OCWFED.com Presents Riot





The camera pans to the announce team.


Wrestlution 13 is just over the horizon! Things have been heating up all over OCW!

And tonight the Road To Wrestlution continues, in Grand Fashion!

Strap in its gonna be a barn burner!

The scene opens to an office door that reads Our Hero. The door opens as the camera pans to the back of Our Hero himself Mr.Sensation. But his relaxed posture turns tense and ready to fight as he sees someone sitting in his chair.

The chair turns around quickly to reveal Nate Ortiz holding a family portrait of Our Hero, Nate, Tiffany Sensation-Ortiz, and their children. Nate places the photo back on the desk.

 How goes it old man.

Mr.Sensation: At this point we are both old! Son.

Nate: Yea, yea…

Nate gets up and walks over to Mr.Sensation and the two give a father, son hug before Mr.Sensation sits at his desk and Nate goes right for the liquor cabinet and pours two cups of scotch. Mr.Sensation gives Nate a sad look knowing what he’s come to talk about.

 I want Ego and Betterness at 13.

Mr.Sensation drinks his cup and motions for another but he doesn’t respond to his Son In Law's Request.

 Old man you heard me. I want Pugh and Dupree at Wrestlution, two 1 on 1s, handicap, triple threat I don’t care. Put me on the card.

Mr.Sensation: I'm sorry Nate, I can’t…

Nate: It’s your world you can do whatever the hell you want. It’s not you can’t. We’ve been family too long for this. Tell me why you won’t.

Mr.Sensation looks nate dead in his eyes as she speaks in an almost whispered tone.

Mr.Sensation: Wrestlution 10, 11, 12, Riot 500…Do you know what these all have in common? I will spare you the rigamarole.

Mr.Sensation: The common denominator is that at those shows The Main Event was Nate Ortiz the single greatest performer nay THE SINGLE MOST DECORATED WRESTLER in the history of this company.

Mr.Sensation's tone gets a little louder, but it has an almost concerned tone about it.

But you know what else those shows had in common? You lost, son. You came up short against Paul Pugh, Drago Cesar, Parker Stevens and Tiberius Dupree.

Mr.Sensation: That's not to discredit any of those 4 men as each are all in the Hall of Fame and each will stand the test of time as some of the greatest. Hell the argument can even be made that they might be greater than you.....

Nate throws a sharp look at Our Hero, who isn't trying channel his usual wise cracking ways..not with his Son In Law, not with Nate Ortiz. You can see the pain in Mr.Sensation's heart as he continues.

Mr.Sensation: Family don't end with Blood, boy! You are my Son..god dammit. You provided the anchor in some of our darkest times and allowed us to grow into what we are today.

Mr.Sensation: They will give me the credit but you deserve just as much. I remember when you came back in 2013 and you faced off against Tiberius Dupree at Summercide, I remember when you walked through the curtains after your loss and how you felt that you didn't think you deserve to be here anymore.

Mr.Sensation: I saw you rebuild yourself time and time again and get better and better. But we have to face facts Nate. Just like I'm not a bottle of unmitigated rage 24/7 like I was in 2006 you aren't the same man either.

Mr.Sensation: I won't stand by and watch you ruin your legacy, I REFUSE to allow those outside sycophants to write those stupid articles saying "Nate Ortiz doesn't have it anymore" If not for me then for you, and your Legacy Nate.

Mr.Sensation: You are in the back for a reason god dammit. YOU WORKED TOO FUCKING HARD FOR OVER 15 YEARS TO THROW IT ALL AWAY. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE???

Nate: That I am still The Franchize!

Nate chugs his cup and pours another.

 Those losses out weigh all the years I’ve put in? Everything I’ve done for this place, without asking for anything in return.

Nate: Everything I’ve done that only you and me know about to keep this place going. I’ve done to much for you! Too much for you to tell me no the one time I ask to call in a favor.

Nate: Not once have I asked for a championship match yet when you made the call I was there.

Nate: When you lost this company and needed someone to take it back From Guy Fausto to Mugen when guys wanted your head on a pike I was there to put them back down.

Nate: I know I can do this. I have to do this. I have to have this. I have to!

Mr.Sensation: I'm sorry Nate. I really am if it was anything else I would give to you in a heartbeat. The Answer is still No.

Nate throws his glass against the wall shattering it. He puts his head down hair covering his face.

 I’m going to make you do this…

Nate walks out of the office slamming the door as the scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.

That was tense!

Who you telling?

The scene opens with Stacy Clark standing in the middle of the ring. 

Stacy Clark:
 In the upcoming PPV, the most important one of the year, WrestlLution, there will be a 4-way-Women’s Ladder Match for the Future Investment.

