OCWFED.com Presents Riot



Suddenly we cut backstage, to the middle of a confrontation between Christian Shepard and Cort Marshall.

The camera moves quickly as Shep backs away from the quickly progressing Cort.

 I knew you couldn’t hold out loser. Give me your best shot because you know damn well it won’t be enough!

Cort rushes in fast and grabs a hold of Shep’s shoulder as Shep tries to dart away. Cort delivers a right hand to the abdomen of Shep.

Then another. Shep groans but blocks a third attempt before poking Cort in the eye and breaking free.

Shep is on the move again with Cort in pursuit. Shep is throwing down anything he can find to try to stop Cort who is stalking him like a monster from an 80s horror film. Shep finally stops and smirks at Cort.

 Let’s just get this over with you walking disappointment! Let’s go!

Cort charges and he ducks his head as he’s about to deliver a tackle, but in a move straight out of a Saquon Barkley highlight tape Shep leapfrogs Cort who tackles a man who happened to be standing behind Shep.

Shep dusts his hands off and begins to walk away.

 I’m not done!

Cort tackles Shep from behind and begins to deliver haymakers to Shep’s face. Cort reaches his hand back… but he’s lifted up like a child as a furious Telos pulls him to his feet and begins to lay punches into his chest!

 I don't care what yall got going on, but you touch me and I'm laying hands on you! 

Telos begins to beat Cort mercilessly. Shep gets up, joining in as well. Telos is in a blind rage and steps towards Shepard.

 Easy big man, we’re on the same side this time.

Telos stares him down, breathing hard, but nods after a moment. Before he and Shepard can get back to business with Cort, Tre Golden appears out of nowhere and pushes Telos back!

Shep uses this distraction to get away as Tre stares down Telos, the two waiting to see who will make the first move. Cort slowly gets up as well, as security finally arrives to break up this backstage brawl!