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????: Mister I’m worried about you.

The camera fades in showing the locker room of Tiberius Octavian Dupree. To say it’s awkward on the eyes to see Dupree without his long gorgeous hair is a major understatement.

He is completely shaven bald, not a single frolic of hair on his head. Deuce his underachieving sidekick has a concerned look on his face. Dupree seems to be playing Connect Four against himself with a out of world look of his own.

Worry not, by night’s end, the new galaxy will begin.

Deuce: Um ok, but I thought you didn’t want to face Dimsmore at Summercide?

He looks at Deuce with disappointment.

Dupree: Because I had hair then, I obviously don’t now, so I have to face him.

Deuce: I don’t understand.

Dupree: That’s because you must overstand. Let me explain something to you….

Dupree: CONNECT 4!!!!!!

Tibby celebrates as if he just won the lottery. He begins tossing black and red chips in the air, Deuce interrupts him.

Deuce: Mister?....

As if snapping back to this reality, he looks at Deuce.

Dupree: You can conspire against my Betterness, you can try to mimic my Betterness, you can even try to molest my Betterness, but you will never and I mean EVER end my Betterness.

Dupree: For the Betterness is a galaxy of greatness surpassing the confines of anyone’s comprehension but my own. Luke S. Dimsmore thought cutting my hair was the final deletion, that somehow I would be powerless…

Dupree: He was wrong, dead wrong. He would have to cut my soul from my soul in every reality imaginable.

Dupree: Nonetheless he deserves to be punished for the atrocities he’s committed against my Betterness. Do you overstand this Deuce?

Deuce adjust the large belt on his shiny attire and nods.

Deuce: Absolutely.

Dupree: Very well, we now must prepare for the war within the war my friend.

The camera fades, the look on Deuces face still looks worried.

The Camera pans to the announce team!


Losing has hair has made him certifiable!


The Xtron Flickers On!

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Sugar Skull & Candy Skull both have microphones as all of the members of Dia de los Muertos stand in the ring together for the first time since debuting in OCW.

Sugar Skull -
Hola y buena tarde, OCW. Esta noche aquí en el Summercide, Día de los Muertos se encuentra en un OCW anillo, juntos, por primera vez. Ambos grupos de Turmoil y Riot se han reunido en este Pay Per View para una de las razones y una sola razón.
(Hello and good evening , OCW . Tonight here in the Summercide , Day of the Dead is in OCW together for the first time. Both groups of Turmoil and Riot have gathered in this Pay Per View for one reason and one reason only.)

Candy Skull - Y eso es lo que nos merecemos, y lo que legítimamente se debe a nosotros. Y no pedimos mucho. Pero todo eso ha cambiado ahora. Todos queríamos que cuando llegamos a esta empresa era una posibilidad. Te demostramos que éramos buenos en el ring. Os mostramos que podríamos promo. Te demostramos que podíamos ir con lo mejor que tienes que ofrecer aquí. ¿Y lo que alguno de nosotros?
(And that's for what we deserve, and rightfully due to us. And we do not ask much. But all that has changed now. We all wanted when we got to this company was a chance. We showed that we were good in the ring. We show that we could promo. We showed that we could go with the best you have to offer here . And what any of us get? )

Sugar Skull - Nada. Ya que hemos estado aquí en OCW, Turmoil y Riot, Día de los Muertos ha sido nada pero falta de respeto. En Turmoil no nos reservadas. Y cuando nos reservadas, es contra el mismo pueblo whiny que no tienen sus partidos con nosotros, entonces dicen que nosotros somos los culpables.
(Nothing. Since we have been here in OCW , Turmoil and Riot , Day of the Dead has been nothing but disrespected. In Turmoil no respect for us. And when we respond , it is against the same childish people who lie and then say that we are the culprits.)

Candy Skull - Riot no es diferente. Nos quedamos reservados para hacer a un partido donde nuestros rivales no aparecen, pero luego aparecen más adelante en el show para hacer su propia cosa. ¿Lo que se hace a las personas? Nada.
(Riot is no different. We were booked to make a name where our opponents do not appear, but then appear later in the show to do their own thing . What people do about it? Nothing!!!)

Sugar Skull - Desde nuestra primera aparición de Pay Per View OCW Savage Lands, Día de los Muertos no ha tenido un match en un Pay Per View de OCW.
(Since our first appearance of Pay Per View OCW Savage Lands , Day of the Dead has not had a match on a Pay Per View OCW.)

Candy Skull - Independientemente de lo que hemos hecho para demostrar a todo el mundo en la espalda que merecemos estar aquí. Merecen estar en una mejor posición que los que nos encontramos.
(Regardless of what we have done to show everyone in the back we deserve to be here . WE deserve to be in a better position than we are.)

Sugar Skull - Ya que hemos estado aquí, hemos sacado y dejado nuestra tarjeta en su Turmoil Champion. En su Television Champion. En su Womans Champion. Y a un miembro del Hall of Fame. Y ésos son sólo la gente que importa.
(Since we have been here , we have been taking people on Turmoil Champion. In its Television Champion. In his Womans Champion. And a member of the Hall of Fame. And those are just the people who matter.)

Candy Skull - Y que es ni como o contando el puñado de otros que hemos dejado nuestra marca en. Personas que incluso no importan. Pero sin embargo las personas que se mostraban que estamos para ser tomado en serio.
(And it's not like or by counting the handful of others who have left our mark on. People who do not even matter. But however people who showed that we are to be taken seriously.)

Sugar Skull - Pero no estamos tomados serias. Y que cambios esta noche. Esta noche, OCW, Turmoil, Riot, se verá qué tan grave estamos. Qué tan grave nos debemos tomar. Hemos Barajamos con usted bastante tiempo, y la falta de respeto termina aquí.
(But we are not taken seriously . And that changes tonight. Tonight, OCW , Turmoil , Riot , you will see how serious we are . How serious you should take us . We have toyed with you long enough, and the lack of respect ends here.)

