Somewhere in the bowels of Madison Square Garden, Lady Morgan Blackheart and her devout follower, the Moon Warrior Joanna Silver gather around an ample amount of photographs that lay on the cold, basement floor.

Joanna Silver
: Why have we come down here, my Lady?

Joanna looks around the basement of MSG, and then down at the pictures. She notices that every single picture seems to be marked with mauve candle wax.

Morgan Blackheart:
 We’re going to change the course of history, my Moon Warrior. It began last week, and continues into tonight. Fate itself is about to be unwound, and you’re going to be the catalyst.

Silver looks on, confused. She glances once more at the pictures in the middle of the basement floor. They’re pictures of every single superstar in the OCW Women’s Division.

Lotus FloJo, La Mujera Oscura, Terra Daturas, and even the mighty woman Blaine. From legends like Casey Paine to rookies like Val Vorhees.

Joanna Silver:
 I still don’t understand, Lady Morgan. Please. Show me the way!

Morgan Blackheart: I want you to pick a picture out of that pile. I want to show you the power of the Night Queen. Take any single one.

Joanna kneels down and picks a random picture, handing it off to Lady Morgan.

Morgan Blackheart:
 And the night has spoken once more. Pick one more from the pile, my Moon Warrior.

Hesitantly, Joanna picks up another picture. She attempts to turn it around, but Morgan gently grabs Joanna’s wrist.

Morgan Blackheart:
 Naughty, naughty, Moon Warrior. Attempting to cheat fate will only end us. Hand me the picture, please.

She gives the picture to Lady Morgan.

Morgan Blackheart:
 NOW let us see what fate has unraveled for us on this night.

Morgan turns the pictures over, revealing Joanna Silver herself and Alyssa Marceaux, a participant in tonight’s six-women tag team match.

Joanna Silver:
 What does it mean, my black dahlia?

Morgan Blackheart: It means that tonight, my Moon Warrior, fate has chosen you to correct your mistake from Ladies Night. It means you’re going to be in that tag team match tonight, while an accident will befall Miss Marceaux.

Joanna Silver: What do you mean by accident?

Lady Morgan smirks at her devout follower, as she lights Alyssa Marceaux’s picture ablaze.

Morgan Blackheart:
 All in due time, my Moon Warrior. All in due time.

The camera fades to black on the burning picture of Alyssa Marceaux, but we’re not done yet. The feed cuts to the OCW Combat Center.

We see an array of different people and even some OCW superstars, who fate wishes to remain nameless...aside from one.

Alyssa Marceaux is seen squatting with seventy-five pound dumbbells in front of a mirror, working out ahead of her anticipated six-women tag team match on tonight’s Turmoil.

Alyssa Marceaux:

Alyssa takes a deep breath and moves onto her last set of fifteen.

Alyssa Marceaux:

She works her way through her last set, letting out a deep exhale.

Alyssa Marceaux:
 Time to kick some ass tonight.

Miss Marceaux walks over to the obscenely tall dumbbell rack, and puts her seventy-five pound dumbbells in place. Turning her back and walking away from the rack, she hears a strange sound behind her.

Alyssa turns, only it’s too late. She wasn’t fast enough. The rack had somehow fallen and landed onto Alyssa’s back, trapping her underneath.

The OCW Combat Center came rushing towards the fallen OCW Superstar, who lay unconscious under the wreckage.

Suddenly, a voice is heard on the video feed. A familiar voice. Morgan Blackheart.

Morgan Blackheart:
 Okay my Moon Warrior. It’s time for you to leave and accept your fate..

An unsuspecting Joanna Silver is somehow now near the wreckage on top of Alyssa Marceaux. Whether it be magic or witchcraft, Joanna peers around the room, taking in the chaos that has been sewn. A few of the unnamed superstars and staff turn to the Moon Warrior, unsure of how she got there.

Most just assume that she SOMEHOW may have been hiding behind the rack unnoticed, but Joanna now understands. She accepts her fate, and steps on the fallen rack, exerting pressure onto Alyssa Marceaux’s body.

: Such a shame isn’t it? You should’ve been just a little bit more careful, silly girl. How ever will you compete in the most important match of your career yet? It looks like fate didn’t have your card in the deck did it?

Joanna takes her foot off the rack as she begins to walk away from the scene. The onlookers begin to lift the rack off the unconscious Alyssa, suddenly, we hear a raging roar come across the Combat Center.

Out of the corner of her eye Joanna can see OCW General Manager Tiberius Dupree stomping his way toward her. Joanna stops dead in her tracks and stands still awaiting the general manager.

: This is phreaking ridiculous! I got enough with superhuman bugs, manthots and the filthy French! I NOW need to deal with goddamn witchcraft too?! No! Not today satan, not today!

Dupree straightens the collar on his silk shirt to calm his nerves and gain a bit of composure.

: A six woman tag match was booked and we’re going to get a six woman tag match. I don’t care if this was some diabolical plot by the devil himself, you’re replacing Alyssa and don’t you even think about any of that hocus pocus nonsense! I’ll be watching.

Joanna cracks a maniacal smile as she nods her head toward Dupree and spins around walking away. Dupree turns his attention toward the scene of mayhem as the onlookers are staring at him.

