Immediately after pinning Jay Fury, Asher rolled out of the ring with a huge smile on his face. He made and his way back towards the stage ramp with his arms high in the air.

He held his head as Sparks came to his side and put his hands up beside him and patted him on the back. As they made their way backstage, Asher and Sparks could be seen smiling looking at their defeated opponents in the ring.

Sparks smiled and waved goodbye in a cocky way as he headed backstage. Asher was left alone on stage. When Asher spotted the camera on him he would look directly at it before blowing a kiss towards it and mouthing “call me.” When Asher made his way back to the locker room he noticed that Sparks wasn't anywhere to be found.

Instead, he found a man with hadn't spoken or saw in weeks. It was none other than Mr.Purple Haze himself Keith Hendricks. Keith turned around as Asher entered the locker room to reveal him a bottle of champagne.

Keith:Alex! Congratulations on the win! Proud of you kid.

Alex:Yeah thanks Keith…You know it would have been better if you were there with me. We're supposed to be a team man. You haven't even called since I got out the hospital. Where the hell have you been man?

Keith:Hey man, I'm sorry alright? I know I haven't been here for you and Sparks like I should have been. I have things I have to attend to. I'm a businessman too Alex. 

Alex:Yeah if you say so man.

Asher began to walk over to a chair and sit down. He picked up a towel that was next to him and started drying himself off. Keith took a deep sigh and walked over to him. The smell of a certain strain of a herbal medicine can would rush Alex's nose as Keith got closer.

Keith:Come on Ashy, don't be like that. You know you're my boy. Hey, I bet you I can make it up to you.

Keith handed Asher the cold champagne bottle. Alex, with a look of uncertainty, took the bottle. After that he walked back over to the locker room door and look at Alex.

Alex:Oh yeah? How?

Keith let out a large smile as he opened the locker room door. As he did, a flood of beautiful looking women rushed inside all around Asher. The women began rubbing Asher up and down. Some were playing in his hair as a few others attempted to sit on his lap.

Keith:This come close?

Alex: Definitely…

Asher was seen with a smirk on his face as one of the girls moved another out of the way and sat fully on his lap with her legs wrapped around him. Keith laughed as he began to walk out of the locker room as the camera began to fade.

Keith:Show them why they call you lover boy!


The bell sounds and eventually Asher and Sparks exit the ringside area. Inside the ring Scumisitico wait, hollering at the time keeper to bring them their titles. After a few moments they get what they want, but Fury also snatches a microphone, closing his eyes for a second in order to collect his thoughts.

 And still, the reigning… greatest tag team in OCW. The team that win when it matters…

Mistico: The team that know what it's like to win a war…

Fury: The team that knows when to pick and choose its battles… So you know what… That right there was one of them. Enjoy your meaningless victory, punks.

Mistico: That right there was a meaningless battle. There's no one on the entire Turmoil roster, no, this industry that can beat us when it matters.

 Scumciety HAS no equal. You’re looking at the TRUE World Tag Team Champions.

Fury and Mistico hold up the CCW tag team championships.

 And these prove it… If you want to change that fact…

Fury: You won’t.

Mistico and Fury taunt on the turnbuckles to massive boos from the crowd. As they approach the ropes near the ramp to leave…

Try to remember some of the basics of CQC…

The crowd cheers for the newly re-crowned RIOT Tag Team Champions. They halt themselves on the stage ramp and Rust Cohle lifts his mic up.

Rust: So…

Rust: Did somebody just say TRUE World Tag Team Champions ?

The crowd pops huge as CQC unbuckle their championships and raise the RIOT Tag Team Championships high in the air.

Rust: The last time I checked, Jay, you lost that title fair and square to Austin Aries. You were handed it back on a silver platter.

Rust: And you, Mistico, your original choice of partner wasn’t even good enough to stick around after you won those fake titles. Some “tag” champion you are.

Rust: While the real champions have been winning and defending these titles time and time again against some of the best competition this company has to offer… Turmoil has been a disappointment.

Rust: It’s true, CQC has made some mistakes in the past… but one thing we’ve always done is go face to face with the very best in the tag team division. Something you haven’t done. Personally, Quartz and I think these fans deserve more from you. 

Rust lowers the mic and smirks back to his tag partner, who stands firm behind him, grasping the tag title across his shoulder.

Rust: You see, Good Guy Rusty is a changed man… So I’m feeling very charitable today. 

Rust: CQC has never backed away from a challenge, and it sounds to me like you just issued one. 

Again, the crowd pops for Rust’s answer, feeling they know what is about to come next.

Rust: I’ve heard about enough of the OCW universe talking about a dead tag-team division on this show, so I think it’s time we kick it up a notch.

Rust: So you put your money where your mouth is. Quartz and I will do what we’ve been doing for the last 12 months. Prove ourselves worthy of tag team greatness. And I can't think of a better stage for this showdown than..

Cohle pauses for a second before lifting his mic again.


Fury and Mistico are looking upset.

Fury: Who do you think you are? You think we’re just going to offer up a title shot like that? Why don’t you go back to RIOT, Frenchy!