Candy Skull - Después de esta noche, Summercide 2016 será recordado para siempre como el día de que los muertos asumieron el control. OCW, Día de los Muertos es sobre ti.
(After tonight , Summercide 2016 will be remembered forever as the day . The Day of the dead took over. OCW , OCW YOU DID THIS!!)

Sugar Skull - Translation. OCW, the games end tonight. The disrespect towards us ends tonight. It is time that all of you see and realize just how serious, and dangerous, we are.

Sugar Skull - You want to toy with us? Make us your jokes?

Sugar Skull - By the end of the night, we will see just how funny we are. We will see who will be laughing.

Sugar Skull - Summercide 2016 will be forever known as the day the dead walked the earth. The day that the dead took over.

Sugar Skull - OCW, Dia de los Muertos is here. The day of the dead is upon you.

The scene cuts to the announce team.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

I don't like this one bit!

PSHSSSH, what are they gonna do? Mariachi dance us to death?

Up next Does Kat have an opponent?

We gonna find out!!!





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The Camera pans to the announce team!


Right in the chesticles!


Jimmy enters the arena in a hurried fashion, wearing casual clothes and carring his gym bag over his shoulder. He is not in the mood for pleasantries tonight. He walks straight past Stephen "Ginger" Maxwell.

Ginger: Jimmy, a quick word before your match tonight?

Jimmy: Nope.

Ginger looks dejected, but Jimmy just keeps walking. He throws open the door to the locker room and sits down on a locker room bench, facing the mirror on the wall in front of him.

Jimmy: This is it, Jimmy boy. Time to prove them all wrong. Time to prove you're not just here for the fans, that you're not just here to take bumps. It's time to prove that you deserve to be here on merit.

Jimmy: For too long now, this Gentleman's Club have been swaggering around doing whatever they want, in the name of entertainment. With no consideration of human consequence. It's time for you to prove, Jimmy, that you are the guy who is able to stop them. Win tonight & you get the chance to put Jack in his place.

Jimmy: Too many losses to bigger guys. Malu. Tank. Cactus. Axton. Time to put an end to that tonight, starting with Big Ed. Let's win this brawl and take some momentum forward to the S-Cup. C'MON SON!

Jimmy has psyched himself up. He jumps to his feet and does some shadowboxing with his reflection in the mirror.

Jimmy: For mum. (He throws a punch.) For Sid. (He throws another.) For the fans. (And another.) For Turmoil. (And another.) For Scotland. (A quick 1-2 combo.) FREEEEEEEDDDDDDOOOOOMMMMMM!!! (Jimmy erupts in front of the mirror with an array of punches & dodges.)

Jimmy regains his composure, and looks around to make sure nobody else is in the locker room. That got a bit out of hand.

Jimmy: Focus, Jimmy, focus...

The scene fades.

The Camera pans to the announce team!


Jimmy is as good as dead!

Coming up the 3 Stooges do battle!

My Money is on Medium Money Matt Sheldon!!!





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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Right in the breadbasket!

That's gonna sting!

The following footage is pre-recorded.

Come on, crush him! You’re bigger, you’re faster, you’re stronger!

It was hard to decide what Loki might be doing. To any passerby he might be on his phone. He was sitting crossed legged on the concrete on the edge of the Summercide outdoor parking lot.

The sun was beating down him and his face paint was starting to run. But his attention was focused on a point just in front of him.

If you fail...you will burn. Now fight, fight to the death!

What an unfortunate time for someone to pass by but at that moment a young lady was walking past. Up close she could see that he wasn’t on a phone. There was no one near by. She assumed he was talking to her. So she bustled past.

Loki paid no attention to her. Instead he raised his hands in celebration

Excluding all the other oddities of Loki, a new foil was the fact that in his raised right hand was a large magnifying glass.

Yes! I have all and you have nothing! OH! Loki’s Ladder out of nowhere!

Jacob Trance had been searching for Loki but he wasn’t expecting this. The scene was difficult to understand. Oblivious to Trance’s presence Loki continued. In front of him was a pile of sand which Loki, with impressive detail, had recreated the Colosseum. While Loki continued to cheer wildly while swinging his magnifying glass, Trance was able to move closer and peer inside of the sand built arena.

Two large red ants were engaged in a vicious battle. They would charge each other, pincers would rip at each other while the front legs swiped in desperation.

Trance was both fascinated and disturbed by what he saw. He was impressed at how accurate the Colosseum was but worried by the obvious joy Loki was having.

Um...what the hell are you doing?

Loki sat up a bit straighter before leaning in. He had a confused look on his face: Um...was that one of you?

He didn’t seem to realize it was Trance.


Loki’s eyes widened and he pressed his ear to the ground just outside of the sand designed architecture: Satan? Is that you?

In exasperation Trance reached down and grabbed by the shoulders to pick up the strange hobbit.

Loki screamed:

Once he was dragged to his feet Loki finally realized who it was.

Trancy! Hey! Hey! Hey!...I think those ant can talk…

Trance lets go of Loki: Follow me, dumbass.

Loki begins to protest, but Trance seizes his wrist dragging him towards the entrance.

Can you tell me why I keep getting voicemails from you asking if I want the mystery box? I do not want or need to know what’s in the box… I mean, where even is it now… Not that I want to know or anything…

Loki looks up at the sky and yawns.

Wonderful answer… Let’s just get inside.

At that, the scene fades with Trance dragging Loki into the building, his shouts and commentary of Ant Wrestling Federation can still be heard until the x-tron falls into complete darkness.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

The words, they escape me!

I have no mouth but I must scream!