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The winner's theme music slowly died down. But the Chicago crowd was pleased with the outcome. Their honorary hometown hero delivered, barely. The X-tron flared to life and a dirty looking tramp could be seen rummaging through a sports bag in a locker room.

I likes the cleanness of dis ere ladies clothing.

A voice off camera could be heard issuing the tramp an order.

???: I paid you good money to muddy up this woman’s clothing, that means under garments as well...

The unknown voice laughed and moved slightly into view, the only thing noticeable was the mutton chops.

Denny boy! Let me start off by saying congratulations and all that. Had me worried there for a bit. You probably need some ice from all those hits to the head. Bet you want to take Madison out somewhere reeeeal nice to celebrate, eh? She's better off going in her current clown attire than what you have back here. What's with all the lube?! You two are freaks...anyway!

???: Last week you proved that the Orphanage were in your pocket when that Vince Noir son of a witch attacked me.

The face lowered into the light to show the piercing blue eyes of Sebastian Abbott.

The woman at your side there did this! So it's only fair that I take something of yours.

He held up a pair of pink panties for the camera and audience to see before tossing them to the tramp who was pissing into another sports bag.

Seb: If there was any confusion about which dressing room I am standing in. Well, lets take a look at the name on the door.

Opening the door, Dennis and Madison both blanched when their names were shown on the other side. Madison screamed and ran for the nearest mic.

Madison: Hey! That's my...well...his Louis Vuitton Neo Greenwich Nomade Grand Damier Bag! You bastard! That costed eight thousand dollars!!!

Seb: Why on earth would you buy a bag with such a long name? That much for a bag? Such a waste. Well...it is filled with waste, to be precise. Now we'll go check what our hobo friend is doing.

The camera turned to show the tramp now squatting over a pair of Italian leather shoes, a brown sausage slid into said shoes causing a mighty stink. Dennis and Madison were arguing about who locked the dressing room door while Trance limped off to the backstage area.

Seb: oh Haha! I didn't ask him to do that... Anyway we have a show for you, Tramp start strutting. You also get to keep the panties, I'm sure the harlot out in the ring won't mind sharing. Hell she's used to being shared herself.

Dennis was fuming, Madison looked like she was going to vomit and Jacob Trance chuckled as he was walking through the curtain. She was looking on the pale side as she handed Dennis the mic. She asked him to take care of it.

Dennis: How dare you go through our personal belongings? This isn't the right way to go about asking for a title shot.

The tramp behind Seb put the panties to his face and sniffed.

Tramp: Dese ain't cleen, dey shmell of dirty biker jizz.

Seb: That would be the crap you took in those shoes buddy.

Madison looked livid and mortified, Dennis shook his head in disgust.

Seb: I'll get that shot at the title one way or the other, refuse now though and well I haven't thought that far but lets say I can use a pair of scissors and clippers as well.

The tramp was now wearing the panties and bra, the pinkness of the material turned dirty pink almost instantly. The crowd wolf whistled the tramp who did a little turn before vomiting all over the place. Madison fainted, but was luckily caught by the ring announcer and the referee behind her.

Seb: I'm just going to leave him here, the balls in your court now Denny boy.

The X-tron faded to black and Dennis looked to his unconscious companion. He knelt at her side and promised to repay Sebastian Abbot for ruining his homecoming celebration.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Thats just nasty!

This is the legacy that Parker Stevens has left for the youth of a generation. Drink in the stink Dennis DRINK IT IN!!!


Savage U vs A-Team

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Talk about pier 6 brawl!

This doesn't feel like it's over!

Cameras go backstage to a locker room where we see Stacy Clark with Willow. The two are sitting on a bench talking quietly amongst themselves before we cut to full audio. As the camera focuses, and if on cue, the two stand and Stacy raises a mic.

Stacy Clark-
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Im Stacy Clark, and with me at this time is OCWs very first, and only second generation Superstar, Willow."

Willow smiles as she slightly rolls her eyes.

"Thank you, Stacy. But please, Im just Willow. No need for the second generation stuff. No one cares about any of that. I know who I am. You know who I am. And everyone watching knows who I am."

Stacy raises an eyebrow as she looks confused.

"I find it very hard to believe that noone cares that you are an OCW second generation wrestler. Especially given who your father is in this company.

Stacy- A multitime Champion and Hall of Famer. Your dad is a former Hardcore, Tag, Ex. Division, and World Champion.

Stacy- It would be hard to argue that your father hasnt played a very important roll in the history of OCW."

Willow- "I know who my dad is. And I know his accomplishments. You also left out that my dad is the only person in OCW history to hold 3 Titles at one time.

Willow- In his rookie year mind you. And that he is the only man in OCW history to win 3 titles in his rookie year. The Hardcore Title. The OCW Tag Team Title.

Willow- And the OCW Ex. Division Title. Almost 4, when he nearly beat Uncle Johnny for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship. So yeah, I know my dads history."

Stacy- "And yet he still didnt win the 2006 Rookie of the Year."

Willow laughs.

"Please...dont remind me. Ive being hearing that since I was 8 years old."

Willow smiles as she shakes her head.

"But anyways, that brings me to my point. While I might have thought being Majins daughter would have some advantages here in OCW, Im starting to think that it might have its disadvantages as well."

Again Stacy gets a confused look on her face.

"Im sorry, but Im afraid Im not following you."

Willow- "You see, Stacy, Ive been in OCW now for almost 5 weeks. I made my debut at Wrestlution 10 in a Tag match, which me and my Aunt Sara won.

