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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Riot 450!!!!!

All killer zero filler!!!!

I mean what can we really say? 450 Episodes!!! thats a new record!!!

And it's only going to get better!!!!


We pan into the base of the Liger Cartel’s operations in this week’s arena. It seems to be located in an abandoned section of the upper floors of the arena.

Ligermask is sitting at a desk overseeing the production, packaging and distribution of his empire.

He’s slouched back in his chair and with a cigar in his mouth, a cloud of smoke lingers around his head.

A commotion begins near the entrance of the operation, Ligermask’s eyes quickly scans the area for its source.

When his gaze settles on its sours, Ligermask leans forward in his chair and rolls the cigar around in his mouth as if it had soured.

As armed guards begin to make their way towards the commotion Ligermask merely raises a hand for them to go back to what they were doing and then motions for someone to come towards him.

From the shadows of the room, we see an eerily familiar figure in a hooded jacket walk into view. As he walks closer into view we realize that it is Mugen, wearing a black, leather surgical mask to conceal some of his identity.

Before he can reach the desk a familiar lion slips out from the shadows and threateningly crosses Mugen’s path. As the lion passes we see that he is wearing an eyepatch and sporting a goatee.

LIGERMASK:Tranquillo Abbub

Mugen lowers the mask below his chin as he takes a look at his surroundings.

Mugen:Pretty smart of you to take over this area for the night. Nobody checks up here.

Ligermask’s translator La Lengua takes a step from out of the shadows. Ligermask begins to speak through him.


Mugen: I’ve always been interested in making money, I have numerous investments, you know, my restaurant, my sports agency, my income funnel…..

At the mention of the income funnel, Ligermask’s fists start to clench up.

But never in a million years would I think that I’d help move some…...illicit goods through OCW. So, as part of the agreement, I help you funnel your goods and you…..

I take care of the Drago problem you have.

A smirk on Mugen’s face forms as he thinks about the troubles ahead for Drago.

I’m glad we are on the same page. You know, there’s something awfully familiar with you……..like I’ve met you in another life or something.

He says, eyeing the rather conspicuous “HOOT” tattoo on his neck

No es posible.

Maybe I’m just going mad these days. Anyways, always nice doing business with you.

Mugen reaches his hand out for a handshake but Ligermask simply stares at the hand. Mugen raises his eyebrow and shrugs it off.

The scene fades out as Mugen walks out of the Liger Cartel’s base.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Mugen just put out a hit hoot on Drago!

No Es Possible, B

It's a Match!
Nathan Carter vs Kassidy Hayes

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Good night Eirene!

You said it!

*Arnaud and Charles Young stand in the back getting ready to be interviewed by Stacy Clark*

Stacy Clark: Well Arnaud, your guy hasn't had the greatest run so far. What seems to be the problem?

*Both Arnaud and Charles look at each other and laugh*

Arnaud: My guy has been fighting guys bigger than he is, he's still been taking them to the limit.

Arnaud: He's not like that David Copperfield of a EX division champion who shows up then never heard from again for about 6 months. He can't be the forever champ if he's never defends it. Now--

*An unknown man in a mask abruptly interrupts the interview, walking by in front of the camera*

Arnaud: Look boy, I don't know who you are but you need to show some respect!

*The masked man quickly turns around, takes a deep breath and approaches Arnaud face to face.

Arnaud looks to Charles Young with a suprised expression and back at the man now standing chest to chest with him and lets out a nervous giggle.*

Arnaud: You think you can just wal---

*Arnaud is met with a headbutt to his face, imitting a wet slop sound as his nose instantly bursts like a red waterballoon before Chris Young desperately tries to catch him as he slumps backward on the floor.*

*The masked man points at himself and then at Chris Young. He begins slapping the face of his mask in what seems to be a fit of rage. Turns around, points into the camera and walks off.*

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Well hell thats one way to make an entrance!

He might live to regret that!

The scene opens with Bill Ding strolling down the hallway. He reaches the end of the hallway and stops to bend down and tie his shoe, when suddenly a powerful and alluring scent overwhelms him.

The wafting odor tickles his nostrils like in those old Looney tunes cartoons where the smoke transforms into a hand making a “come hither” gesture. (If this doesn't ring a bell, the Ding feels pity on your childhood).

Bill Ding: Oooooh maaaann…. What is that smell???

Ding follows the smell with his trusty nose and ends up in the catering room where Porker Nevins is seen about to take a seat with a giant take out container of leftovers. Bill Ding notices Porker and fangirls instantly.

Bill Ding:

Bill, overly excited, hurries over to Porker and extends his hand.

Bill Ding: Oh man oh man, Porker. Mah name is Bill Ding, and it is a pleasure to finally meet ya, daddeh!!

Porker: Papi?

Bill Ding: What?

Porker: Que??

The Crowd Laughs!

Bill Ding: Uhh yea, so anyways uhh… (twiddling his fingers together in delight) I couldn't help but notice ya got some pretty tasty smellin’ food there, daddeh. Now I know my deli meats but I'll tell ya, that ain't no ordinary deli meat that you'd normally get from OCW catering! Whatcha got there, Porkman?

Porker quickly stands up and looks Bill Ding dead in his eyes the Tension looks to be dangerous!!! Porker quickly backs up like he is preparing a mother of a haymaker!!!

But instead straight out of the Ginyu Force he begins to form letters with is body J A M O N!

Bill Ding:


Bill Ding: Sorry Daddeh...

Porker: Papi?

Bill Ding: What?

Porker: Que???


Porker sighs.. and says Jamon.

Bill Ding hears his stomach begin to rumble, indicating to the Ding Daddeh that these are indeed hungry times.

Bill Ding:
Say uh… I've never tried that kind of… how you say... “jamón” before. Can a daddeh try a piece of that before our match?

Porker: ...........Si, pero unpoquito!!

Porker breaks off a piece of ham for The Captain of the SS Ding!


The camera pans to the announce team.

This is something I never knew I wanted!

The heart wants what the heart wants!