: Why are you muggles just staring?! Someone get her some help. Kneesus Christ.

Dupree facepalms as the cameras back away and slowly fade to black but we can hear an evil laugh as the video feed cuts off.

It's a Match!


John: 97,98, 99, 100. Good Marcus. Good!

Parker stands beside Mr. Marcus McMichaels, pushing him through his stretch band exercises.

 47, 48, 49, 50!

John Carter pops up from the ground doing military push ups. Both Elliot Parker and Dylan Kinder hype up Marcus McMichaels and John Carter.

 Last week was a walk through Central Park for The Wrestling Club. This week you’re going to continue that stroll Marcus!

Marcus: My step father told me never to underestimate any man that stands opposite of my corner. RNR underestimated our superior wrestling skills.

Marcus: I exposed my prevailing power not only to RNR but to any tag team that stands in our way in OCW.

Dylan: It’s been awhile since you’ve been in action, John. But there’s no such thing as ring rust when it comes to us. Show them tonight you’re the true King!

John: The king who is on the mission to get back on top of the world and this time it will be done in the tag division. Ever since I got here I’ve wanted those tag team championships and now I can finally have a competent partner to do that with.

John: Chris held us back last time. This time with Marcus, the tag team division will be ours because I will be the king that the tag team division needs .

Dylan/Parker: Long live the KING!

Marcus: I heard this fly isn’t going to be buzzing around this…Cobra tonight, John. Whoever Cobra picks tonight as his partner will wish he never agreed to do so.

Parker: Marcus, you gotta loosen up man.

Marcus stares at the other members of The Wrestling Club and cracks his neck slowly to one side and then the other.

 Now I’m loosened up. Let’s go get them, John.

John: It’s a shame the prince of flight wasn’t able to catch his flight because of an accident but it’s fine because the match will go on. Don’t worry all you fans, we won't let Sparks not being able to compete stop this match.

John: I promise by the end of the night the new TWC will be 2-0 and there will be a 0 in that loss column forever. With the big man by my side no one is taking us down.

Dylan: I love this guy!

Parker: Me too!

The camera opens to the backstage area where Harris Turner is walking to the ring for his match. After a moment, Jim Black zooms into frame.

Jim Black: Mr. Turner, do you have a moment?

Turner stops and looks at Jim.

Harris Turner: Sure, Jim.

Jim Black: Any last words before your match tonight?

Harris Turner: Well, win or lose, I'm here. No matter how this goes, I'll come out the other side a better man for the next match. But let me tell you something Jim, I don't plan to lose.

Harris Turner: Alex Asher is a former title contender, a hell of a wrestler in his own right. But he's never faced Harris Turner. And I guess we'll all find out what that means tonight.

Turner continues his long walk to the curtain off-camera as Jim Black segues into the next segment.

Stacy Clark is standing backstage with a smile on her face.

Stacy Clark:
 Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is the OCW Pride Champion and the man who will take on Anthony Baker at End Game on October 23rd to determine the new OCW North American Champion…

Stacy Clark: Please welcome, Rust Cohle.

Panning over, we see Rust Cohle with his championship.

Rust: Stacy. Tonight is a great night. Because the Frenchblade is back in action, New York City ! You are in for a hell of a show.

Suddenly, the smirk across Rust Cohle’s face washes away as the camera is shoved out of the way. As it reorients, Stacy Clark scurries out of the way.

To her right, walking into frame is the OCW World Champion, Ijitu Quartz. He and Rust stare each other down. A long and silent one.

 You like what you see, "brother" ?

Rust: Funny, I thought it would have been Spider like he usually does. But, you finally decide to show your face.

Quartz: You say that as if I need to hide from you. You are simply not worth my time anymore.

Rust: And yet, here you are. Seems like you want to share my time, "baby brother".

Quartz: Funny. You’re welcome for softening up Baker, by the way. We both know you’ll need all the help you can get.

Rust: You're welcome for showing you the blueprint on how to beat H2O at End Games. Except you are one year too late. If you are able to tho..

Quartz: My destiny is finally being fulfilled. I am going to crush Harvey Ocean and nobody will ever hear from him again.

Rust: I learned many things in my career, and one of those things is, Harvey Hamilton Ocean never really goes away.

Rust: And one other thing is, you are always late to the party, Ijitu.

Quartz tilts his head and looks down across his shoulder at the OCW World Heavyweight Championship. He looks back up at Rust Cohle.

 I am the party. You should know that better than anyone. This company and everyone in it goes where I go.

Rust smirks as he turns around and addresses some last few words to his former best friend.

 The more I think about it, the more it feels like, you are the one trying to step out of my shadow. How does it feel ?

Cohle begins to step away, but stops and turns back to Quartz.

 By the way, how is Inness ? Tell him I said "Hi".

Rust smirks and continues walking as Quartz scowls at his former tag team partner.

 Laugh all you want. I am the one in control. I am going to prove that without a shadow of a doubt at End Games.

Quartz looks straight into the camera.

 ...and Harvey, I’m going to make you savor these last few weeks.

He then takes one final look back towards Rust Cohle’s direction.

 As for you… Only 5 more months.

The OCW Champion walks away in the opposite direction as we fade to black.