Rust: Don’t worry, like I said, I’m feeling charitable. We believe there’s only room in this company for one pair of “World Tag Team Champions”. 

Rust: ...and as such, at Wrestlution XIII, the greatest show, the biggest stage. CQC vs Scumciety for TAG TEAM TITLE UNIFICATION. Winner take all! Bring your ‘belts’, we'll bring our championships! 

The crowd once again erupts with cheers as they await Scumciety’s answer. Fury and Mistico talk amongst themselves in the ring, before Mistico shakes his head and takes the microphone.

Mistico: You’re on! 

CQC’s music plays over the PA as both RIOT and Turmoil tag champions raise their respective titles high in the air to the sounds of the crowd cheering.



In the middle of the ring right after a short commercial break stood Benjamin Moore accompanied by the stunning twins, London and Paris Williams.

As he held a mic within one hand and looked around the arena with the other hand held within the air in attempts to settle down the crowd as they reacted to his presence Benjamin began to speak

 "Aye aye.. I know yu all are wondering why me and my gals are out here but winder no more. Mi gotta get something off mi chest.. It be something that had me stuck on after RTG and mi gotta let it out."

He would walk around a bit before speaking again

 "Mi read the blogs and mi always hear tings backstage about me and let's be honest, it isn't a secret that many people didn't want me to get a promotion, they didn't wish to see me succeed. Some of dem said mi wasn't ready or.. Or that mi wasn't capable of being where mi am today and mi tink they might be right.. No mi know their right!"

The crowd started to gather with confusion a bit as Benjamin spoke while he looked over at the twins who held a sad emotion on their faces. Turning back to speak he stood and talked to the people once more

 "I've had a hard time in the beginning of my career here in OCW and yu all saw first hand. Some of yu, no no no MOST of yu didn't tink to see me get this far let alone make it to Road to Gold. Mi ignored yu and instead told yu countless times that mi was ready for more, even tho yu all told me mi wasn't and mi tink mi made a mistake, no, mi did make a mistake.

Mi want to make this clear..! Like yu all said before, mi wasn't ready.. Mi wasn't ment to have those matches and it showed, but now mi know why.. Mi should of been higher! Mi should already have that title around mi wasit! Yu all were right! Mi wasn't ment to have such low card matches.. This season speaks for itself. Mi also wasn't ment to lose to Thomas Archer! Benjamin Moore was ment to be your international champion!"

As Benjamin said this and held the mic by his side as he looked around at the fans of OCW as he took in the pride that he had just brought before the people.

The twins that stood not to far from him would present a smile as they looked around and clapped at the statment that Benji had just announced and attempted to uplift the crowd in which most did with a roar of cheers while others still boo'd him for twisting their words. They were not happy that he made their words fit his agenda

 "Now listen, mi hear the rumours that the ref cheated me out of the match or that Thomas Archer paid a few people, including TLBS off to get my belt but mi choose to ignore that and say that when mi come for that belt again.. To return it to it's rightful place there won't be no mistake. There won't be an extra person within the ring to distract me. That International Title will be where it's suppose to be.. Around mi wasit where it will be worn properly! Thomas Archer and Bray.. Which ever wins this match tonight will soon see my face for I intend to claim what be mine already..."

The mic would be tossed to the floor as he and the twins made their way out of the ring and up the ramp while the crowd shouted and cheers in reation to what was just presented before them


It's a Match!


Blaine holds her title high and looks down at her battered and bruised opponent, Terra Daturas. Terra somehow finds a way to get on her feet, limping over to Blaine and raising her hand up for a handshake.

Blaine stands confused as to why Terra would be trying to shake her hand after being so brutally beaten in and out of the ring. Terra winces through the pain and smiles at Blaine, which seems to piss her off even more.

Before Blaine can react, Aerith springs into action, pulling Terra out of the ring and assisting her to the back. Blaine’s music continues to play as she angrily gestures to the crowd, holding her women’s title.

After Aerith and Terra continue through the curtain, Aerith is astonished as to what Terra was thinking.

Aerith: What was that?! Do you have a death wish?

Terra: I wanted to… ow. I wanted only to show my.. Ugh.. My gratitude for a fierce competition. 

Aerith: That is insanity, Terra. Blaine would have killed you if I wasn’t out there! 

Terra: It is… Okay. I am proud that I was able to be brave. Like Elsa and Dragana taught me. 

Before they can reach a locker room, both Dragana and Elsa storm into frame, frantically checking on their friend. Dragana gets on a knee and tries to get a read on Terra’s lowered gaze.

Dragana: !!!

Elsa: I come as soon as I’m hearing what happened! 

Dragana takes Terra by the hand, her concerned eyes meeting Terra’s, which are glazed over.

Terra: Hello… Friends! Ugh…

Terra seems to mostly faint in Aerith’s arms from the pain. Dragana’s initial reaction is one of fear, but she takes a deep breath and steels herself.

Dragana: ...

Dragana motions to Aerith, who hands over Terra. Dragana hoists Terra up on her shoulders and motions to the rest of her friends as they retreat to the medical staff backstage…