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Rev Inc.'s monster K.D. makes his way to the ring with a purpose. This isn't scheduled so there is no music. He calls for a mic and begins to speak.

K.D'Angelo : Well look at this . Look at this! We are at Certified Greatness. Honoring the great RD Money. You know what ? I hope he wipes the mat with that sissy.

* Crowd starts booing *

K.D'Angelo :
What oh you thought I had some loyalty to Rev.Inc when those sobs have none for me.

*KD starts ripping off all of his Rev Inc. attire. *

K.D'Angelo :
This company with all of their racist ways let some people do whatever they want. That piece of trash Madison . That hillbilly trailer slob Montgomery. All these bastard euros and ungrateful millennials . I was so happy when Malu and The Butcher took Jack apart. The new garbage Rev.Inc signed wasn't even consulted with me. Everyone gaze your eyes on the return of The ABM!

Ed Reed comes out shaking his head mic in hand.

What a shame, what a shame. You are part of a Hall of Fame group. And you decide to throw that away to be another ABM…

Ed shakes his head.

It’s the same story over and over. Rawr, I’m mad let me beat someone up. Everyone is out to get me, blah, blah, blah.

Reed: This life, this company is what you make of it! I’m sick of people like you making excuses and shifting the blame for your shortcomings. From what I could see those guys in red had your back. But, alas it looks like I may just need to hop, step, and kick some sense in your 5 head.

Reed: I’m tired of the same old narrative for us. If you are the first step in changing that, then so be it. Catch these kicks, feel these flips, and get woke. KD wake up! Wake up!

K.D'Angelo : Look boy ! I didn't get this title for being a nice guy , my hard work , my determination ! I could crush you right now but I don't want to tarnish tonight's celebration. Your appointment with the garden is coming . Believe it The Alpha is going to retire you old man.

Reed just laughs walks away leaving K.D. furious in the ring.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

KD is not the guy you want to anger!

And it looks like Ed just did!

Up next the #1 Contender takes on The Womens Champion Sophia!

Its the last womens match of the night and its for the Championship and its next!


Womens Championship


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The Camera pans to the announce team!

What a battle!

It came down to the wire!


Betty Ford are reunited once again. Whether that’s good or bad for OCW and the Women’s division is yet to be determined. As if this was 2013 all over again, Eerie Sunshine and Anna Mosity are at the closest bar to the arena. They wasted no time celebrating their victory in defeat by getting belligerent.

Eerie: I almost f**kin’ had that bitch!

Anna: She still got it tho!

Eerie: She got it good! I bet if you fisted her hard enough silicone woulda popped out her f**king ear sockets.

Nearly spilling their drinks, but not.

Anna: Ears don’t have sockets...it’s a ora...ora phist!

Eerie: Don’t *burp* tell me you read a f**king book. You can’t read ho !

Anna: You don’t need to read bitch when you got Deez!

She grabs her breasts firmly, shoving them in the hard working bartenders’ face.

Anna: Gimme another shot!

Eerie: I….I….still can’t believe that bitch blew up my bike.

Anna: *burp* That ain’t the only thing that bitch blows.

Eerie: I’m seriously seriously serious ho. I need a new ride, this Betty Ford Fusion shit is for the...the..

She takes a shot with Anna instead of finishing her thought.

Anna: How bout’ we get that bitch to pay for it. We can take that hoes’ ride, I knows a guy, who knows a guy, who can get you a price on anything.

Eerie: If…I...stole her car I’m likely to run that bitch over with it first.

Anna stares at the drunken Eerie with fury.

Anna: And slore!

She shoves Eerie forcing her cigarette to fall out her ear.

Eerie: You bitch !

The two immediately start play fighting and cackling at the bar. The camera fades with the bartender hopping the counter and the patrons gathering round.

The Camera pans to the announce team!


Animals Crude animals!

Up next a fued a year in the making!

Dupree is looking for some revenge will he get it?



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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What a match!

good heavens!

Nate Ortiz walks into the arena dressed like the man in black. Decked out in a black snapback, hoodie sweats and shoes. In one hand is the OCW Championship in the other his back. The look on his face is a combination of anticipation and anger. As Nate walks he can see a fast approaching Jim Black. Nate stops and before Jim could get a question out Nate begins to speak.

Yes Jim, I’m ready for tonight. This match has weighed on me more than just about any other match I’ve ever had. Leon is stepping into a fight with a man who feels like he has nothing left to lose. But I know I have so much I can lose tonight.

Nate: My position with the company, my championship, my wife, my brothers. But I’ve already lost my best friend. He has to pay for that. I won’t be sorry for what happens to him tonight.

Nate: Leon needs to understand that there is nothing he can do tonight. It doesn’t matter how many LKOs he hits, how many punts he kicks, or how many times he thinks he has won. I will not quit!

Nate’s overcome with anger when a familiar voice is heard…


Nate turns around and it is Baltimore’s own RD Money, to the delight of the crowd.

Tonight we can relive the Golden Era. RD Money and Nate Ortiz as World Champions. Franchize Greatness running the OCW World.

Nate doesn’t look amused by RD presence.

Chill, chill Chize. Not here to start nothing. Just wanted to pay some respects for JD or Versus for those mutts that don’t know.

RD extends his hand. Nate glares at RD remembering the times that RD has stabbed him in the back.

Come on now, think about the battles we’ve had together. Tonight is Certified Greatness a celebration of well… Me! But I say we pour one for Versus tonight.

Nate reaches into his pocket and pulls out a jeweled pot leaf lighter and looks at it. Remembering what he did to Versus and the other members of Rev Inc. with it over a decade ago. And the fact that he was forgiven and accepted. Nate nods and extends his hand to RD.


RD shakes Nate’s hand.


The crowd explodes as the 2007 co- Wrestlers of the Year shake hands putting aside years of animosity.

Well I think this speaks for itself.

The scene fades as the two Hall of Famers continue to speak as the scene fades.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

I love everything about this!

I don't!