The camera opens to Harris Turner pacing around in the locker room, chock full of adrenaline following his match-up against Alex Asher. He crouches over to go into his duffle bag before being tapped on the shoulder by someone off-camera.

: Oh gosh!

As Turner snaps around he sees James Fraser who takes a few steps back and gives a small round of applause.

: That was a good showing out there kid. You showed a former title contender just how serious you are. Damn impressive for a young man who has hardly wrestled before.

Turner: Thank you. Mr. Fraser, is it?

Fraser: Aye, Mr. Fraser is the formal way I guess ye could call me. I mainly go by James or an assortment of other names.

Fraser extends a hand. Turner comes in for the handshake and makes a solid connection.

Turner Well Mr. Fraser, I saw your match at Summercide. Good stuff there almost had ‘em.

Fraser: Oh ya those big lads sure know how to take an ass whooping. Luckily for Derek though he got away with the victory, unfortunately.

Fraser: So kid, big win on Asher tonight. Got any plans moving forward? You showed a hell of a lot of potential out there.

Turner: One step at a time, man. I’ve got plenty to learn and a lot of time. Just letting it come to me for now, ya know?

Fraser: Absolutely. Well, I’ll let you bask in your victory and enjoy your night young man. If you need anything inside the sanctum of the ring or outside. You can find me and I’ll be there.

Fraser pats Harris on the shoulder as he makes his way out of the locker room. And the cameras pan back to the announcers’ table.

We cut backstage to see Terra Daturas, still sweating and breathing quickly after her 6-woman tag match.

She is leaned up against a wall holding her midsection and holding up a loose photo. She is staring intently at it.

Without much warning, we hear a shout come from down the hall.

Sue Plex:
 HOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEE! That was a rip roarin’ good time!

Terra does not startle, but shuts her eyes and furrows her brow, looking annoyed at the sound of Sue.

She shakes her head, puts the photo behind her back and slowly turns to that direction to see Sue leap into frame with a wide smile on her face.

 Dang that was as fun as getting a basket of kittens!

Sue: It’s sooooooooooo great to be out there more and more. Ain't it just?

Sue leans down to get an upwards view of Terra, whose head is tilted down.

 Y’know, I think we should maybe…

Sue looks away and tucks some hair behind her ears before looking back.

 Maybe go ahead and be… Y’know.. .Partners. I think that’d be better… ‘cause I like you.

Terra’s head lifts slightly and her eyelids tighten. She holds a baffled look on her face as Sue continues.

 Yup, decided. Gonna go speak to Mr Dupree about gettin’ this ratified.

Terra: Mr. Dupree?

Sue: Oh hey now sugarplum, there’s that purdy voice of yours finally gettin’ let out into the world like the caged bird it is.

Terra shakes her head. It’s as if she was looking at herself 3 years ago.

Sue: Hey! No shaking heads, power of positivity and all of that. If you put your mind to it you’re as strong as a river, like real strong.

Sue turns to leave before throwing her finger up.

 Almost forgot.

Sue tilts her head and throws her arms out wide, looking for a hug.

Terra pauses for a moment, but simply turns and walks away, dropping the photo on the ground by mistake.

 Hey, what’s that… Where you goin’? Wait! Hey Terra, you dropped this!

Sue looks down at the photo, which shows the old Terra, a smile wide and her hair down, backstage with Antonio Everrett at Summercide 2020.

Sue observes it for a moment before looking up at Terra walking away as the scene fades.


Great Show, Great Work, K K T I T A!