Bray: ...

Bray: A lot’s happened for The Anime Prince in the last week...

Bray: In case you’re a social media fanatic, you’ll know that The Anime Prince has had a bit of… “issues” recently.

Bray: The Anime Prince has had a while to process everything, and he’s come to a conclusion…

Bray: As it turns out… when it comes to America, I guess… upon closer inspection… not everybody in it is a filthy ningen.

Bray: Road 2 Glory. The crowd cheering as The Anime Prince entered the arena. It was a sight to behold.

Bray: I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m not really anti-American as I am just pro-Japanese!

Bray: What I'm trying to say is… I was wrong. This is AmeriCAN and not AmeriCAN’T. It's what you make of it, it's a free country.

Bray: The only thing that The Anime Prince hates more than stupid people that can't let people be who they want to be… are narcissists who parade around with items that don’t belong to them.

Bray: You all know who The Anime Prince is talking about.

Bray: Thomas Archer, you have something that belongs to The Anime Prince. Something he earned. Something he wants. And if you have any decency, you’ll-

Into camera shot, wearing the finest of Italian suits is the International Champion, Thomas Archer. He looks Bray up and down before simply laughing in his face.

Archer: What exactly are you? Are you one of those transformer sexuals I've been hearing about? Do you become a robot animal or something?

Bray grits his teeth as Archer continues.

Archer: No matter. You spoiled my coronation you stupid peasant… So I bought up all those Chinese colouring books you love so much, which by the way are terrible, everything goes in reverse and I had them burned, every last one of the stupid things within a twenty mile radius, money well spent, yes? Unlike whatever…

Archer motions towards Bray.

Archer: This is meant to be… You look like Bruce Jenner melted from being in the sun too long. And let's be honest here… You're probably about three insults away from going on welfare, getting fake breasts and whoring yourself out on a webcam whilst wearing furry ears.

Archer removes the International Title from his shoulder and holds it up.

Archer: I overheard you saying you deserved this, well I beat two other men for it, whilst, are you ready for this… Were sat at home watching Blues Clues or whatever it is you people watch. 

Bray adjusts his glasses, holding back a chuckle as he stares at Archer.

Bray: I don’t know if you noticed, but last time I checked, Chinese books and Japanese manga aren’t exactly the same. So not only are you a modern example of dumb Americans… but you’re ignorant to other cultures as well!

Bray: The Anime Prince would appreciate it if you put some RESPECT on my Japanese culture, you ignorant little ningen.

Bray: But… back to what you asked me before. What exactly am I? [chuckles] Well, that’s pretty simple.

Bray removes his glasses.

Bray: I’m The Anime Prince. The pride of Japan. And, if you’re willing to pull out those things we call kintama (balls), I’ll also be known as the man that embarrasses you in front of millions of people.

Bray: I mean, no more embarrassing than when Hijo de Mistico made you tap out in front of millions a year ago… but no one here holds that against you. We all know you were going through vanity issues with that thing you had on your face. Nothing personal.

Archer rolls his eyes.

Archer: You are an oblivious fool, hopefully Quartz shatters your spine this evening, good say sir.

Bray opens his mouth as Archer goes to leave.


T.Y. Sparks’ music starts playing as he makes his way down to the ring obviously in pain and, as always, the crowd boos on profusely. But something is off about Sparks he looks like he doesn’t quite know where he is.

Sparks goes to the little booth area near the announcers and grabs a microphone, slowly gets in the ring, and gets ready to speak.

Sparks: I know what y’all are all probably thinking right now, ‘Oh boy, it’s T.Y Sparks Jr. and he’s here to talk more ish about us’, but no i’m here to tell everyone here that i-i’m- i’m sorry.

Camera cuts to a man in the 4th row behind the announcer’s table clearly confused on what is happening and he is not the only person in attendance that looks this way.

Sparks: I know, that sounds weird coming from my mouth but I have seen the error in my ways and I have seen the light and I want to share this light with all of you and the superstars in the back.

Sparks sets the mic down in the right side of the ring and rolls out of the ring. On his way up the ramp he spots a young kid in the front row, looks to be around 4 or 5, reaching out for a high five and sparks walks over to him, gives him a high five, gives him the glasses off of the collar of Sparks’ shirt, and continues to venture to the back.


It's a Match!

Stacy"Blacksmith, last Riot you decided to call out Kassidy Hayers, to challenge him for a match at Wrestlution. Today, after 8 months, you lost a match on Turmoil with the rookie Solomon Caine. Do you still think to be able to challenge Kassidy? Are you feeling the pressure, Blacksmith?"

Many questions echoes in Blacksmith's mind.

"Are you feeling the pressure, Blacksmith?" "Do you think to be able, Blacksmith?" "ARE YOU A JOKE BLACKSMITH"?

At this point the Carnivore responds immediately: "What happened tonight means nothing"

Then he points the camera, and says: "Kass, your silence was calculated. You can pretend superiority, you can pretend disinterest. Very well. But remember these words. 
Soon it will be you looking for me. And all that will happen, you must know it will only be your fault".

Blacksmith leaves the interview and the scene closes.