in a lonely part of the arena. So far, no one has turned up. He’s tapping his “Sharpie” marker on the stack of photographs in front of him. A young woman approaches.

Young Woman:
Excuse me do know where Dennis Black is signing autographs?

Joe's eye twitched a little, but he remained calm. With a forced smile he pointed the woman in the right direction.

A gust of wind rushes past him and scatters a few of his photos into his face. He's pulling one of the photos off him as he's approached by Stacy Clark.

Good evening, Joe Zhivago, I've been looking for you all night!

Joe: What do you mean? I put loads of posters up, everywhere, saying I'd be here!

Joe sighs...

Nevermind… What can I do for you Stacy?

Stacy: 'Devil’s Night’s is upon us and you finally get to face Seb Abbott in the middle of the ring. Now that he and ”The Gentleman's Club” have firmly denied their involvement in the vandalism of your van, what are your thoughts going into this match up?

Joe: Simply put, my thoughts are the same: I'm going to get into that ring tonight and I'm going to knock some sense into that former moustache wearing, two-bit gremlin, once and for all!

Joe: But this has nothing to do with the van! I've been here long enough to not be surprised anymore. The Prime Cut has decided to take it in his stride, he's not going to give in to the hate. In the spirit of Christmas, I'm willing to forgive Seb Abbott!

With that a bus arrives and an enthusiastic elderly lady climbs out!

Elderly lady: Here he is girls!

The bus unloads of more elderly ladies and they shamble towards Joe's autograph booth.

Joe frown:If you'll excuse me Stacy, I have some autographs to sign…

Camera fades…

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Joe is gonna bust out the heavy hands tonight!

That is if his mittens aren't tired from signing autographs!


The scene opens with a shot of Madison walking down a hallway. She was heading to the Rev. Inc locker room when suddenly, her phone rang. She continued to walk while placing the call on speaker phone.

Cox here. How can I help you.?

Versus: Really? That's how you answer your phone?

Madison stops in place, looking a bit confused.

Versus? Is that you? Where...are you?

Versus: Stuck outside the airport. Some how, my Visa is expired. Damn near stranded.

Madison sighs and continues walking.

We need you here. Damn shame, tonight is huge! Rev Inc. is in three title matches, Versus. THREE!

Versus: It is. But I'm glad I caught you. I want you to bring me to the meeting so I can give everyone well wishes. We gotta end the year with a bang, right?

Madison: Of course. The Red Army can't function without their leader.

Versus: ..Red Army?

Madison: Mhm. That's what they call us now. We’ve been dominant.

Versus: Well shit...I haven't been by a Television in some time. That's good news. Are we almost there? My battery is about to die.

Madison: What was that? versus? I can't hear you. Static!

Versus: I don't have any on my end? Hello?

Madison: What was that? You what? You want me to handle everything?

Versus: Literally the last thing I want! Hello???

Madison hangs up the phone upon entering the Revolution Inc. dressing room. She hands her cell phone to Dustin White, who was standing by the door. She orders him not to lose it. The members of Rev Inc and the Gentleman’s club stopped speaking among themselves when Madison asked for their attention. She flashes Dennis a smile which he ignores for the most part. Madison can't help but look a bit sad as she addresses those gathered before her.

Tonight, this room will be our base of operations. Together, the Gentleman’s Club…

Madison motions to Jack, Dustin, and Abbot to her right.

And Rev Inc…

Madison motioned to Sophia, Drago, Jackson, Nate, KD, and Dennis to her left.

We will assert our dominance over the Purge, Union, and Skwad for the sake of OCW. It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you all that Versus will not be here tonight. He's left me in charge...and I want you all to know that I do not take this responsibility lightly.

Sophia: I don't like this.

Madison rolls her eyes at Sophia: I thought we were cool about the whole Trump thing?

Sophia: I'm not...ugh nevermind.

Nate doesn't hesitate to step up as the other members of the group shake their heads.

I'm just going to say step back Miss. Versus has done a lot of crazy things in the decade plus that I've known him. But he wouldn't do anything that crazy...

