LIVE FROM Barclay's Center!


B17's music hits the speakers and fans rise too applaud. He flails his arms wildly as he swing the championship is celebration. 

He gains the ring mic in hand. 

B17: I’m proof, proof that you can be broken and buried and still climb back. I’m proof that your friends can turn on you, and you can still keep fighting. I’m proof that no matter the bullshit hand you’re dealt that you can succeed. 

B17: One year ago...I lost this title, but I wasn’t pinned. I wrongly thought that I would return and find a rematch waiting for me. I learned the hard way that OCW never stops moving. The SHOW goes on. 

B17: So I waited. For a year! I waited. I fought, I won, I waited. 

B17: I waited until Road 2 Glory. It almost seems poetic that Wrex as the final hurdle...Our stories seem destined to meet many more times in our career, and he deserves admiration for the fight he gave me!

B17: So, tonight, Wrex. If you want a rematch, you got it, right here, tonight! 

#Austin: WOAH, WOAH, WOAH!

Austin Lee appears from behind the staging area. 

#Austin : The show keeps moving on yet here we are yet again….

#Austin: #Austin Lee and B17 with the CCW Worlds Title between us. The title you claim you never lost but the way I remember it I dropped you on your head and left with my title. 

#Austin: My worlds title that you were to busy fighting over a hair piece to step up and challenge me for. 

#Austin: How about you prove to everyone that you didn’t lose a year ago. Give me a chance to take my Worlds title back….

#Austin: or take the easy road and head back to Scumchester…. So you can continue to pad that ego of yours.

B17: I seem to remember pinning you just a few weeks ago. Now run on back behind the staging, the real men of Turmoil are talking. 

Austin scuffs and shakes his head. 

#Austin: What's it going to be… You can prove to the world the reason why my name never comes out of your mouth, as I take back my World title and end yet another reign of B17…. Or do you need another ego boost before you are ready to step up to me….

The lights flicker off for a moment before bursting back to life to reveal Code Jackman standing by the announce tables. 

Jackman: Shocked? 

Bingo and Austin have a puzzled look on their face as to wonder why Code is out there.

Jackman: The night after Certified Greatness I was on Riot. I met a kid on the subway and he handed me a paper.

Jackman pauses: That note said never give up. 

Jackman: I’m out here because I’m not giving up. Bingo you try to kill me but I keep crawling back. 

Wrex: That’s all well and good Jackman.

While the voice can be heard the man can’t be seen until a camera points up into the crowd, Wrex can be seen at one of the crowd entrances.

Wrex: And while your lust for vengeance makes for great TV, its gonna need to wait. And Austin.. This is why people always seem to turn on you, you grab coat tails and hope they drag you back to the top. But Mr. Turmoils at the front of the line, so that means you’re go through me for your next shot at embarrassment.

B17: I have beaten every single one of you. I stand here as a fighting champion! You all want a piece of Bingo? Fine. You all got it. Tonight!




Previously recorded.

The scene opens up with Belle and Lotus FloJo wandering around at a Walmart. FloJo needed some stuff at home so she asked Belle to tag along. 

 Can’t we afford to shop at another place?

FloJo: No, we can’t really afford to shop at a more expensive place. Considering how much OCW pays us.

FloJo: No, I take it back. We can, but we shouldn’t. 

FloJo: Oh hang on.

Something appears to grab FloJo’s attention. 

 Look, Belle, a Unicorn onesie!!! 

FloJo: Valkyrie would love it. 

Belle: Oh my, it’s so cute! 

FloJo: Right?! 

FloJo: Imagine her running around in it. 

FloJo is in a daze like one of those animes while Belle looks on. 

 That’d be great. So, what are you looking for exactly? 

???: We were definitely not looking for the two of you.

Belle and Flojo turn around only to see OCW's newest tag team Les Femmes Brutales, Empress and Ashley Moore.

Ashley Moore:
 I told you we only find scrap here, Kumiko.

FloJo: Well look who it is, it’s Hell on heels and her sidekick, Hong Kong Phooey, the stupid dog. Shouldn’t you two, I don’t know...Be somewhere stepping on Our Hero’s back? I heard he has some weird ass fetish.

 Yeah here they are, Our Hero’s lil lap dogs, down girls.

Empress: Lap dogs?! Watch your mouth before I ground your ass like I did at Road 2 Glory. Let’s not have Hangriness get our ass whooped while in Walmart. Have a Thin Mint and calm your udders Bessie. 

Empress throws her box of Thin Mints she got from the Girls Scouts at the door into Belle’s face. 

 Get it thin mints...thin! Whatever! Clean up on aisle 3! Someone left two human-shaped piles of shit on the floor. 

Belle tries to fight Empress but FloJo holds her and tries to calm her down. 

Ashley Moore:
 God, Empress. Why the hell did you bring me here? Only crazy people go here. Next time if you want something just let me order it online for you. I will even pay if we never have to visit this place again.

FloJo looks at Ashley and Empress: You two look like your fathers would be disappointed in you….If they stayed. 

Empress: If that was even true at least my father wouldn’t have left crying like a bitch on his knees like your friend Valkyrie. 

Ashley Moore: Why do we always cross paths? I hope this ends now that your babysitter is gone. 

Two of Walmart’s security guards walk up to the group arguing at the the aisle. The guards step in between the group keeping them apart from each other as Ashley Moore grabs Empress. 

FloJo: Tch. Come on Belle. Those frat mattresses aren’t worth the trouble. 

Empress: That’s right, walk away! Don’t come to Turmoil, bitch! 

