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Alexa is pacing backstage amping up for her first title match in OCW, in her first pay per view match. Kassidy is sitting in a metal folding chair, disappointed not to be apart of the show, Alexa looks over to him for encouragement but he doesn't seem all that interested.

The camera pans to the duo of Dennis and Madison approaching from the opposite end of the hall. Madison was complaining about the conditions of the arena, and why old men were still in the spotlight.

Madison: A decade, Doug. A decade!

Dennis: He took some time off and came back.

Madison: Even still...I don't wanna do this for a decade. I don't want to watch you regress and become Smythe, Lord of the Pre show. All I'm saying...be smart and know when you've reached your height of success.

The pair stop at the sight of Kassidy and Alexa. Madison points at Kass?

Madison: What's wrong with him? Not even cow blood?

Dennis nudges Madison.

Dennis: Anyway, how are you two tonight??

Alexa: I’m dealing with this,

Alexa points at Kass,

Alexa: While trying to get in the right frame of mind to beat Sophia. Dennis can you take him with you out to ringside or something? Have him wear what ever Madison was gonna and we gals can celebrate with the championship after I win it.

Dennis: I don't wear women's clothing.

Madison: I mean he would, if I told him to.

Dennis shakes his head.

Madison: I hope you win tonight. Not a fan of Sophia. She's so urban. So entitled.

Alexa: I agree with you on Sophia, so Urban, like she’d be one of the Vampires we in the ghettos of New York.

Kass gets out of the seat and just mutters,

Kassidy: I’m going to get Mugen back for this.

Kassidy walks away from the group,

Dennis: He……..

Kass jogs back, Hugs Dennis, and leaves again.

The Camera pans to the announce team!


Nothing he's a hater!


Stacy Clark: Hello Baltimore! This is Stacy Clark with the inside scoop on OCW’s newest signee, Lawrence Larkspur.

Stacy Clark: Lawrence, you've kind of come out of nowhere from the indie circuit… What do you intend to bring to the OCW table?

Lawrence Larkspur: Well Stacy, I'm here to touch the hearts, minds, and souls of the lovely people of the OCW Universe. I'm also here to touch the hearts, minds, souls, and a few bonus extras of the OCW roster.

Lawrence Larkspur: I intend to thrust myself deep inside OCW culture and fill it with all the fantastic amazingness that is Lawrence Larkspur, hunni.

Lawrence Larkspur: Some might take one gander at me and try to close the door on this indie gentleman… Well not this one! I'm busting through that back door and spreading myself far and wide.

Stacy Clark: Mr. Larkspur, tell me something… And I mean this with all due respect. You seem to have a… ‘way’ about you. Do you think that might intimidate some of your peers within itself?

Lawrence Larkspur: Why whatever do you mean, sugar?

Stacy Clark: I mean, in comparison to the rest of the roster, you seem a little…

Lawrence Larkspur: Oh I'll stop you right there, Stacy. I know exactly where you are getting at. I've been accused of being way too macho among my peers. Of course that can be intimidating! But hunni there isn't anything wrong with a little sauciness, and I intend to bring ALL the sauce to OCW- from top to bottom.

Stacy Clark: Oh… Well then. This is Stacy Clark, and our newly acquired Lawrence Larkspur, signing off.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Talk about making an impact!

Queen of the Indies Double L, here to creep everyone out...greeeeeeat!

Up next the battle between B17 and Cactus is turning into an all out War!

Both Movie Star Generals have done some recruiting. It looks like we have ourselves a tag match!





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The Camera pans to the announce team!

He got all of it!

On point!

We fade into Drago's dojo, where we see Johnny Law in his office repeatedly trying to call someone, but to no avail. He puts both hands on his head and sighs.

Johnny Law: Where the hell are they?

Baby Bubba jumps up to Johnny's shoulder and gives him a concerned look.

Johnny Law: Don't worry little guy, they'll be back soon. If only Drago could answer his phone.....

We can hear a door slowly open from the other side of the dojo. Johnny and Baby Bubba peek their heads out of the corner to see a mysterious woman, wearing a blue plaid shirt over a tank top, with jeans and a pair of sneakers.

Her brown hair obscured one of her eyes. She doesn't seem to notice them, looking around the rooms. Baby Bubba drops back to the ground from Johnny's shoulder. The pair slowly walk toward the woman.