Willow- But what has that got me since? I have yet to have a match in OCW since Lution. But thats cool. Im fine with that. If I learned one thing from my dad and my Aunt Casey about this company and this business, its patience.

Willow- My dad and Casey waited almost 4 months to form ToP to let all the pieces fall into place. My dad was here 7 months before he won his first Title.

Willow- I know nothing is going to be handed to me over nite, and I dont expect it to be. I just thought I would be moving along a little faster by now.

Willow- But its hard to move up the ladder though, winning matches, when you arent getting booked in matches to win. Ya know?"

Stacy nods her head in agreement.

"Yes, I do see your point."

Willow- "I dunno, I just thought that maybe with the people here knowing who my dad is, and who my family is, the people who have trained me over the years, would know what I have to bring to the table.

Willow- Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but Ive been trained by OCWs best since I was 13 years old. Im no slouch in the ring. Ive been all over the world from here, to Mexico, to Japan.

Willow- And Ive held Titles every where Ive been. I know what Im capable of. My dad knows what Im capable of. The higher ups in the office know what Im capable of.

Willow- I dont know if the GMs or the bookers, or whoever decides these things, think that i might follow in my dads and my Aunt Caseys footsteps when it comes to certain things or what. Maybe thats why Im not getting booked. I dunno. Ill be the first to admit that my dad and my Aunt Casey may have went about things..."

Willow softly laughs to herself as she shakes her head.

"...questionably...to say the least, during their first runs here in OCW. How they went about ways and things to get what they wanted. But Im not my dad.

Willow- Im not my Aunt Casey. Thats why I wanted to move to Turmoil. My dad and my Aunt are on Riot doing their thing. Well,...my dad is. Who knows where in the world Casey and Birdie are these days. But theyre on Riot doing their thing, and Im on Turmoil to do mine."

Stacy begins to nod her head.

"I understand what youre saying now. And where youre coming from. I wish there was more I could do but that is completely out of my hands. However, speaking of being booked, youre scheduled to have your first match since Wrestlution on this weeks Turmoil against La Reina. Any thoughts or comments?"

Willow- "Other than, Its about time?!"

Willow laughs to herself, then looks into the camera and smiles.

"The only thing I want to say is to the Turmoil Womens Champion, Sophia. Sophia, MY road to YOUR Title,... begins in just a couple of days. I hope youre watching."

Willow smiles as she winks into the camera.

"Bold words towards the Turmoil Womens Champion. I sure hope you can back them up."

Willow- "I think you and I both know that Ill do just fine, Stacy."

Stacy- "Id like to thank you for your time tonight Willow. And I personally would like to wish you luck next week."

Willow- "Thank you, Stacy. Im not gonna lie, this isnt exactly how I would have liked my Pay Per View appearance to have been tonite. I would have much rathered being in the ring, but what are ya gonna do? Guess Ill take what I can get."

As the camera begins to fade, we see Willow and Stacy start to laugh before they shake hands and start to talk amongst themselves again.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

A frustrated youngster, who just wants a shot!

Tiberius Dupree had to wait 19 months before he was booked on a show, and he lost in his debut, tell that little girl to put a cork in it!!!


Xtron Flickers On!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Both men look ready!

It's about to go down!!! A Legend and Would be legend the Cell, 2 men enter one man leaves, ITS NOW!!!!


Round 2 FIGHT!

Majin vs DEVIL Matsuda

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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!



Camera pans in on Kassidy backstage, psyching himself up for the match to come, he is dressed for competition. He walks out to be greeted by none other than stacy Clark, she goes to talk but Kassidy grabs that mic from her before a single word makes it out.

I’m not going to answer the question you were going to ask, that comes on my return to Riot as Turmoil Champion. I’m not going to talk about Rane right now but what I will talk about is Jackson since you are here.

Kassidy: Tonight I right all the wrongs, tonight I stalk and circle my distraught, distracted, and weak prey named Jackson Montgomery and I relieve him of his burdens.

Kassidy: After tonight he won’t have to worry about defending the title ever again, he won’t have to think about who’s coming around the corner to get him because no one will care about Jackson when he isn’t holding My belt.

Kassidy: I touched on it on the last turmoil but this last month was meant to be my month, my one on one show down with the champion but at every turn someone else felt they were more important and week after week I sat back and let it play out, all the while hearing, why is Kassidy getting this shot? Why am I too care about Jackson Vs Kassidy? Why isn’t B-17 in the match again?

Kassidy: And to that I say, FLUFF YOU. FLUFFERNUTTER each and every one of you.

Kassidy: You all may care more about Jackson and B-17, you all may want to see B-17 but it is not the case. Jackson is only champion because he beat a joke of a wrestler in Jimmy, and because he pinned B-17 at Lution.

Kassidy: While Sir Caine is pulling backstage strings keeping himself at the forefront where he didn’t belong, trying to cast his Shadow on my time and now where is he? He got put down and left the scene just like Jimmy Henry.

Kassidy: And to the mouthy nobodies earlier today, The REAL Champ hears you loud and clear, you name the time and you name the place and I will put you down like the worthless mongrels that you are!

Kassidy: When those who are not worthy try to past the veil placed before them, they get put down. I’m Jackson’s Veil, he hasn’t and can’t get past me and later tonight I prove that once again and I am going to forcefully shove myself down your throats week in and week out from that point on and there won’t be a damn thing any of you can do about it.

Kassidy: Jackson, if you don’t stay down for the Turn, the sunset will erase you.

Kassidy shoves the mic between Clark’s breasts using them as a holder and walks away.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What a dick!