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AJ just stands there in the rings to an overwhelming response of mixed boos and cheers. He takes the mic to his lips, seems like he's about to start to speak, then stops again.

Half of the crowd is cheering "AJ, AJ, AJ" the other half "Why AJ Why?". AJ takes the mic to his lips again, this time opens his mouth as if about to speak, looks around at the very conflicted and confused capacity crowd and just shrugs.

Phoenix: Well, I guess its right about what they say about Hollywood. They have no goddamn idea what they want or like. You have half of the mindless automatons here cheering me on like I'm their folk hero, and the other half obviously in absolute distaste of this "unholy alliance".

The whole crowd then starts to boo, obviously not appreciating AJ's jabs.

Phoenix: Oh, whats wrong, just like that now that I hurt your feelings a bit you don't like me. Make up your minds you fickle, ignorant little s****.

Phoenix: Now if you would all just shut up for a second, I will tell you all "Why?". But first, for you children who weren't around in the "old times of OCW", instead of giving you a long winded rant on who I am and what I've done in this company, let me just take a second to show you...

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Phoenix: Now then, since you've been given a brief history lesson on the Sensei, lets move on to the now. Mugen, current Owner and Overlord of OCW, who happens to also be a friend of the Sensei.

Phoenix: We've had various dealings together back home, me being the owner of Phoenix Inc. and having a hand in many other various operations throughout Japan obviously our paths have crossed.

Phoenix: Needless to say in these last few years I have hit a bit of a wall when it comes to growth/expansion, especially with my bulls*** tax evasion arrest a few years back.

Phoenix: Obviously that put some things to an abrupt halt for me. It took a few years but after many appeals/court appearances and the like, a certain "benefactor" put together a team of lawyers to get the trumped up charges against me reversed.

Phoenix: Some may say this "team" of lawyers went about my case using "unethical" or "legally questionable" means, whatever.

Phoenix: This benefactor got it done, hell, it got me and my business back to where it was before, and now maybe even beyond. This benefactor I'm speaking of, is sitting up in that Skybox right now. Think of it as returning a favor for a friend.

Crowd boos in disapproval.

Phoenix: Now, if you ask am I now a member of the Purge? Am I now in Mugen's pocket? The answer to both is no. I am what you can call an independent contractor who is simply protecting his interests.

Phoenix: Mugen gave me a call with one simple request, and I intend to act on that request. You've seen OCW HQ's security compromised many a time by now, so my friend thought I may be able to fix that problem.

Phoenix:Let me just say that was the best decision he could've made. I already have a team of men headed to OCW HQ right now ready to relieve the old "security team" of their duties.

Phoenix: I pay good money for these guys, so suffice to say, Mugen's problem will soon be very much in the rear view mirror. Looking forward, who knows? There are many back in that locker room I have unfinished business with, you know who you are.

AJ looks around the crowd one more time, then at the skybox where Mugen is watching with approval, then takes the mic to his mouth once again.

Phoenix: I may be older now, out of the game for over 8 years, but one thing has never changed.

Phoenix: Whether you're a forgetful burnout with a delusional messiah complex, a snake of a CEO who you cant trust as far as you can throw, a washed up former legend whose number I always had in this ring, or even a simple gutterslut whose taken more bones than the local cemetery, you will all......Bow to the Sensei!

AJ drops the mic, looks once more to the D.A.M Skybox to nod his head in approval as Mugen raises his glass of whiskey in approval. He then exits and heads to the gorilla position to a swarm of boos with a few mixed in cheers still.


The Camera pans to the announce team!








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The Camera pans to the announce team!

HES DONE IT!!!!!!!!!!!



Cameras go backstage where we are already zoomed in on the OCW Womens Championship. As we begin to zoom out, we see that the Womens Title is hanging over an open locker door.

We begin to pan in what appears to be the 'Rev. Inc.' lockerroom, as we see OCW Womens Champion, Sophia, and Willow sitting on a wooden bench, preparing for their match.

Willow is taping up her hands and wrists as Sophia laces the leggings on her attire. No one else seems to be in the room as the 2 women get ready.

"I dont know about you, but Im psyched for tonight."

Willow looks at Sophia and smiles.

"You know it!"

Sophia- "I really hope you paid no mind to what Casey said earlier tonight. You know, about us. You and me, were sisters now."

Willow looks at Sophia and rolls her eyes, shaking her head.

"Soph, I dont listen to ANYTHING that comes out of her mouth any more."

Sophia- "Good. I know she said some pretty nasty things. And I know you might think that you dont listen to anything that comes out of her mouth,...but that doesnt mean that you dont hear it. And I know it has to be hard, and hurt, hearing those things being said about you by your very own Aunt."

Willow stops taping her hand and wrist for a moment. She turns towards Sophia, then looks down to the floor.