Johnny Law: Hi! Uh, welcome to our dojo! Did you need help with something?

He gets no response.

Johnny Law: You have any issues with some pets or animals that need resolving? That's kind of our specialty.

Again, he's met with silence. The woman doesn't even glance at him, instead looking at each framed photo of the animals that Drago's crew has encountered over the years, before she stops at a picture of Drago holding both the North American and World Heavyweight Championships.

Upon noticing who it is, she gasps and puts her hand up to her mouth. Johnny walks up to her and looks at the photo with her.

Johnny Law: Looking for the man himself I guess? He's a hell of a guy. Doesn't like to talk about himself too much, always puts other people's needs ahead of his own.....He's the best friend I've ever had.

He turns to find that the woman's eyes are tearing up.

Johnny Law: I'm sorry to say that he's not here right now. He's going to be out for a little while, so I'd be happy to tell him that you were looking for him when he gets back. I don't think I got your name.

The woman speaks in a very hushed tone.

???: .....Dragana.

Johnny's eyebrows tip upward. Something about that name intrigued him.

Johnny Law: My name's Johnny. Do you....know Drago?

She turns and looks at Johnny for the first time since she entered the dojo.

Dragana: I'm his sister.

Johnny's jaw drops and he looks at Baby Bubba, whose jaw has dropped in quite the similar manner. He looks back at Dragana and she gives him a look that suggests that she understands his confusion. The feed fades to black.

The Camera pans to the announce team!



These two women wouldn't pee pee on each other if the other was on fire!

This one is not going to be pretty!




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The Camera pans to the announce team!

She has to have hurt her spine!


We go backstage where OCW Legend Parker Stevens is power walking his way across the hallway. He passes Turmoil and Riot talent along the way until he reaches the SKWAD locker room. Parker opens the door as sitting by himself is another OCW legend and number one contender for the OCW championship... Leon.

Parker: "This locker room sure got smaller since I been away."

Leon doesn't even notice Parker, he is in a world of his own staring deep into space.

Parker: "Did you MURDER everyone in SKWAD too?"

Parker laughs at his joke but Leon is still lost deep in thought.

Parker: "LEON!!!"

Parker uses his fist to tap Leon on the head. Leon finally comes back to reality.

Leon: "Hey Parker, it's been a long time. How you doing bud?"

Parker: "I am good but where is everybody?"

Leon: "Alex suffered a concussion and her eye came out of place a bit after her match so she's at the hospital."

"I wasn't talking about one eye on the beans and one eye on the toast. I was talking about Dupree, Nathan, Malu and everyone else in SKWAD."

Leon: "I don't know. I not spoke to Dupree in weeks and everyone else have their matches tonight."

Parker: "So why you do it man? I mean the Leon I used to know was a cry baby bitch that wouldn't even steal candy from a baby."

Leon and Parker start laughing before Leon gets all serious.

Leon: "I didn't murder him. Whoever drove into his van is the real murderer. Thinking about it, it wasn't you was it?"

Parker: "I may be the biggest DICK BAG here but murder is low even for me, it's not my style, I prefer to berate them until they kill themselves, less work.. I have no idea what's going on but it's only going to end badly for you. No one can help you with this Leon especially not the SKWAD father..."

Parker: "I mean JESUS CHRIST!!! What were you thinking?"

Leon: "I am as innocent as Kel was when he dropped the screw in the tuna."

Parker face palms loudly.

Leon: "You watched Kennan and Kel growing up right?"

Parker: "Leon, Kel dropped the screw in the tuna which made him guilty."

There is an awkward silence.

Leon: "..."


Leon: "Well I am innocent. I swear on Sensations life I am."

Parker: "Right well I think I am going to leave you to it. You have got a championship match coming up later."

Leon: "Hey I have been watching Turmoil. Great work in your match last week against Joe HAHAHAHAHA!"

Parker smirks.

Parker: "You got to do what you got to do and I am just getting started. So with everything you have going on tonight, you ready for Nate Ortiz?"

Leon: "The real question you should be asking, is Nate Ortiz ready for me!"

Parker: "I leave for a few weeks and walk back into 2009. You vs Nate for the top gold... The world's gone mad."

Parker and Leon fist bump as our scene comes to a close.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

It's a 2009 Reunion Show!

Forget about it!