Security: Enough of that. I need you four to leave right now. 

Empress: Don’t touch me! We are leaving because we want to leave.

The scene closes at Security is escorting the two groups out of the store.

It's a Match!
Watts vs Tucker


The camera switches to Jim Black standing in front of an OCW-decorated backdrop with a monitor hanging from the ceiling. He is holding a microphone, and begins to speak...

Jim Black: Please help me welcome my guest at this time, Solomon Caine.

The camera pans and centers on Caine in the frame. Caine is wearing his usual ring gear with an additional t-shirt that reads "Solomon 'Machine Gun' Caine" outlined in bullets. He seems more upbeat than usual.

Jim Black: Welcome, Mr. Caine. On an ocwfed.com exclusive, you were recently involved in a scuffle with your supposed significant other over your recent behavior, any comment?

Black motions the microphone over to Caine who begins speaking in a sarcastic tone.

Solomon Caine: You see Jim, I've actually turned over a new leaf. And just to prove it, I've got two gifts for my opponent tonight: a Last Gasp and a Killshot. Do you think he'll like 'em?

Jim Black: Uh... that wasn't my question.

Solomon Caine: It wasn't? Ah man, I'm so sorry Jim. I've just been thinking a lot and my mind has been all over the place. In fact, now that I think about it, I've got a gift for you too Jim.

Jim Black: Ah, you really didn't have to... 

Black takes a step back and seems ready to run.

Solomon Caine: Oh, no need to run Jim, here. Courtesy of the Machine Gun.

Caine pulls an elegant box wrapped in a soft red bow from off-camera and hands it over to Jim. He hesitantly takes the box and begins to untie the bow. He lifts the lid off and pulls out a slice of salami, which he promptly throws to the side. 

He reaches in again and pulls out a bullet about the size of a finger. Jim stares at the bullet inquisitively for a moment and then goes to look over at Caine who is no longer there. The camera fades to black.


It's a Match!
TLBS vs Cain


???: That's right.

The scene fades into the office, in the skyscraper that overlooks the home of OCW Turmoil in Brooklyn, NY.

???: Yes. It's all here. I have the individual information about every single Turmoil performer currently signed to OCW.

As the cuts stop and pan into the office, the cord from an office phone is extending to a huge desk-chair, which is turned around. Brownish-grey hair is poking out from the top of the chair.

???: You have nothing to worry about. I'm very excited you decided to call back.

The man in the chair, turned away from view, sounds very up-beat and excited during his phone conversation. We can only hear the mystery man, and not the person on the other line.

???: Nonsense. He's gone. He won't be an issue.

The camera zooms slowly into the back of the chair.

???: Well my friend, that's because I never lose. Even when I do! Hahahah! 


???: ...and that's why you and I make the perfect team.


???: Yes, that's right... Yes. 


???: Even more than that moron Sensation is paying you. 


???: For sure. He doesn't know how deep my pockets run.


???: I agree. Fantastic discussion. Well I thank you for calling me, big D. Do you mind if I call you big D? 


???: Hahaha! My man! Anyways, listen... I have to go. We will continue this discussion later.

The hand quickly slams the phone back down on the receiver as the scene fades to black.




Aerith Trance walks with a purpose, smiling down the OCW Turmoil halls. She is donning her #ShowLove shirt, the same that she was gifted by Terra Daturas 2 weeks before.

Eventually, she reaches a locker room door, knocking quietly.

None other than Terra herself opens up the door, smiling at her newest friend.

Terra: Ms. Trance! H-How nice to see you! Please come in.

Aerith: Haha, please Terra, there’s no need for the formality. 

Terra nervously nods her head, laughing softly at Aerith.

Terra: I, uhm. I understand! 

Aerith clearly senses that Terra is hiding something and looks at her inquisitively.

Terra walks back to try and calm down and walks back over to a table. A beautiful red-violet plant lay inside a pot near a custom-made container filled with soil.

Terra: So Ms…. Uhm. So Aerith! I was sorry to hear you were not in competition tonight. How are you doing otherwise?

Aerith: I’m just fine… The booking is actually why I’m here. Terra… Is everything okay?

Terra: Everything is wonderful my friend. I am just potting a Persephone

Aerith: It is beautiful! 

Terra flashes a glance back at Aerith and smiles nervously. She continues shoveling in soil to the pot, eventually filling it up around the plant.

Terra: I agree.

Terra lifts the pot and attempts to move it over to a collection of many potted plants and flowers.

Aerith: Are you sure you’re okay? You seem jittery. It’s not like you.

Terra: O-Of course! I am as wonderful as our grace intended.

Aerith: Okay good… Because I wanted to talk to you about your match with Blaine.

As ‘Blaine’ comes out of Aerith’s mouth, Terra suddenly flinches, dropping the plant on the ground, smashing it in several hundred pieces along with the Persephone.

Aerith: Oh no!

Terra shakily laughs it off.

Terra: It is quite okay, Aerith! Mistakes do happen. 

Aerith and Terra help each other and begin to clean up the mess.

Aerith: I know that you might be scared, tonight. That’s why I wanted to come and help you. 

Terra: Oh, no. Thank you. I would not ask you for such assistance.

Aerith: Where are Dragana and Elsa? 

Terra: Ms. Holmberg is away with Mr. Jehst. They need each other right now. Ms. Cesar just had a competition a few days ago. She need not be burdened by contest.

Aerith: Terra! Blaine is not going to show you mercy. You need someone out there to help you in case things go sideways.

Terra smiles at Aerith and nods her head. The scene fades out ahead of Terra's biggest match yet.