Stacy Clark: The winner has the right to demand a title match wherever and whenever she wants.

Stacy Clark: And today I am here to reveal the four contestants for this glorious match.

Stacy Clark: Our first competitor is one half of the tag team Les Femmes Brutales. Please welcome Empress.

Empress walks down the ramp carrying a ladder. She slides the ladder in the ring then climbs into the ring and grabs the microphone from Stacy. 

 Shut up Stacy! I am the only woman in this match that matters followed by my BFF Ashley Moore. I was the only woman left standing in that 6 woman tag match at Road to Glory. 

Empress: I eliminated Belle’s worthless ass. Blaine eliminated FloJo. While Blaine as well as my BFF Ashley Moore bless her heart both lost to Valkyrie. But, I beat Valkyrie so in total I beat 5 other women in that match. 

Stacy Clark: I don’t think it works like that. 

Empress: Shut up Stacy! I’m talking. So what does all that mean? It means I’ve already won this match once. Adding ladders will just make me enjoy handing out this asskicking that much more. 

Empress shoves the microphone back into Stacy’s hands. 

Stacy Clark:
 Now to our second participant. Uhm … FloJo.

FloJo comes into the ring with a microphone and turns to the audience.

 Les Femmes Brutales? Sounds like some random tag team name you’d see in a mediocre wrestling game. 

FloJo winks at the camera and kicks the ladder away as Empress stares her up and down while swearing in Japanese. 

 What kind of introduction was that Stacy? Wasn’t given much to work with I guess. 

Empress mutters
: Only appropriate to give a shitty introduction to a shitty wrestler. 

FloJo: Nice to see you again, Stacy. By the way, what a great opportunity to compete at Lution. Last time when I was there, I worked the stands now I’m actually in the ring. In a big stadium RIGHT HERE IN NEW YORK

The camera pans around the arena as the crowd cheers. 

 You know the last time I climbed the ladder, I nearly killed myself by jumping off it. I know some people wish that it happened, but i had to disappoint you there. However since i'm in a ladder match, why don’t I make another suicide attempt? Someone’s gonna join me. 

FloJo looks at Empress: Why the long face? We all gonna die someday. 

Stacy Clark: FloJo please. This is a family show. 

Empress: Only thing that will die on that day will be the last of your withered career. 

FloJo: We’ll see about that you old piece of Japanese take out.

Stacy speaks to the audience again.

Stacy Clark:
 The third one to be part of this match is the Barbie Doll of Davenport, Iowa. A big applause for Belle.

Belle makes her way to the ring and stands next to FloJo.

 Thanks Stacy, that’s sweet! 

Belle: I’m so happy for this opportunity. I mean, this match can change your whole career in one night, and to compete at WrestleLution. It’s unbelievable. 

Stacy Clark: And now we come to the last one to complete it. She had many ups and downs in her time here. Will she be able to take the opportunity this match will offer her? Please welcome with me, Ashley Moore.

Ashley Moore comes with a big smile into the ring. Inside it she looks at FloJo and Belle and starts to laugh wildly.

Ashley Moore:
 Oh my god, hahahaha. Is this a joke? Why would they give the two of you this opportunity. I am ok with it. This way it will be easier for me.

Then she looks with a depressed face at Empress.

Ashley Moore:
 And then on the other hand they make me fight my best friend. At least one of us is surely going to win it.

Empress: No matter what happens we will still be BFFs. While FloJo and Belle will still be failures. 

With these impressions the camera pans out of the ring and shows the whole arena being excited for this upcoming match.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Holy hell a Women's FI match!

That's gonna be crazy!

The Camera Pans To The X-Tron



The scene opens backstage at Riot. La Estrella Fugaz, in her first time at an OCW arena, walks the halls. A few glances are thrown her way, observing the striking green-and-gold mask she wears even in casual clothes.

Overall, though, there have been much weirder, wilder and woolier wrestlers in OCW, so she makes it through the halls without much trouble. She stops in front of a woman leaning on the wall, with striking red and black hair, an eyepatch, and a leather vest.

 You must be my opponent. Evelyn, yes?

Evelyn looks up, confused.

 Wait, a match? What do you mean?

Estrella: We have a match… on this very show. I came to wish you luck, as is proper.

Evelyn: Oh god, I'm not even ready! I didn’t think I’d get this opportunity so soon… so I didn’t check the card. Good thing I always keep the old gear with me. Thanks for the good wishes, though. Same to you!

The luchador nods, seriously.

 Also, I have heard… you are a demon?

Evelyn: ...Yes, that is true. I’d very much like to not talk about it.