"Yeah. Youre right. It is and it does. And its not even hearing those things coming from someone like your Aunt. My mom bailed on me when I was 10 years old. After that, Casey was always there. She knows what that did to me. In a lot of ways, Casey was like a mom to me after my mom split. She was who I talked to about everything. Things that I couldnt talk to my dad about. She knows everything about me. So yeah,...it hurts. For her to bring my mom into this? Thats low even for Casey. But whatever. It is what it is."

Sophia stops with her laces for a moment and pats and rubs Willows back.

"Im sorry that happened. Thats all it is though. She just knows what to say and do to hurt you."

Both women sit in silence for a moment. Suddenly, Willow sits up, smiling, and slaps both her hands down onto her thighs.

"Hey! What are we talkin about this for? Were getting ready to go out there and Im gonna show Case just how much of a failure I am. Win or lose, I just wanna get my hands on her."

Sophia smiles and nods her head. Willow then runs one more strip of tape over her wrist, before she turns and tosses the roll of tape into the open locker behind her.

Sophia then folds the straps of her legging over the laces and stands. Sophia reaches over, taking the OCW Womens Championship from the locker door, and slings it over her shoulder.

On the bench, Willow flexes her hands a few times, loosening the tape some, then punches her right hand into her left hand. Willow then stands, standing next to Sophia.

"We good?"

Sophia- "Were good!"

Willow- "For the Revolution?"

Sophia smiles as she nods.

"For the Revolution."

Sophia pauses for a second.

"Hey, good luck out there."

Willow returns Sophias smile and nods.

"Thanks. You too."

Both women smile and raise their fists to each other. As we begin to fade we see the 2 friends bump fist before making their way towards the door to leave the lockerroom.

The Camera pans to the announce team!


They have it!




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The Camera pans to the announce team!



Trance managed to pull the resistant Loki back into their designated locker room. The entire way back Loki had insisted that “his ants needed him” and that “snow was chill,” but at least that second part now made sense a little more as Loki muttered “ice, ice, baby” under his breath.

Trance kicked the door open and dragged Loki across the granite floors to a wooden, rickety, chair and sat him down:
Now, what's in the box?

Loki: Um, um. I think we should start with what's not in the box.

Trance pulled at his hair in frustration. He actually wanted to know, but he knew that Loki wouldn't reveal until he played his little game.

Ok! What's not in the box?

Loki: Well...it's not anyone's head...

Trance: That’s good… I won’t get framed and sent to prison again.

Loki: It’s not RD Money…

Trance: That’s… Obvious? But good, you haven’t kidnapped anyone… You got it from staff, obviously, and it’s important, which is why security want it back from you…

Loki: It’s not a giraffe, that I would call Maurice. Can I have a giraffe?

Trance stares blankly before just sighing.

Trance: No, no you cannot have a giraffe.

Loki: Aww, but, but, but….fine…..

Trance: Just, what is it?

Loki: It's not a giraffe...I don't want it anymore.

In a huff Loki pushed the box into Trance’s hands and then crossed his arms and legs with a scowl.

Trance opened the box but was blinded by a bright light that shone from the depths of the package. He dropped it with a loud thud. Loki jumped up.

Sorry! I put that brightest flashlight thingy in the world inside for dramatic effect!

Trance stumbled a bit in temporary blindness. Shook it off. Scowled at Loki and picked the box back up. He reached in and grabbed the flashlight, threw it to the side and peered in.

Holy s-beep-…

Trance slowly pulled out a championship belt and then another one. Turmoil Tag Team Belts.

A small note was stuck on one of them. Loki snatched it and began to read.

How do you say that word?

Trance: Dear.

Loki: And this word?

Trance: Gentleman.

Loki: How about this one?

Trance shoved the belts into Loki’s chest: Hold these and give me the damn note.

Loki reluctantly hands over the note, but seems appeased by the belts, weighing them in both arms.


Trance begins to read the note aloud: Dear Gentleman Jack, I told you I would keep my promise. These Turmoil Tag Team Championship belts are yours. It feels good to know proper villains still exist. I expect that your clan will rule the division with an iron fist, I can't see anyone who would take these from you. I will need your help in the future, consider this a long term investment.

Loki: Didn't we just beat The Gentleman’s Club?

Trance: You know what, Loki. I think we did.

Loki: So...that means we are the tag team champions?

Trance: I’m… Not sure it works that way Loki, it has to be something official, you know, a match staff made happen? Specifically for the tag titles?

Loki: How much more official can it be than this?

Loki raises both titles above his head: I’m the tag team championships!

Trance: Tag team champion…

Loki: Champions!

Trance groans as Loki climbs onto a storage box, acting as if it’s the middle turnbuckle, holding the belts aloft.

Gold is chill!

Trance: Come down from there, you’re going to fall and hurt yourself.

Loki jumps down from the box, still holding the titles above his head. He begins making fake crowd noises as he bolts past Trance, screaming at the top of his lungs: I am the tag team championships! I am the greatestestest tag team of all time! Gold is chill! Loki is champions! The boyhood dream has come true!

