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The feed cuts to a pre-taped segment from earlier in the day. The camera pans to the freshly shaven Tiberius Octavian Dupree and Deuce who are walking through the hustle and bustle of the arena being set up for one of the grandest shows in OCW history.

Dupree’s eyes suddenly narrow as he senses a nefarious presence, he raises a hand to stop Deuce who is utterly confused and looks around cautiously.

Dupree: How dare you.

???: How dare YOU.

The camera shifts around to spot the man who Dupree had called out. It slowly rises from the feet of a man in a dark unitard covered in eyes.

The camera then slowly moves up from his feet, to his torso and finally comes rest at his face to reveal that it is none other than the future Governor of South Carolina and the Intergalactic Interloper himself Ryu Matsumoto.

Ryu: Looking SMOOTH there my friend!

Tibby instinctively touches his bald head.

???: How dare both of you dummies

The familiar vocabulary and usage of the word “dummies” means that it could only be one person. The camera swings to the side to confirm none other than the Messiah of the Multiverse himself, Mugen.

Mugen: How dare the both of you interrupt me in this instance of the multiverse. For I, am trying to find some peace and quiet prior to my championship title match tonight.

Ryu & Dupree Together: Your Multiverse?

Mugen: Yes, this is Mugenta Universe Eleventy 296 or simply known as MUE296.

Dupree walks up to Mugen and pokes him in the chest.

Dupree: Do you not know who I am? I am the one and only Galactic Galavanter and I will transverse between galaxies and multiverses as I damn well please. You should be lucky that I haven’t smacked the taste out of your mouth for the actions of your stooge Dimsmore.

As Dupree walks away from Mugen he starts flailing his arms in the air.

Dupree: Instead, I pity you because even with all your so called “multiverses”, I know you haven’t been to the GLORIOUS lands of Kashynkk, or climbed the forbidden mountains of Overix or drank from the oceans of Bootonica or even hoola hooped with the Hootfather of Hootopia. Do you want me to continue?

Ryu: And I don’t obey the rules of time and space so I will exist in your multiverse if I want to. Look what I can do.

Ryu demonstrates his ability to be a time lord by adjusting the dial and changing the time on his watch.

Mugen: You aren't doing anything special….you are just changing the time on your watch.

Ryu: Or am I breaking the laws of time?

Mugen: No, you are just demonstrating exactly why you are late to everything.

Ryu: Exactly, breaking laws of time.


Dupree starts chuckling at the expense of Mugen.

Mugen: YOU, shut up. Look what I can do for you in this particular multiverse.

Mugen starts moving his hands in quick technical fashion to the amazement of Ryu and Dupree.


Magically, long flowing golden locks of hair start to flow from the head of Dupree almost exactly to how they were prior to Dimsmore’s heinous attack from Riot.


Dupree starts petting his hair like a pet owner who found his long lost dog. The seconds of petting feel like eternity for the others in the room.

Mugen: Exactly, Tibbles…..

Ryu: Heh, Tibbles.

Mugen: Ask not what can be done for you, but more like what I can do for you.

Dupree: But……….do you have…..a vessel of unimaginable potential that can take you places your puny Purge mind can’t even comprehend? NO I didn’t think so.

Mugen stares down Dupree like he is about three seconds away from slapping him.

Mugen: I am this close to slapping you into MUE69.

Dupree: Try me!

Ryu: Hey look what I can do guys.

Ryu continues to fiddle with the dial on his watch.

Ryu: I made it August 29th.

Both Mugen and Dupree turn to Ryu and stare at him.

Mugen and Dupree Together: IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT.

Ryu: Sure it does. It always does. Welcome to Tuesday.


Ryu: See, I did make it August 29th then.


Dupree is laughing even more at the frustrations of Mugen and almost starts rolling on the floor.

A stage hand walks up to the bickering trio.

Hand: Hey, you guys are wrestlers right? What are you still doing here? Summercide was four days ago.

Dupree and Mugen look at each other, flabbergasted at the stage hand’s revelation.

They both turn to look at Ryu to see that he has disappeared.


Mugen throws a conveniently placed chair next to him all the way across the arena smashing OCW promotional material featuring “He Who Shall Not Be Named” into pieces.


The camera pans to find Dupree’s reaction only to find a large pile of Blonde Hair on the floor.

Mugen: Hm, I guess I’ll finally get that PEACE AND QUIET I deserve.

Still shocked at the disappearance the cameraman pans back and forth between Mugen and the remnants of Dupree. After a few back and forths, we find out that Mugen has disappeared as well. The camera fades like an abstract dream.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh for crying out loud...Al.. Al????

Welcome to Thursday Night Turmoil!!!! hehehehe

uhh up next The Better than G.O.A.T takes on a new member of T.O.P!

Who could it be I wonder? Scaggs?