Madison tries to speak but Nate just hold his finger up.

Let the old man finish his piece... Gentlemen's Club I don't know you, but if you're fighting against the SKWAD you're cool with me. Tonight the boys in Red have a lot on their plates. We are fighting for what's right, for honor and for some vengeance...

Nate stares at Drago before continuing.

Hell Dennis has a whole brand he's fighting for tonight. I'm fighting for the honor of my wife and daughter.

Nate: We are like a baseball team, we all have our individual battles. But in the end, we are a team. It's not about someone leading us, because I look around and see a room full of leaders. It's all about us handling our business and delivering another blow to the SKWAD and Purge.

Drago walks up to Nate and whispers something.

How we be sure if we trust these people? We just met!

Nate: Well do you have any ideas?

Drago looks at the Gentlemen's Club and scratches his head. Drago feels something against his leg and looks to his left to find Bubba wanting his attention.

What is it?

Bubba grunts.

You should do dis, you right.

Bubba then walks up to the Gentlemen's Club and slowly starts walking around them. He walks past Abbott and Dustin and stops at Gentleman Jack.

Jack looks at Bubba, worried that the lion may possibly devour him. Bubba starts sniffing around, then turns, letting out a big cough. He shakes his head and gets back to Drago.

Drago gets on a knee and pets the lion. Bubba growls. Drago turns toward Nate.

Says they're ok with him. If they're ok with him, is ok for me.

Meanwhile, Dustin White, who has had Madison's cell phone in his possession since she walked through the door, is quietly running up thousands of dollars of charges on Candy Crush and feverishly swiping right to every creep and weirdo he can find on Madison's Tinder account.

The brush with Bubba snaps him out of his trance as the sight of the giant beast fills his heart with joy.

: Woah! You have a tiger?! That's so cool!

Drago: Is lion. You no see lion before?

Dustin: Nah man. The club isn't allowed at the zoo. Jack has a blood feud with a kangaroo there. We also got in a fight with a pack of red tailed lemurs.

Seb: Aye, right mouthy twats, the whole lot of them. We gave em what for though!

Jack begins to laugh nervously, patting his compatriots on the back, praying they'll shut up before embarrassing him in front of the greatest collection of talent OCW has ever seen.

Hahaha! Jokes! All jokes! We have fun on Turmoil. Good sense of humor. Fun times, fun times...

Everyone in the room just silently stares at the Gentleman.

So...Would anyone like to hear about my personal lord and savior, Versus?


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Pep talk for savages!

It's a big night I hope they ready!


Xtron Flickers On!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

He's charged up baby!

Tonight could be his night!


Jim Black: H2O is ringside at his first ever OCW PPV, Devils Night! Pleasure to finally meet ya!

H2O: Pleasure is all mine, Jim.

Jim Black: How does it feel to be at ringside with this big crowd, the OCW Universe?

H2O: They are as High Octane as they can get Jim! Besides the great matches, I am among them!

(Crowd cheers louder. He tries to stand up but can't cause his leg is wrapped with bandages.)

H2O: Sorry Jim buddy. You're going to have to bring that mic closer. As you can see, my leg ya know. I can't put pressure on it.

Jim Black: Yes, Yes. A couple weeks ago you were attacked in your match by Ligermask with the steel chair to your legs. Will you be able to compete after Devils Night?

H2O: We'll see. I mean it's a bruised knee and thigh. The holidays are here so I'm just going to take it easy and be with my family and friends. Doctors at Elmhurst Hospital said it'll be week to week. But locals say don't trust Elmhurst Doctors, haha... So who knows.

Jim Black: Haha.. Yes! You better have good health insurance before stepping in there. OK, well you get well soon H2O and enjoy the rest of Devil's Night.

(Jim turns to the the rest of the crowd.)


(H2O shakes some of the OCW Universe's hands and waves to the crowd from his seat.)

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Kids got a bright future if he can stay uninjured!

If he can stop meddling with the affairs of others he will be fine!



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The Camera pans to the announce team!