Trance pinches the bridge of his nose as Loki flees, then proceeds to slip on the floor near a concession stand due to spillage. The scene fades as Loki slides off of camera and Trance walks, hands in his pockets to retrieve his tag team partner.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Good god!


The camera pans slowly to show the lacquered name plate of “Rev Inc” on the locker room door. We watch that same door slowly open, the hands pushing it are boney, like literal bones. The palms of Skull Face #1 of Dia de los Muertos.

Skull Face #2 and Skull Face #3 wait outside as he moves into the room at a snail’s pace. The locker room is fully lit, the scent of Versus herbal supplements engulf him. Immediately Skull Face #1 rushes Versus breaking the nimbus around him with his approach.

The Golden Boy Nate Ortiz comes from off camera on the opposite side of the room the moment Skull Face #1 reaches Versus. What he doesn’t know is two other Skull Faces’ wait just outside the door ready to flank.

Skull Face #1 clocks Versus across the jaw before he can properly react. Nate hits Skull Face #1 with a forearm to the spine. Yet before Nate can grab the upper hand, Skull Face #2 and #3 grab him from behind bringing him to the floor.

Mayhem breaks loose in the Rev Inc. locker room. Not the monstrous grey area from yesteryear but pure chaos and anarchy. Somehow through all the debri flying, smashes and crashes, Skull Face #1 (yes we can tell them apart) ends up fighting Nate Ortiz while the other 2 Skull Faces’ take on Versus who’s fending them off with a 6 foot bong.

Skull Face #2 no sells the shattering bong shot to the head while Skull Face #3 takes Versus down at the torso. Skull Face #2 grabs a ceramic bubbler from the floor and smashes it over Versus’ skull knocking him unconscious.

Nate is in the process of delivering an Ortiz Express to Skull Face #1 onto the hardwood floor. Luckily Skull Face #2 and #3 were there to prevent such a catastrophe. The numbers game get the best of OCW’s most decorated superstar as he’s taken to the ground with kicks, punches, knees and elbows.

When Dia de los Muertos leave the Rev Inc. locker room, no one is left moving. The camera fades showing a motionless Rev Inc. and dancing Skull Faces.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What the hell was that? Where the hell did Dennis Black go?

It's about sending a message, The Skulls will not be taken lightly anymore! And what do you mean where is Dennis? What are you trying to imply?

I just got news from backstage that the Hardcore Champion Smythe D. Wonder is in the building. Business has picked up in every possible way.

He should be defending the title that's the only acceptable reason he has for coming to the arena late tonight.

You can tell him that in person if you want cause he's coming out right now.


Xtron Flickers On!

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As always the Los Angeles crowd has some Smythe Fans chanting through the boos. "Hardcore" "Hardcore" can be heard as Smythe holds the title in the air playing every minute of the crowd. He is in wrestling gear even tho he isn't scheduled to wrestle tonight. Smythe points to his title holders who are now perched on the stage ramp for a quick crowd pop before he takes his microphone.

Smythe: Let's hear it for my title holders Becky, Becki and Becki.

The crowd chants "Becky" "Becky" behind the boos

Smythe: I'll be honest guys the party across the street looks ten times better than what we have in here. I mean what's in here. Leon Valentine Crowd roars for Leon Drago Cesar Crowd roars for Drago as well who else... Nate Ortiz Nate chants overcome the entire arena Well no one came to see those guys.

Smythe walks around the ring with a smile on his face as the arena completely turns on him once again.

Smythe: Those guys are great but are they hardcore? Well I'll tell you something this here on my shoulder says that I am the KING OF HARDCORE. Which means that not a single one of you can get in this ring and take me down. Cause I will use whatever I can to end each and every one of you.

Smythe: To prove it I challenge anyone in the back to come out here right now and I'll put this title on the line in front of all these people right now!!!

Smythe lays his hardcore title on the ground as Becky, Becki and Beckie look to be blocking the arena entrance to the ring. This lasts about 5 seconds until Smythe quickly swiped his title up off of the ground to a massive roaring of boos.

Smythe: You see no one in the back even wants a shot at this title because they know that the KING OF HARDCORE can't be beaten.

Smythe: Tho I will unfortunately not be wrestling tonight due to the entire roster being afraid that I will beat them within an inch of their lives. I will give you all a glimpse into the future.

Smythe: I promise you that I will hold the greatest Hardcore title match in the history of OCW.

Smythe: I will get the greatest hardcore superstars into this ring and I will hang this title in the air in the middle of the ring.

Smythe: Then I will beat them all within an inch of all their lives and climb a ladder to grab my title back.

Smythe: In doing so I will become the greatest hardcore champion of all time in one match and in doing that I will prove one again that I am literally the best to ever do this. Because it's hard being this good, for this long!!!

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Well he feels confident

Thats important!