H2O sits in his parking spot in a fancy new 2021 Tesla Model 3 looking more disheveled than ever before. He stares towards the VIP Parking sign with a Tesla charging station in front of him. He's thinking about the bombshell news that his brother is The OCW World Heavyweight Champion.

There’s a knock on Harvey’s window that distracts his deep thinking. He turns his head to see who it is. It’s his most newly found friend Kassidy Hayes. Harvey takes the keys out and opens to the door to step out of the car.

He closes the door behind him and leans back onto the car.

 Did you know about this at all?

Kassidy: About what?

H2O: About Quartz being my brother. I thought he was your son?

Kassidy: I may have called Quartz my son but come on Harv,

Kassidy points at his skull with both hands,

Kassidy: Think Harvey, Think!

Kassidy: I didn’t mean biologically, Quartz is older than I am, it was more; mentor to mentee, A Chosen Son of Kasstianity, my prodigy, I am God and he is one of my children, I was papa and he was my cardinal.

Kassidy: Did you actually think I was his dad?

H2O: I figured you and him were so close at one point….I just…I just don’t want to believe that he’s my brother.

The two men start to walk slowly to the arena.

 Then you need to go and get information from the source, Mom and Dad2O. Why haven’t you started there?

H2O: It’s the obvious thing that I should’ve done already as soon as he broke the news. But I stopped bothering them with my career years ago. I don’t want to start it up again now.

Kassidy: This is something that’s very important to you, Harv. It’s not something about your career, it’s about family.

Harvey laughs at “The Vin Diesel line” from Fast and The Furious. Kassidy Hayes puts his arm out to stop Harvey in his tracks.

 I’m not going any closer to the arena. You aren’t either. Go make the call.

H2O pauses for a minute to take out his phone. He looks at it and then puts it away.

 I will. Just not tonight. Tonight, I’m not going any further towards the arena either. Let’s go make a cameo somewhere. My treat.

Kassidy: Bet, I’m also starving.

The two friends turn and head back towards Harvey’s Tesla. Harvey takes his keys out and tosses them to Kassidy.

 You drive!

Kassidy: You trust me not to put a scratch on your new ride?

H2O: Kass, I trust you 100%…my friend.

It's a Match!



We cut to a gym somewhere, with the grunts, groans, dropped weights and overplayed workout tunes setting the fuzzy soundtrack behind Justin Jehst using a bench press racked up with an impressive amount of weight.

Set up next to him is Cort Marshall, who’s also sitting on a bench press… with a stack of books next to him. Jehst finishes a set and sits up, looking at Cort.

 You gonna do any reps, bud?

Cort holds a finger up.

 I’m reading up on training regimens.

Jehst squints at the pile.

 Is that a History of Egypt textbook?

Cort: Listen, to build a pyramid, your slaves HAD to have great cardio. Or it was aliens, in which case I’m wasting my damn time.

He puts the book down.

 Hand me that protein shake.

Justin: Shake your own!

Cort: Well the receptionist took my beer! Damn Slam Quadrant:™: gym chains. Not like the old days where it was just some dudes in a basement getting SWOLE.

Cort is interrupted by his attention being diverted elsewhere; the CCW Champion Antonio Everrett walks into frame, though he isn’t dressed in attire that would typically be found in a gym. Tony is dressed smartly in a suit and open collar shirt, his Championship draped over his shoulder.

 What are you here for, the most bri’ish man in wrestling awards?

Tony: Nah, actually I thought I would try out a new look for my workout, what do you reckon?

Cort: You’re gonna sweat a hole through that zoot suit of yours. Unless you’re here for another reason.

Tony: Eh, not much really, just passing through.

Cort: Right, just passing through the exact gym your title contender is working out at. Very non-sus.

Tony: Well, who do you think owns this place? This is but one of a dozen gyms I have invested in to aid local communities in both the US and the UK by providing safe spaces for marginalised individuals from lower income families, though I wouldn’t expect you to know that…

Cort narrows his eyes.

Tony: … oh, and I saw that Jehst had recently purchased a membership here so I thought I’d come and say hello.

At this point, Jehst has made his way into this situation and puts himself between Cort and Tony.

 If you don’t mind, Cort, I’ve got this. What are you doing here Tony?

Tony: If you must know, Justin, I’ve actually come to scout out your workout routine. I was curious to see if that was just as fake as everything else you seem to do in your life.

Jehst: Excuse me?

Tony: If you want to be a champion in OCW, you have to bust your arse in the gym every single day, no matter who you are facing. And from my perspective, it only seems like you’re motivated to do anything right now because you know what benefits being a champion could have on your career in Hollywood.

Jehst: With all due respect Tony, how would you have any idea how hard I’ve worked my whole life to get to this spot? Opportunities like this don’t come around too often; you should know that more than anyone. But they don't just get handed out like candy to any jabroni who walks in the door dressing fancy and talking cute. I EARNED this. Just like I earned THESE.

He pops a quick, intimidating single bicep flex.

Tony: Oh yeah? Is that why you’ve lost every single time anyone thinks you could achieve anything meaningful on Turmoil?

Jehst: Don’t you dare!

Cort: Watch it, J.

Jehst lunges for Tony, but is quickly restrained by Cort Marshall.

 Don’t get it twisted, Justin, I want you to prove me wrong, but I’m just going on what I’ve seen. I take my role as CCW Champion very seriously, and I have to face the very best that is on offer to fulfil that. And I want that to be you, but if I’m right, then you’re gonna find out who you’re dealing with real quick.

Jehst has cooled down a little bit at this point, and has pulled himself free.

 You don't know anything about me. You can hide behind that championship all you want, Tony, but all I see is an insecure egomaniac who just wants to satisfy his superiority complex by bringing down anybody he pleases. Keep telling yourself I don’t care about wrestling, Tony. At End Games I’ll show you how much this means to me. We’re done here.

Justin grabs his bag and he and Cort head for the exit. As he’s about to leave, Jehst turns around slowly.

 Oh, and one more thing. You should stop listening to Nate Ortiz. He’s somehow more insecure than you.

Tony doesn’t respond, he just stares back angrily as the scene fades out.

A white 2020 Honda Civic pulls into a parking deck next to the arena. Out steps OCW’s resident enigma FloJo. She gathers her things and heads towards the locker room.

FloJo yawns: Shit...Long trip.

Jim: Oh what’s up, FloJo--Yo, what’s the word???

FloJo: You saw me in that three-way last Riot, Jim? I was kicking ass and of course, I roll out of the ring and Marisa takes the pin.

FloJo: Blackheart won the match but I didn’t take the fall...Didn’t hurt me at all.

FloJo: Because I’m gonna defeat La Mujera at End games. I’m tired of people like her stealing from me. I know, we know, who she is underneath that mask…

FloJo: “no one cared about me until I put on the mask” Yeah...usually how it goes when you’re under your brother’s shadow.

FloJo: As for Blackheart--

FloJo: I’ll deal with her and the House of Faith if they get in my way.

Scene fades to back