Estrella: Interesting. I will keep an eye on you. There has been so much injustice in this company lately--women fired for losing, kicked out of their own homes… bullies and abuses of power.

Estrella: I have come here to stop it. As long as you are not one of them… we will have no problems.

There is a slight threat in her voice as she says this, staring stone-faced at Evelyn, who looks calm.

 You won’t have to worry about me. My days in the wrong are done.

Estralla smiles.

 Glad to hear.

After an awkward moment, Estrella bows slightly and leaves Evelyn to herself.

 Okay. She knows… cool, I guess. At least she’s not one of those jerks that ask about my eyepatch. Those people are so annoying. Now where the heck’s my gear?

The camera pans to the announce team.


That match will be shortly but up next!


It's a Match!

The camera pans to the announce team.

What an odd ensemble!

Kids these days!


The scene opens with a tracking shot of Antonio Everrett, who is out in the streets of New York walking along the pavement. It is cold and rainy, so he is dressed accordingly: short-sleeved Polo, shorts, slides. He pulls out his phone and finishes sending a text to his Uncrowned brother, Doc Green.

’Sorry couldn’t be at Riot tonight, AC invited me to coffee shop for some reason - Not worried : - )’

He puts his phone back in his pocket and stops to take a few photos with fans, before finding himself outside a Starbucks. He goes inside.

As he makes his way through the shop, he can’t seem to find any sign of AC Cobra anywhere. He makes his way up to the counter and places an order.


Antonio looks to his left and sees AC Cobra sat on the table on the far left hand side of the shop, furthest from the entrance. He is hooded, and only his mouth is visible as he continues.

AC: Glad you could make it Gamer, you’re a tad bit late but happy you’re here.

Antonio: Ahh there you are, almost missed you mate.

Antonio takes a seat at the table and is now sat across from Cobra, who doesn’t seem to have ordered yet. There’s a moment of awkward silence.

AC: Last week was a little tough huh? Your overconfidence got the best of I see.

Antonio: Maybe you’re right on that one. Shepherd ain’t no joke, and I got complacent, it ain’t happening again though, mark my words.

A young employee makes her way to their table with a Cup in hand.

Employee: Tea for... ‘OCW Light Heavyweight Champion of the Woooooooooooooorld, Antonio Everrett’.

Antonio: Haha yeah that’s me.

Antonio glares at AC for half a second. He turns his attention back to the employee.

Antonio: Cheers, mate.

Employee: I’m sorry sir, we’re all huge fans of you, can we please have a photo?

Antonio now looks past her and sees a small group of Starbucks employees who have gathered and are staring at this exchange, seemingly none of them were brave enough to come up to the Light Heavyweight Champion. She sheepishly hands him her phone.

Antonio: Of course, no problem. I am a man of the people after all. AC, would you mind?

AC begrudgingly takes the phone and takes a picture of the group. He hands the phone back to the young woman. AC and Antonio are then left to continue their conversation.

AC: What about me? I was here 15 minutes earlier and you guys know I wrestle too? Anyone wants a picture?

Everyone looks at each other, not quite sure how to respond. There’s another awkward pause.

One employee quickly walks away & comes back to the table with another cup in hand.

Employee #2: This one must be for you?

She hands over the cup to AC and moves away from the table, back to the group who are still staring. Antonio lets out a small chuckle.

Antonio: Hey man, don’t worry about it, I’m sure they know who you are, maybe they’re just scared, you know?

AC: Maybe we should discuss elsewhere, I think I know a place. BUT FIRST I DESTROY A ROOKIE! I WILL CATCH UP!

Antonio: I mean we can do, I’m taking this tea though. Cheers you lot.

Antonio raises his cup to the employees and makes his way to the entrance. AC Cobra Naruto style runs straight out the door and makes a darting right as the camera fades out.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Who is A.C. Cobra?


Camera Pans To The Ramp

Christian Shepard appears on screen with an annoying smirk on his face. He’s backstage in street clothes like he’s going to fight.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Shep: Cort Marshall doesn’t deserve to be in the Future Investment Match.

Shep: He’s not the future and he’s a dumb ass investment.

Shep: You don’t invest in something that you know is going to fail.

Shep: Me on the other hand you know I’m money in the… Wait don’t want to get sued for copyright. 

Shep laughs.

 Cort you aren’t worth the grass I pissed on around your dad’s grave.

Shep: So I’m going to make a wish and give you a chance to come fight me back here tonight.

Shep: I’ll be at catering the one place you might be able to get a win every week.

Shep waves goodbye as the scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Shepard is a jerk!

You need to watch your dam mouth!