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Although he was born on Valentine’s Day during the great blizzard of 1982 and the true inception of his Betterness culminated at an event called Chill Faktor. Yet “He with the Iron Knee” is undoubtedly the Human Heatwave and self anointed Mr. Summercide for a reason.

Current OCW Lightheavyweight Champion Tiberius Octavian Dupree has remained undefeated since the day he stepped into his first Summercide ring. He has amassed victories over OCW Legends Nate Ortiz, The Steve and Jacob Trance on his path to greatness without flaw.

Looking as if made of pure golden sunlight Dupree’s classic half smile radiates like the solar system itself. Understand that he is at the pinnacle of his existence today, that no matter what is said or done he will remain one with the summer….one with the better force.

The place and time isn’t important, what he’s about to say absolutely is, take heed pleb.

BETTERNESS: They say the sun can’t shine forever, there must be darkness…..

The lights go out briefly then slowly come back as his words flash across the screen with a fiery after effect.

BETTERNESS: I say the earth, the moon and the smaller stars simply conspire against its undeniable brightness.

Things get extremely illuminated.

BETTERNESS: The sun always burns golden bright, it’s the earth that turns it’s back, it’s the earth with all it’s disgusting people tilting its axis away from life itself.

BETTERNESS: See I represent the sun, its unrelenting FIRE, it’s golden aura of BETTERNESS. You can say our earth is OCW to put it simply and that vast darkness that engulfs everything else around us…. Nate Ortiz.

His name flashes across the screen as a black blob then crumbles into volcanic ash.

If you say that name three times in the mirror you’ll be teleported to a burial site.

BETTERNESS: Quip aside, this is my third time facing Nathaniel in one on one….

His next word fiercely bounces across the screen.

BETTERNESS: Competition. That’s what it’s all about isn’t. You need something to drive you Nate, you have to feel the need to be the best no matter who gets hurt or belittled on the way.

BETTERNESS: For you... this night...this moment right here is what has driven you for nearly the last half decade. But what happens after this moment Nathaniel?!

BETTERNESS: What happens when I end your drive, when I literally take the freaking summer from you? Because you won’t get a third chance at this, there is absolutely nothing left from me to take from you. Even with your summer you’re pathetic, your legacy tainted by your undying mediocrity.

BETTERNESS: The fact that tonight currently defines you means I’ve already won. The truth is I’ve taken the last 4 years from you, so tonight I’m simply taking your summer as the cherry on top of a really freaking large cake.

His final words glide across the screen in dramatic fashion before fading.

BETTERNESS: I will forever own the summer….

The Camera pans to the announce team!

The Summertaker is ready!

Up next brutality defined! Heather and Eerie go one on one!


Heather Angelo vs Eerie Sunshine

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Good god almighty!

They are like rabid dogs!

Our Humble Hero sat impatiently on the office exam table. He drummed his fingers on his knees and sighed, eager to get cleared to compete again, and get the search for Bray over and done with. He sighed again and cast a glance at the plain, black rimmed clock mounted on the wall. It had been thirty minutes since the the interns had told Our ever So Humble Hero that the OCW doctor would be with him shortly.

"You know," Dennis said to his companion who sat in a worn chair in the corner of the room swiping on her ipad. "'The doctor will be with you shortly' is probably the most frequently told lie in America."

Madison gave her paramour a half grin. "They're busy today, or something. Supposedly most stores within the city have been cleaned out of Icy Hot in preparation for Ortiz and Dupree."

"They're always busy," Dennis deadpanned.

Madison let out an exasperated sigh. "Denny-" But she was cut short by the door opening up to reveal a tall man with brown hair, brown eyes, and brown ears. Dennis and Madison stared at the doctor.

………… Toooooo Urb-

Doctor: Mr. Black and Madison Cox,, good to see you. Shame it couldn’t be under better circumstances.

Dennis: Yea, so if we could just get this over with.

Doctor: Two cracked ribs, Mr. Black.

Dennis and Madison: TWO?!

The doctor nods.

Bray’s behavior has been...a concern for the last year or so. Is there a reason he may have attacked you, Dennis?

Madison: Bray did this? But why?

Dennis: I can think of a few reasons...starting with your attack on Ace.

Madison: Ace? The dark one? That’s his girlfriend? Gross…

Dennis: Sister.

Tiffany enters the room and leaves the door open. Dennis briefly looks to Madison before looking back to Tiffany. He hops of the examination table and put his shirt back on.

That will be all, Doctor. I can take it from here.

The Doctor nods and leaves the three alone. Dennis placed a hand over his bruised side. Madison narrows her eyes at Tiffany while looping her arms around one of Dennis’s.

So Bray avenged his sister? Couldn’t have happened to a nicer pair. You two truly deserve each other. You’re worse than Leon and Alex, and that’s saying a lot. I noticed you didn’t make it to the curtain for your match with Dragana, Madison.

Madison: I had more important things to do. Dennis is hurt! We demand the match with Drago be delayed. I’ll take the loss. Doesn’t affect me! I’m next in line.

Tiffany: Actually, forfeiting against Dragana takes you out of contention. As for the main event, Drago is cleared when he shouldn’t be...and so are you, Dennis. This match is happening, and we ‘will’ have a winner.

Dennis winced as Madison looked on with concern. Tiffany grins and turns away from the two.

My family hasn’t forgotten what the two of you have done to get yourselves into the main event. Tonight isn’t punishment. That’s being saved for a special edition of Turmoil this week. Good luck…

Tiffany closes the door, leaving the power couple alone.

I swear…

Madison: We focus on Drago first. Then after we take the OCW title from him, we’ll just beat Bray with it until he can’t walk anymore, yea?

Dennis: Alright. Let’s get prepared to break everyone’s hearts. Drago isn’t ready for me.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

This ain't the best timing!

Speaking of timing its TIME for Seb with the chance of a lifetime to take on Bill Ding!



International Championship

Seb Abott vs Bill Ding

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

He did it!!!

Oh my!