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The scene begins in complete darkness, talking can be heard in a short distance. The darkness then rolls up to reveal a bright light above and multiple silhouettes. One of the silhouettes begins to speak

???: Sir! he's waking up, what should we do?

A familiar voice responds..

???: Apply more anesthesia, he is a very large man after all.. Its not time for him to be awake just yet. There's still a lot more work to be done..

???: Yes sir.

The silhouettes apply more anesthesia and our view begins to fade out. The darkness slowly rolls back down but before it completely goes, the familiar voices last words echo..

???: Nothing will stop him..

The scene ends there.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh boy!

That man is a menace!

Up next the only way to describe this is a fight!

2 of OCW's most accomplished brawlers are going to tear it up in just a few seconds!




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The Camera pans to the announce team!

They went for it!

And he connected!


The scene opens with Sophia stretching outside of the Revolution Inc. dressing room. There were cheers coming the inside as most members were huddling around the monitor enjoying the show. Sophia needed quiet. Tonight's match was dedicated to the man that personally recruited her, Versus.

Beside her was a steel chair with the women’s title draped across it. The focus on her stretches was taken away by the sound of approaching foot steps. When Sophia looked up, none other than her stablemate Madison was standing before her.

Madison: Now that you're spending time with that trailer park lesbian, I can't imagine why you'd need to stretch ever again. I'm sure your legs are always...open.

Sophia shot Madison a glare before shaking her head. She did her best to ignore the blond.

Sophia: Hmm, well for someone who never stretches, you sure do seem like you're a loose one, Madison.

Madison’s cheeks turned apple red.

Madison: You know...you and Nate Ortiz have a lot in common. You both are fortunate enough that I've allowed your recent success to live on borrowed time.

Madison picks up the women’s title and raises until it is next to her face.

Madison: He will remain the OCW Champion until I desire to have it over my shoulder, just as you only have the this title because I don't want it yet.

Sophia: Put it down!

Madison keeps her eyes on Sophia’s as she slowly takes a lick of the metal plating on the front. Sophia becomes enraged and stands. When she reaches for the title, Madison lets it fall from her hand.

Madison: I've got a match to win against your trailer park hero. Because that's what we do, win. Try not to fail us tonight, Sophia. You've got one job. Hold that belt until I decide you're no longer worthy

Madison swiftly turns away to leave. When she goes to take a step, she feels her legs give out from under her as she trips over Sophia’s foot. Madison belly flops hard to the floor.

Sophia walks over her and straddles her, grabbing her by a chunk of hair to pull her head back. She leans in close to make sure Madison can hear her loud and clear.

Sophia: You only get to walk around here the way you do until ‘I’ deem you worthy of coming for this belt.

Sophia: But hey, you didn't just get a sniff of it, you got a literal taste. Congratulations, savor it. But I hope you realize that while I was out doing my thing, Eerie Sunshine got to hold it for awhile… Her hands have been ‘alllll’ over this belt, and ‘you’ just licked it. And soon, they'll be alllllll over you.

Sophia: Enjoy!

Sophia steps off and walks away. Madison begins to squeal, coughing and spitting all over the floor to try and get the possible AIDS out of her mouth as the scene comes to a close.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Madison is everywhere!

GOOD, it makes OCW smell nicer!