NATE ORTIZ VS ????????

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The Camera pans to the announce team!




Madison paces around Dennis’s locker room while screaming into Ginger’s phone.

If I can just send you a picture or describe him, maybe you can tell me if you at least saw him.

TSA Agent:

I’m a Queen! I deserve better than this. Surely you must have seen him? He easily looks like someone you would frisk before a flight.....

We do that at random.

Oh horse crap. No one believes that for a second. He could easily be suspected as someone with an exploding shoe.

Ma’am, we don’t racial profile.

Madison hangs up the phone and tosses it over her shoulder when she sees Dennis standing in the doorway. She runs over to him and wraps her arms around his waist as hard as she could. He winced from ungodly pressure.

Ribs...broken..Majin...The Stephen…half of Samoa...

This made her squeeze harder.

I had to lie to Ortiz and Versus. Do you have any idea how hard that was for me? I told them you’d be here, and then I couldn’t find you.

She finally releases him and steps back.

How are our people doing?

Madison: It’s been a rough night. But i’m glad you’re here now…

Dennis: Yeah?

Madison smiles.

I just. I don’t know. We’ve taken so many flights and long drives to these things, i suppose i took you and our time bantering together for granted. I never want to take another trip without you.

Dennis’s brow raised at that. Just then, the door to Dennis's and Madison's locker room opens.

Alex Robinson:
"Knock knock, are your clothes still on? Are you two behaving?"

Madison Cox: "You..."

Just as Madison was about to say something else, OCW legend and North American champion Leon Valentine walks in from behind Alex.

Leon Valentine:
"Good evening, how we all doing?"

Madison Cox:
"What are you doing bringing him with you Alex? Do you think we forgot what he did to Dennis a few months back with Parker?"

Alex is about to say something but Leon stops her and whispers: "It's ok."

Dennis looks over at Leon.

Leon Valentine:
"Yeah, sorry about that."

Dennis Black:
"It's okay."

Madison Cox: "No, no it's not okay."

Dennis pats Madison on the shoulder as he whispers to her: "It's fine."

Alex Robinson:
"I think we should all just...settle down. Madison has had a rough night. We should go Leon, they need to catch up."

Madison Cox: "Sorry, Alex."

Dennis nods at Alex before looking to Leon.

Dennis Black:
"Word on the street is you're the next member to join revolution inc?"

Leon Valentine:
"You never know..."

Dennis Black: "That a yes?"

Leon Valentine: "Maybe..."

Dennis Black: "I see."

Leon Valentine: "I saw Turmoil this week and what the theatre of pain did to you. You okay to go out there tonight?"

Dennis Black: "Oh I am ready. What they did to me has only made me want that championship more tonight."

Leon Valentine:
"I have fought Malu over the years and believe me, he is no easy task. The man is huge but I believe in you Dennis. You can do this."

Leon Valentine:
"If anything happens tonight , just know I got your back?"

Leon looks at the time and takes Alex’s hand before making his way to the door.

Dennis Black:
"Thanks Leon, I got yours too."

Leon gives the Turmoil duo one more look before leaving the locker room. After Alex closes the door behind them, Madison looks back to Dennis who was now sitting on the couch.

Staples Center. Sold out audience...main event.

Madison sits beside him.

Looking back on when we started working together and where we are now, seems unreal. You could walk away with two Titles or leave with nothing. Never been so nervous in my life. You could lose everything.

Dennis: Everything...

Madison: Everything but me.

Dennis quickly sat up.

You mean that? Really?

Madison: Well...I...yea. Best friends through thick and thin.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Well The TV Champ is here!



The Xtron Flickers On!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

This is a huge edition!

They have a Theatre of Pain, Rev Inc has a Gatekeeper!!!

Now its time for the OCW North American Championship Match! This is the Leon Renissance, can he keep up this momentum!

Tobin Frost has got his number!




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The Camera pans to the announce team!



The lights dim slightly in the arena and the spotlights in the arena start swirling around until they stop at the D.A.M. Skybox. Seated in the center of the balcony is The Overlord of the OCW, The Lord of the Lariat, The Messiah of the Multiverse, Mugen sitting in his elaborate golden throne. He picks up the microphone next to him on his armrest and looks around with a big grin on his face.

Mugen: Now, I know most of you are aware that I have had some issues lately with a certain former owner of MY beloved company and some other crazed employees who have been ANNOYING ME TO NO END. Issues that have been nagging at me week after week, day after day BUT...............

Mugen pauses for a second as a smirk forms on his face.

Mugen: The problems end here, tonight. NOW

Molly walks over with the glass of Yamazaki whiskey from earlier and hands it to Mugen. Mugen raises it up as if he were toasting.

Mugen: I'd like to raise my glass of extravagantly expensive whiskey as I introduce.............a man who needs no introduction.

The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

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